Three Great Companies Hiring Remote Workers in 2019

In today’s increasingly wired world, it is easier than ever to work from home. Here is why you should consider this type of working arrangement and three companies that offer a variety of remote positions.

Benefits of Working Remotely

The benefits of working remotely go far beyond the comfort of being able to stay in your pajamas all day. Because of the ability to work a more flexible schedule, employees who work remotely report having a better work and personal life balance. Having control over your work schedule enables you to tend to childcare and other personal issues. Remote workers also gain back more time in their day because their only commute involves walking from the bedroom to their home office in the morning.

This could add to significant time savings each year. Without having to deal with a commute, remote workers also save substantial money in gas, parking fees, and other transportation costs. In addition, remote workers also save money by not having to buy costly work clothes, spring for lunches out, and more. Working from home boosts health because you are not constantly exposed to the germs of an office on a regular basis. The ability to prepare your lunch at home and engage in a customized work environment also promotes health and overall mental well-being.

Here are three companies that are hiring remote workers in 2019


This online retailer that makes unique whimsical gifts such as custom pillows and custom photo mugs. All of the gifts at are personalized with personal photos, allowing the company to help its users create meaningful and custom gifts for any occasion. began when co-founders and friends Kevin Borders and Joe Golden realized that there was a need for custom created photo gifts. This employee-owned company now boasts approximately 50 employees, all working remotely. Twice per year, all of the employees come together to meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan to get to know each other better and to collaborate on work strategy. has been the recipient of multiple recognitions for its innovative company culture. As a forward-thinking company, prides itself on valuing diversity in the workplace. offers a myriad of remote positions, ranging from engineers to software designers to business professionals. A job of allows you to get in touch with your creative side while feeling good about helping people to design the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Check out their jobs page here.

2. Clevertech

Clevertech serves its clients and their issues through creative problem solving and engineering solutions. This innovative company is 100 percent remote, relying on the power of the internet to bring its employees and clients together in a collaborative setting. This global team of problem solvers relies on the latest in technological innovation to deliver insight and solutions to a host of real-world business problems.

Clevertech boasts a myriad of exceptional job benefits, including personal development, a yearly one-month sabbatical, and tenure based awards. The wide scope of Clevertech’s business practices lead to its unique career opportunities in positions in engineering, web developing, mobile developing, and much more. The unique remote design of the company gives employees the flexibility that they need to achieve the ultimate in work and personal life balance. Clevertech prides itself in employing the masters in each field. It is this emphasis on mastery that allows Clevertech to deliver the most refined expertise and service to its clients.

Check out their jobs page here.

3. Articulate

As one of the largest fully remote companies in the United States, Articulate is committed to meeting the needs of both its employees and its clients. Articulate is a leader in the e-learning development industry. The goal of Articulate is to make e-learning as accessible as possible on a global scale. Over the last decade of service, Articulate is the proud winner of over 60 awards honoring its innovative approach to e-learning and the apps that make it possible. The company boasts over 83 million e-learners spread out across the world in over 150 countries. The online courses created by the architects at Articulate deliver an intuitive vehicle to gain new knowledge.

The culture at Articulate is dedicated to empowering its employees through a supportive work environment. At Articulate, it is not just about meeting the financial goals of the company. It is also about developing well-rounded employees that enjoy a balanced work and personal life. Guiding Articulate is the three core principals of autonomy, productivity, and respect. Articulate empowers its clients by providing high-quality products that meet all of the needs of this rapidly changing global

economy. Articulate firmly believes that by empowering its employees on an internal level, they will go out and empower the customers.

Check out their jobs page here.

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