Tips on Traveling from Five Major Italian Cities to Venice


Italy is an amazing vacation and tourist location. There is so much to see when you’re there. It isn’t enough just to visit one city. To make the most of your time there, we recommend visiting at least five of the major cities to get a full immersion in the culture and magnificence of the country. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to map out your itinerary and decide how you will get from one city to another. We’ve put together tips on traveling from five major Italian cities to Venice to make your time hassle-free and more enjoyable.

1. Rome to Venice

To get a double dose of the history, culture and amazing cuisine, Begin your adventure in Rome and work your way to Venice. These are the top tourist cities in the country. There is a 500 mile distance in between the two, but here are the best cost effective and fastest ways to travel.

  • By Train – Traveling to Venice from Rome by train takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes on a Frecciarossa high speed train. We recommend planning in advance and making reservations You can get all the information that you need on times, departures and estimated arrivals, plus by tickets on Italo is another train service to Venice and the information is found on Select Italy.
  • By Water Bus – Vaporetto stops are located at thee front of the Santa Lucia Train Station and you can use this mode of transportation via route 1 which follows the Grand Canal. Water taxis are also available near the train station, but this is an expensive form of travel.
  • Air travel – You can also fly to Venice from Rome. Flights from Rome usually take you to Marco Polo International airport in Venice, which is the most popular, or the secondary Treviso airport. We don’t recommend traveling by car because Venice is a car free city because of the huge water canals.
  • ATVO Fly Bus – You can also use the ATVO Fly bus to travel from Rome to Venice, or use the city Bus, but the prices are a bit steep for fares and it’s not a great option if you have a lot of luggage to carry with you.

2. Milan to Venice

Traveling from Milan to Venice is usually done through the train system. It’s wise to purchase your tickets online in advance to reserve your seating. The train reservation system is fast and easy but if you show up at the station, you’re likely to wait in a long line. Le Frecce trains require seat assignment and this is why it’s important to book tickets in advance through the Trenitalia/Le Frecce website. Milan traffic is extremely heavy so you’ll need to allow plenty of time to get there. We recommend reaching the train station via taxi, bus or the metro which all take you directly to the station. The train station for Venice is in Venezia Santa Lucia and it’s about 10 minutes away from the Venice located on the mainland. We recommend taking a vaporetto or water taxi to thee mainland from there. The distance from Milan to Venice is 167 miles and trains are scheduled to leave the station every once or twice per hour with 25 trains running per day. The hours of operation are from 7:05 am through 8:35 pm.

3. Florence to Venice

When traveling from Florence to Venice, you have quite a few wonderful options. One is not better than the other necessarily, so it will be a matter of preference.

  • Airplane – The fastest way to get from Florence to Venice is by air. A domestic flight will take you from the Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence, to Marco Polo International airport in Venice. If you want to see more of the countryside, you could take the hour train ride to Pisa’s Galileo Galilei airport, then fly the rest of the way to Venice. Air travel in Italy is a bit expensive though.
  • By Train – You can depart the Stazione di Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence and arrive at the Stazione Santa Lucia in Venice. The high speed train trip takes about two hours, and costs double what the slower trains charge.
  • By Car – From Florence, you will need to rent a car at a cacr agency in the Borgo Ognissanti area. The trip to Venice takes you across the central mountains. You can do the trip within four hours, but there is so much to see that you may want to spend a few days on your journey. Car returns are done at the Marco Polo International airport or at the nearby Rental agencies located at the Piazzale Roma in Venice. You’ll need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Italy though.

4. Tuscany to Venice

  • By Car – Tuscany is a large area in Italy, but from the small area that is known as the tourist part of Tuscany, just south of Florence, you’ll have to get to the Florence airport, Siena or Chiusi to do this. Don’t even think about driving in the city of Florence. The drive by car will take you 4 hours.
  • By Train – The train ride from Tuscany to Venice is about 2 1/2 hours. You should buy your tickets in advance. Trenitalia Frecce tickets cost between $30 and $50 each. ItaloTreno tickets cost $15-21 but the trip takes 4 hours and 15 minutes.
  • By Bus – The bus Regio Jet is a 5 hour and 30 minute trip but it is the least expensive. The Bus Baltour is 4 hours and 15 minutes of trael time and you go from Firenze autostazione sita baltour to Venezia Tronchetto Stazione.
  • By Rideshare – You can use the Rideshare service and get from Tuscany to Venice, a distance of 149.7 miles in 3 hours and 23 minutes.

5. Naples to Venice

When traveling from Naples to Venice you also have multiple options. These are the most highly recommended options, with flying from Naples to Venice, the number one choice.

  • By Airplane – It takes 3 hours and 2 minutes to fly from Naples to Venice. The average cost for VCF is $136 per person.
  • By Train – You could take the train to Rome, then fly to Venice for a total travel time of 4 hours and 31 minutes and a cost of $293. The ItaloTreno train costs $80 and you can leave Naples and arrive in Venice in 5 hours and 5 minutes. – Transportation providers for service between Naples and Venice are:  Alitalia, EasyJet, Ryanair, Volotea and Lufthansa by airplane Train operators are Trenitalia Frecce, Trenitalia Eurocity, ItaloTreno and Trenitalia.
  • By Bus – The trip by bus takes 14 hours and 40 minutes for an average cost of $90.
  • By Car – Car rental for a trip of 453.9 miles takes 6 hours and 38 minutes.

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