Tips On Taking Advantage Of Your New Dodge Ram

When you have just purchased your brand new Dodge pickup truck, you likely think there’s nothing else you could possibly learn about the precious vehicle, as you have voraciously read all the information you could come about, in advance.

And while you might be able to recite all its features and specifics by heart, even the greatest Ram truck enthusiast might not be fully aware of its full potential and capabilities. Such as, for example, that you could make an even greater fuel economy than the one promised by its top-notch fuel system. Or the fact that you have numerous apps at your fingertips without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Here is a list of the most useful tips you might have missed while prepping to become the owner of one of these amazing machines.

Your Center Console Has More Features Than You Know

The Ram is one of these vehicles where you need to read the whole manual and that still doesn’t guarantee that you will learn everything about it. You might even use the truck for a decade and sell it, without having taken advantage of all it can do. While you are aware that the Ram infotainment system will provide you with GPS navigation and in-car audio, do you know that it has a turn-by-turn navigation option that will give you the exact distance to your next turn? And the best thing about that is you don’t need to enter navigation mode in order to use it.

Are you a music lover? If you are fond of particular artists, you might set the system to notify you of their performances as they are broadcast on one of the numerous music stations available. Moreover, your cluster display can be modified, so you are free to customize the unit as per your personal preferences. What else? You can find a sea of information and some little known facts about Dodge trucks at Auto Influence. Voice commands are another neat feature and enable you to see the weather forecast or play a movie for the kids by speaking out the intended commands. No dangerous distractions involved.

You Can Further Improve Fuel Economy

While you should stay within reasonable expectations for the fuel economy that such a massive vehicle is capable of, you can’t fail but recognize it does beat the competition in terms of fuel consumption. Its efficiency is represented by 15 city miles per gallon and 21 highway miles per gallon. If you are switching to a Ram from a considerably smaller car, these numbers might take you aback at first, as you won’t be used to that kind of consumption, in which case it is a good idea to look for tips on maximizing the fuel eficiency of your new car.

Start by examining all related truck parts and look for faulty pieces that might diminish the fuel economy and cost you in the long run. A Ram Dealership in Seattle advises to be especially careful not to miss worn-out or old parts as they will be good replacement candidates. Parts that are decaying or possibly malfunctioning will not only hurt your fuel consumption. They will affect the truck’s overall performance. This is also valid for the tires, as well as taking care to use the proper (read recommended) oil.

Maintenance And Operation Matter A Lot

Air filter replacement is an essential part of your Ram maintenance. The better your vehicle can “breathe”, the better it will perform, without burning too much fuel. Did you know that a clogged air filter can lead to as many as 14 per cent more fuel consumption? This is a mind-boggling number when you drive on a daily basis. Save some pennies by investing in new filters, especially in case you are purchasing a second-hand truck. If you’d like to find out what else might need your attention, check out this great article about the benefits of buying a used Ram.

Another link to fuel economy is the way the car is operated. Acceleration always means more fuel expenses, and let’s not forget it’s closely tied to speeding as well. It’s advisable to stay on the legal side of the driving limit, so you can both stay out of trouble and save up some money. Driving at around 60 mph is probably best, where possible. Decelerating on time to avoid excessive starting and stopping is another trick, again as applicable.

Maximize Your Ram’s Lifespan

Any Ram owner loves their car, so when the time comes to retire the vehicle, this is usually a very sad time. While nothing lasts forever, there are some ways to prolong a truck’s lifespan, so that you could enjoy driving it longer. Here is some of the best advice that will help you be a better Ram owner.

Probably the first point is never letting the gas tank go completely empty. Falling below one-fourth of the tank will harm the fuel pump, eventually leading to impending repairs. Before it is time to replace the air filter, do clean it regularly with the help of compressed air to avoid clogging. Keep your heater warm during winter in order to avoid issues in the spring. Keep your motor from overheating and always remember to change the car oil regularly, whether it’s the transmission, engine or differentials that need oil replacement.

Last but not least, avoiding short trips is yet another advice. While that might not always be possible, if the Ram engine never gets hot, this will lead to moisture accumulation, which in turn results in water mixing with the oil. Just imagine the impact that will have on the vehicle’s mechanics. Scary, heh? Not to mention that your battery and alternator also suffer from being constantly powered on and off.

While all this is certainly helpful information, understandably there’s a lot more to be discovered on the internet. The user manual is the starting point for embarking on a journey, where your Dodge truck will unveil its features to you for years to come.


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