Three Moving Tips That Should Minimize Costs and Headaches

Is usually once, but sometimes a few times in their lives people face the necessity of organizing a huge move. Whether it is relocation to another town/ country or a simple move to a dorm, in all cases, it is a challenging mission that results in multiple tasks and operations. In this post, we want to share with you our rich experience in dealing with this often frustrating event so that you could move with no problems.  Here are three moving tips that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Apartment Moving

Planning to organize apartment move and do not know where to start? Here is the first tip.  According to Movers Moreno Valley CA, a few days before the event, you need to start preparing for it. Determine what things, items, and household furniture will move with you. After all, you may not need some old things in a new place. They may take extra space spoiling the entire interior of the new apartment or just lost their functionality. Divide all the items into several categories based on their size and fragility. If you do not have time or experience in packing things, you can always hire movers and have all the preparations done for you.


It is recommended that items are packed in cardboard boxes of corrugated cardboard. The optimal size of the box is 50 by 50 cm. The weight of the cargo prepared for the transfer is approximately 20-30 kg. It is easy to lift, move, and store them. If you do not have transit boxes at home, you can purchase them on the Internet or find them at the nearest store. This will help you save things when loading, moving, and transporting as fragile items are difficult to move. At the end of the move, when all the boxes are at the place of consignment, you are to open a lot of boxes in search of the right things. This is very uncomfortable since you do not know what things and objects are stored in a particular container. Therefore, it is recommended to spend a few extra minutes on marking boxes.

Preparing Transportation Boxes

Do not try to fill the boxes chock a block giving them the shape of a ball. There are many reasons for it. Firstly, the weight of the box sharply increases, which is extremely uncomfortable to transfer. Secondly, the box deforms; its strength decreases. It may simply break caused by the internal stresses. What is more, having lost their original form, boxes become unstable.

It would be a good idea to use boxes of the same type and size. It is easier and more compact to carry out loading and organize the cargo. It is recommended that boxes are folded in the corners and bending lines to give them greater tensile strength. In contrast to fragile items, soft things can be conveniently put into household bags. They are sold on any commercial or construction market and can be of different sizes. When packing things and organizing them in the lorry, it is necessary to consider their fragility level and size; otherwise, you risk crash them.

All in all, moving is a challenging task. But if planned properly, it can be performed with no problems and damages. What is more, you can always order the help of professionals and have all your household stuff transported by the moving company.

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