Three Reasons To Travel To Germany

Germany has been making headlines in recent years. It’s one of the strongest economies in Europe, one of the most tolerant and welcoming (at least judging by the way they handled the refugee crisis from 2015), and has been a shining example of how to reconcile troubled pasts and emerge resplendent. It’s a land steeped in culture and history, not to mention one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. With a varied landscape of vast rivers, sweeping vineyards and mountainous terrain, there’s something for everyone to see. And if too many choices leave you confused, we’ll outline a few of the top reasons to plan your next trip to Deutschland.

The Rhine

While not strictly just a German river (it flowers through four other European countries), the Rhine is one of the largest rivers to run through Germany, and the second largest in Central and Western Europe (after the Danube). It’s a sight to behold, passing through many large German cities such as Cologne and Mannheim, and smaller towns such as Remagen and Emmerich. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover German culture along one of its most important trade routes, with many ideal hotels dotted along its banks for easy access to the river.

The history

Germany can hardly be mentioned without bringing up the Second World War. It’s still an important topic today of course, drawing history buffs from all over the world who want to learn more about the origins and impact of the global conflict. From Berlin to Dresden, there are iconic monuments and buildings which still bear traces of the war today, and are a must-see for anyone who wishes to slake their thirst for knowledge of the past. There’s far more to German history than just the war, though. Many museums are also dedicated to the Germanic tribes and the Frankish Empire which initially founded the country centuries ago, both of which are as equally fascinating as recent history, such as the razing of the Berlin Wall.

The cuisine

German cuisine has a reputation around the world for being hearty and heavy, and usually a variation on a combination of meat, cabbage and potatoes… this is largely true, but that doesn’t make the food any less wonderful. Whether it’s eisbein, wiener schnitzel or the humble currywurst, these uniquely German delicacies are an absolute must for any visitor wanting to sample regional foods. Of course, meat dishes aren’t the only ones worth writing home about. Apfelstrudel is an institution which should need no introduction, and the beers which flow freely from beer gardens and breweries are renowned as some of the best in the world. All in all it’s a culinary adventure which shouldn’t be passed up, and one which is absolutely worth traveling for.

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