10 Things to Do in Milwaukee for First Time Visitors

As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee is a popular destination for tourists. It is known for its history, culture, cuisine, and the performing arts. It is located by Lake Michigan at the confluence of Menomonee River, Milwaukee River, and Kinnickinnic River. This city is home to people of many ethnic backgrounds and this cultural diversity is evident in the range of activities and attractions, the restaurants, and the architecture of the city. It is a really interesting city with a vast range of different activities to enjoy during your stay and here are ten things that you should include in your itinerary for your first visit to Milwaukee.

1. Stay in a Luxurious Hotel

There are many excellent hotels in which you can stay in Milwaukee, all of which will enhance your experience of staying in the city. Some of the best hotels in this city include The Pfister Hotel, The Iron Horse Hotel, and The Brewhouse Inn & Suites.

2. Eat Out in the Local Restaurants

Due to its cultural diversity, the cuisine in this city is also diverse. There are establishments serving dishes from all four corners of the globe. If you staying in the city for more than a few days, then you should take the opportunity to try out a range of restaurants that serve food that is influenced by a variety of nationalities.

3. Visit a Brewery

Since the 1850s, Milwaukee has been famous for its brewing industry. The most famous brewery in the city is the Miller Brewery and it is possible to take a tour of the facilities and sample some of their beer. Another is Best Place at the Historic Milwaukee Brewery, which includes tours, a restaurant, a gift shop, and an events space. Alternatively, there are food and drinks tours around the city that highlight the gastronomic delights of the city and also include beer and wine tastings.

4. Go to the Museums

Milwaukee has a long history as indigenous people lived in the area for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. To learn more about the history of the city, there are plenty of museums that you can visit. Many of these are interesting, educational, and have interactive activities for children. Some of the best are the Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum, and Betty Brinn Children’s Museum.

5. Enjoy a Performance

This city is famous for its performing arts and there are many centers and theaters that have a jam-packed schedule of performances to enjoy throughout the year. Some of the top venues include Milwaukee Opera Theater, Milwaukee Ballet, First Stage Children’s Theater, Riverside Theater, and Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.

6. Spend Time in the Parks and Nature Areas

Although many areas of the city are urbanized, there are also many parks and beauty spots both in and around the city. Try to include visits to Lake Park, Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, Boerner Botanical Gardens, Lakeshore State Park, Whitnall Park, and Oak Leaf Trail.

7. Take a Boat ride

Due to the location by Lake Michigan, one of the nicest activities to enjoy is a boat ride on the lake. This gives you the opportunity to admire the cityscape from a different perspective. There are both day and night boat tours and there are packages available where you can enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment on your boat ride.

8. Enjoy the River Walks

This city lies at the confluence of three major rivers plus several smaller rivers. Therefore, there are many beautiful river walks and trails to enjoy. This is a chance to take in the natural beauty of the area and is a good activity for people who love nature or enjoy spending time outdoors. Many of these walks have other attractions or activities along the way.

9. See the Local Landmarks

Milwaukee has many interesting and historically significant landmarks that you should try to see during your first visit. Some of these include Pabst Mansion, North Point Light, Bronze Fonz, Milwaukee County War Memorial, and the Seven Bridges. Some of these landmarks are used as photo opportunities by tourists.

10. Go to the Zoo and the Aquarium

You should try to include some fun activities into your visit to this city, especially if you are traveling with children. Three of the top attractions are Milwaukee County Zoo, Discovery World, and Reiman Aquarium.

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