The Top Five Bravur Watch Models Money Can Buy

Your personality is not defined entirely by your dressing code, but also by the kind of watch on your wrist. There are many types of watches in the market, but watches from Bravur outsmart all. Bravur was founded in 2011 by two designers, who after a research, realized that many watches were the same, and wanted to bring something different with unique identities. Their objective was to make watches that that speak to urban and modern lifestyle with materiality that creates confidence and luxury. With various models already in the market, we bring you a list of the top five Bravur watch models that money can buy.


On top of our list is BW003S-B-LBL2 which happens to be the first watch to utilize a mechanical movement. It comes with a stainless steel case, individual numbering on the backside, black and silver white bi-color dial, and Luminova C1 luminous filling that makes the hour indexes. It comes in an amazing design with a domed crystal and coin edged bezel, a minimal two-tone dial, and black and brown vegetable tanned leather strap that match with any of your outfits. Inside, you can see a ticking Sellita SWSWOO which is a Swiss-made automatic movement. With its compact engine, BW003S-B-LBL2 is a slim watch measuring 39mm in diameter. Even though it’s costly at $1,380, its design is worth the amount.

BW001 Silver – White Dial Watch

Second on our list is BW001 Silver – White Dial Watch which is an out-of-the-world watch with a perfect blend of style and functionality. It possesses a real example of a perfect craftsmanship from Bravur superior brands, as it set into a 41mm silver stainless steel case, has a domed sapphire crystal, silver-white dial, black hour indexes that increases its visibility, matte black hands that blends with any outfit, and has a Swiss Made Ronda 715, 5 jewels movement. Upon buying, BW001 Silver – White Dial Watch comes with a black leather envelope case together with a presentation box. You can get it with $630 with an added advantage of two years warranty.


Third on our list is BW102S-W-SSM1 which we can’t ignore mentioning. BW102S-W-SSM1 has a meticulous care and is a distinguishable luxurious watch with unmistakable Bravur design. It comes with a 38mm case diameter and a classic and neat look on the wrist. It is a classic dress watch due to its carefully polished surfaces. It’s made using finest materials and offered in stainless steel case, has a silver-white dial, black printed graphics, and a rose-colored applied hour numbers. It also comes with a stainless steel Milanese mesh strap, and a sliding clasp, stainless steel strap buckle. It has a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and has an individual serial number on the backside. It is a perfect fit for men with a retail price of $687.5 inclusive of VAT.


Fourth on our list is BW002S-G-LBR1, another wrist watch from Bravur design. It comes with a stainless steel case that measures 38 mm in diameter. It’s distinguished with a graphite grey dial with matte black applied hour indexes, and date at 6 H. Comes with a brown leather strap that has a white contrast stitching, making ideal for those of you that love white colors. At the back of the strap is a gold stamp and an individual serial number on the backside of the watch. Has a stainless steel buckle, and just like other Bravur watches, it has a Swiss Made Ronda 785 movement. The average price of BW002S-G-LBR1 is $725 inclusive of a 25% VAT.


BW002G-W-LGR1 makes our top five, thanks to its amazing and an out of this world design. It comes with a gold plated stainless steel case with 38mm diameter. It has a silver-white dial that comes with matte black applied hour indexes and date at 6 H. its water resistance with a domed sapphire crystal. It comes with Grey Italian leather strap that has white stitching and black lining that makes it ideal for a black and white outfit. The strap buckle is gold plated, has a serial number on the backside, and has Swiss Made Ronda 785 movement. It comes with a price tag of $ 781.25 inclusive of VAT, which is worth the feeling of having it on your wrist.

In a nutshell, there are various Bravur watch models in the market, all of which are worth buying. However, from the phrase that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, what pleases you is not what pleases another person. Just go through these models and select one that matches your taste and preferences, and make a purchase.

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