The Top 10 Technology Companies to Work for in 2018

Job hunting is a top-agenda for many people in the New Year. Many people are not pleased with where they work, and others are looking for better paychecks, environments, and challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry, there are many companies that employees love working for as they feel valued while enjoying fulfilling careers.  However, some are a bit above the others when it comes to the work environment itself.  Here are the top ten technology companies to work for in 2018 (according to Glassdoor).

1. Facebook

Facebook is well-known for its employee-friendly work environment, impressive salaries, remarkable corporate culture, and cool perks. The company gives employees autonomy enabling them to own their spaces. Zuckerberg hosts Q&A sessions often to address concerns and questions and also update his team in a bid to enhance their services and make sure that everyone feels valued. The firm has set the bar high providing exceptional perks like:

  • An open climbing wall
  • Gourmet food courts
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Onsite chiropractors and doctors
  • Four months paid paternal leave
  • Bikes to commute around the facility and a lot more

2. Google

It is one of the technology companies that provide some of the best perks, innovative culture, opportunities for career growth and work that impacts the human race positively. Google offers employees electric cars and bicycles to attend staff meetings, organic gardens, gaming centers, and eco-friendly furnishings. The firm strives to make lives of its employees easier by coming up with techniques to enhance their well-being, morale, and health. It has onsite nurses, physicians, healthcare coverage, and medical services to keep individuals happy. It has some of the best paternity leave policies, death benefits, and Global Education Leave program and multiple perks.

3. HubSpot

It is one of the best companies where millennials can gain experience and grow in their professional lives. If need be, employees have permission to work in remote locations. Managers are friendly and kind and know how to keep workers up to date with their roles. Employees at HubSpot get free breakfast and space to be the best versions of themselves. Training is top-notch, and the in-office perks cannot be compared to the ones that other companies provide.

4. World Wide Technology

It is one of the firms that has managed to transform work-culture into a way of life. Employees get the opportunity to feel as though they own the company because they receive treatment as that is similar to that that loving family members extend. It boasts of talented team members who are ready to bail one another out if an individual has a problem. Leaders are more like friends who advise rather than people who just bark out orders. Salaries and perks that individuals receive from World Wide Technology are impressive.

5. Ultimate Software

It is an example of one of the top technology companies that care about all of its staffs. It provides the ideal environment to work with extraordinary challenges and fantastic people. Management is awesome making the job enjoyable. The Ultimate Software offers a free bottle of water, soda, tea, coffee, and some day’s free lunch. The company is also known for providing amazing technology, culture, and exceptional work/life balance. Advancement opportunities are plentiful for the individuals who put in the effort. It is an awesome place for family people, and it is worth noting that the firm presents great benefits and valuable training.

6. Salesforce

It is one of the firms where a majority if not all people are proud to say they work at Salesforce. Management is ethical and honest about its business practices, and people genuinely care for each other. It presents workers with grand challenges, and a great atmospheres and gives them the opportunity to walk home with incredible rewards. The company also presents some compensation programs like 403b or 401 (k), stock options, and many more. It also has work-life balance programs, family care programs, diversity, health insurance covers, and are big on taking care of the environment and giving back to the community.

7. Adobe

Employees constantly praise the organization for its endless interesting work opportunities as well as passion for the arts that motivate and inspire the workforce. Adobe avails numerous perks such as:

  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Fully-paid sabbaticals
  • Onsite fitness center
  • Telecommuting
  • Health insurance and sick days for part-timers
  • Domestic partners benefits for same-sex couples
  • Non-discriminatory policy that features sexual orientation
  • Reimbursement for college fees

Staff members also enjoy flexible timings, exposure to plenty of fresh technologies, friendly employees, excellent work culture and personal life and work balance.

8. Microsoft

With numerous development and learning opportunities, Microsoft has got to be among the top technology companies to work for. It is fast and is always introducing new solutions and devices. Workers get the golden opportunity to manage work arrangements and time motivating them to be more effective. Worth mentioning is the firms awards talents with great salary and benefits. Individuals also take pride in the fact that they work on products that many people utilize all over the globe. The firm values its employees, and it goes out of its way to see that they are happy and not stressed out. 

9. Ellie Mae

The culture at Ellie Mae is one of the best that employees get to be a part of. Leaders go an extra mile to retain the excellent culture and values are more than talking points. Perks the company offers are solid, and they include ping-pong, free ice cream, fruit days and popcorn. Management recognizes exceptional work, and there are plenty of celebrations all through the year. Workmates are helpful willing and kind striving to take the company to the next level. It also pays really well and throws in great benefits. New employees get plenty of support and time to get acclimated to their roles.

10. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the open-minded technology companies that presents an awesome culture for all individuals who render their services to the firm. It present massive resources to grow and learn in the technical fields and many more. It also presents a fun place to work with multiple benefits like free food, great salary, and many other perks. The company does not require a person to work extra-long hours but when it is necessary it compensates really well.

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