This is the World’s First Self-Cleaning Hotel Room

Smart technology has now become an integral part of life with individuals using it to enhance their home life and businesses utilizing technology to make improvements and save time. How each type of business uses smart technology depends on the industry in which they were in and how it can potentially improve the experience of their customers. One industry that has begun to use smart technology is the hospitality industry. Not only can the use of smart technology save them time and money, but it can also enhance their guests’ experience of staying at a hotel.

Travelers have greater expectations than ever before in terms of the standards they expect from a hotel room. They want to stay aesthetically pleasing and comfortable rooms that make their stay enjoyable. People have also come to expect that they will have technology in their rooms. While people were once happy to have a television and access to WiFi, they now expect a little more. To meet the demands of their customers, hotel business owners are always looking for ways to make their hotel stand out against the competition. Just some of the innovative ideas that hotels are starting to use include digital room keys, self-service check-in kiosks, and robotic attendants.

Hotel Ottilia in Copenhagen is just the latest in a long line of hotels that are trying to distinguish themselves with the use of technology. They have taken things to a whole new level by partnering with ACT Global, a Danish company. ACT Global have created a self-cleaning product called ACT CleanCoat. The hotel is using this product in its 155 rooms. The product is an odorless and transparent substance that is activated by sunlight and you can apply it to any surface. The sunlight causes a photocatalytic reaction that decomposes bacteria, mold spores, chemical compounds, and viruses. It also purifies the air.

Titanium oxide is the key ingredient of this innovative self-cleaning product. This naturally occurring compound is already found in many products that are widely used, such as food additives and many sunscreens. There are many benefits to Hotel Ottilia in using this amazing product to clean their rooms.

  • First, it sanitizes rooms, and this keeps the guests safe by reducing the risk of them coming into contact with microbes that could make them ill.
  • Second, it reduces labor costs by an estimated 50 percent. This is because the cleaning process is speeded up and the hotel cleaners spend less time cleaning the rooms. In turn, this cuts overall expenditure and improves the hotel’s profit margins.
  • Third, there is less need to use harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the environment and cause health problems for guests. Therefore, a healthier environment is created for both the guests and for those who work in the hospital.
  • Finally, the use of ACT CleanCoat can significantly reduce water usage. This means the hotel is having a less negative impact on the environment through water waste. Overall, the benefits of using this product are fantastic for the business, the employees, and the guests. In fact, it seems there is no negative side to using this cleaning product in hotel rooms.

When ACT Global first produced this product, they tested it at Hotel Herman K, which is the sister property of Hotel Ottilia. In addition to testing out the product in the hotel, ACT CleanCoat has also undergone rigorous laboratory testing and has passed several scientific assessments. These tests were conducted by some of the leading laboratories in the world. It is possible that there will be some skepticism surrounding the use of this self-cleaning product in hotel rooms. Some people may believe that it is not an effective product or that it is all too much like science-fiction. However, scientific testing and feedback from the hotels that have used this product have been good, so far.

Now that the initial launch is over and the product has had positive reviews, ACT Global can now expand the use of their product to other hotels around the world. If other hotels are interested and it takes off, it is possible that this could be the next big thing both in hygiene and in the hospitality industry.

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