The Top 10 Things To See and Do in Toronto


Toronto is one of the most visited cities in Canada, and there’s no doubt as to why, it is one of the most beautiful cities to see, it’s close to the biggest and most popular waterfalls in the world, and there is so much to do. This beautiful city has so much diversity, from the modern today and old world architecture. The fun, entertainment, history and culture never end in Toronto that you will want to be sure to spend enough time in the city, that you get to see all it has to offer. There is something for everyone and every age. Take a look at the top ten attractions to see in Toronto so that when you plan your trip to this beautiful Canadian city, you don’t miss a thing.

10. Canada’s Wonderland

If you love the thrills of rollercoasters and other thrill-seeking rides, then you have to take a day to go to Canada’s Wonderland. The amusement park is Toronto’s best and it has rides for everyone. There is something for the entire family, for kids, grown-ups and every age in between. There are thrill rides, roller coasters, kids rides, family rides, and water rides. There is plenty of food choices, with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, and shopping too. You can also spend time cooling off at Splash Works. The park is just outside the Toronto city limits, but so close, why not get your thrills in while in the city since you are so close. Rated one of the best theme parks that you are sure to have a great time with the family. You will want to go during the warm months, and if you go on a week day, you will have a better chance of beating the crowds.

9. Steam Whistle Brewery

Have you ever been interested to see how beer is made? Whether you like beer or not, it is an interesting process to get simple grains to turn into one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Steam Whistle Brewing Company makes one of the most delicious Pilsner beers that Canadians are very proud to show off their brewing company. You can take a tour of the brewery and see how the operations of the brewery happen. Walk along the cat walk and watch below as the beer makers work their magic, smell the smells of beer brewing and hear the whistles and whirs of the bottle shop and canning operations. You can also grab a snack in the snack shop and visit the gift shop. This is one of the most popular tourists attractions, maybe not for kids, but for those old enough to appreciate how beer comes to be beer.

8. Yorkville

Have you ever wanted to see a movie star or celebrity? You can try to catch one down in Yorkville. Yorkville is a popular place to spot someone famous, and especially if you hit Yorkville during the Toronto International Film Festival. Yorkville is a little hotspot of upscale shops, dining and art galleries that is tucked into a little area amidst the high rises, a little town that you probably wouldn’t even knew existed unless you were told about it. You can spend an afternoon admiring all the Victorian architecture, shop in the quaint little boutiques, dine at some of the upscale restaurants and visit the art galleries where many local artists’ art work is displayed. If you are lucky, you may catch one of your favorite movie stars doing just the same as you, enjoying a day in Yorkville. It’s one of the most popular places and attractions to see while in Toronto.

7. Art Gallery of Ontario

Whether you’re really into art or just appreciate a good piece of art work, the Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the most notable art galleries in North America and holds a collection of over 90,000 pieces of art work. Here you will find the signature Canadian works, the African art gallery, as well as cutting-edge contemporary art and Peter Paul Ruben’s masterpiece, The Massacre of The Innocents, plus much, much more. You could spend a day here and still feel like you need more time to see it again and again. Some of the most intriguing things to see in the gallery include, Galleria Italia, a luminous showcase of wood and glass the runs the length of a city block. This staircase is photographed often and is one of the biggest attractions that draws visitors in. The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

6. Casa Loma

There’s nothing like seeing the magnificence of a real castle and in Toronto, you can actually visit one of the most beautiful castles that is very similar to another famous castle in California, the Hearst Castle. The Casa Loma was built in early 1900’s by Sir Henry Pellat. The architecture is amazing and the grounds are magnificent. You can step back in time to see old European splendor when you tour the castle that gets nearly 350,000 visitors every year. This is not only one of the most popular visitor sites, it’s also one of the most beautiful.

5. Ripley’s Aquarium

Just when thought it was safe to go into the waters, well, now you can. You can get up close and personal with so many creatures from the deep blue ocean and learn all about what they are, where they live and how they play a role in our oceans. With some of the most unique displays and galleries, you will spend your time at the aquarium being amazed at all the beauty there is in the Great Lakes and in the Canadian waters. Some of the galleries give you the feeling that you are really below the waters right there with the fish and sharks. You can also get up close to real live sting rays and watch the divers feed them right out of their hands. So many unique creatures, you will not only have a relaxing and peaceful time investigating our ocean life, but you will feel much more educated on our marine life.

4. Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame isn’t just for those die-hards, it’s for anyone who can appreciate athletes that have accomplished so much that they have earned the right to have their name entered into, and memorialized into the Hall of Fame. In the Hockey Hall of Fame, you will find everything imaginable about the sport of hockey. Located right in the heart of Toronto, you can see so much about hockey; walk through the history of the sport, see all of their equipment and learn about it, and have your picture taken with the Stanley Cup, the most prized trophy in the sport. You will get to learn about so many different hockey players, and if you’re a big hockey fan, you may even see one of your favorite players numbers inducted into the hall. Spend an afternoon browsing around the most coveted place to be, if you are a NHL hockey player. The Hockey Hall of Fame is one of the biggest hot spots for visitors because Canada is the place you think of when you hear the word, hockey.

3. China Town

If you want to get a little taste of the Orient while you are in Toronto, that’s easy to do when you visit China Town. You will feel like you are actually in China when you walk the streets of this very unique little part of Toronto. Get the real feel of how life is in China with all the sidewalk food stands and authentic Chinese restaurants. If you want to buy souvenirs from the Orient to take home with you, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect thing, from trinkets, to furniture, art, rugs and much, much more. If fresh meat and fruits and vegetables are what you like, there are all kinds of vendors that are selling their produce and fresh foods along the sidewalks. Most everyone who comes to Toronto wants to make time to get down to China Town, even if it’s just to say that they saw this unique little town in the middle of the Canadian city.

2. CN Tower

This unusual tower is one of the coolest sight-seeing stops in the city. You can a unique elevator ride to the top of the 1,815.3 ft. communications and observation tower as it rockets you all the way to the top in just 58 seconds. The tower was completed in 1976 and for 32 years, it held the record for being the tallest free-standing structure until 2007. When you get to the top, what ta view! You can see for about 100 miles with a 360 degree view as you take a walk along the world famous glass floor or the world’s highest outdoor walk. When you get hungry, enjoy award-winning Canadian cuisine and don’t forget to hit the gift shop for souvenirs. For the kids, they will enjoy the Kids Zone play area, which makes this a tourist spot for the whole family. The CN Tower is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Toronto and a real, must-see!

1. Niagara Falls

There is no one who hasn’t heard of Niagara Falls. This is the most famous waterfalls in the world and gets about 30 million visitors each year. The falls is connected to both the United States and Canada and is one of the most spectacular sites you will ever see in your lifetime. Something most people do not know is that Niagara Falls is not just one big falls, but it is really made up of three separate falls that make up one. Niagara is actually the collective name for all three. There have been many attempts to go over the falls through the years; dare devils who want to be famous, taking the plunge. You can visit one of the most historic places on earth and see where these dare devil acts actually took place, or take a ride out to the middle of the falls on a guided boat tour. But don’t forget your rain coat. Niagara Falls is the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Toronto.


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