The Top Five Nike Foamposite Sneakers of 2016

If you don’t know what a foamposite shoe is it likely means that you’re not up on the newest and most hip shoe trends. In truth the foamposite shoe, despite its current success and popular design, has had its fair share of difficulties since it was first created in 1997. This particular brand of shoe was increasingly hard to make considering that its base material, foam, need to be heated and boiled at temperatures of up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The melted liquid is then poured into a mold to set and solidify.

The minimal stitching involved with this shoe raised a great deal of concern in how it was going to be held together. Nike, the originator of the foamposite shoe, exist primarily due to the impressive performance and appearance of their shoes, and were at a loss for a way to make these shoes live up to the hype that had been created. It took a great many adjustments to create a shoe that wouldn’t simply fall apart, but thanks to new and innovative methods as well as the use of carbon fibers for added stiffness, the foamposite shoe became a popular and in-demand item that Nike proudly unveiled for the first time two decades ago.

Every shoe featured below is a product of Nike, as the foamposite sneaker belongs to the company.

These are the top-selling Foamposite Sneakers of 2016

5. Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘University Red’ – $230

Whether the colors of this shoe are your school colors or not, the design and color combination are impressive and will attract a lot of attention on the court or wherever they happen to be worn. Riding low on the ankle, the metallic sheen of these sneakers offers a pleasing splash of color that is just the right amount of flash to get noticed, and the soles add a bit of flexibility to your stride while remaining stable enough to handle your body weight and any shift you might make while moving about. Designed to be outwardly impressive, the performance of this shoe is equally amazing.

4. Nike Air Foamposite Pro PRM ‘Pure Platinum’ – $250

The classic look of these sneakers is an immediate draw. From the mild contrast between its three different colors to the fact that its soles actually seem to glow in the dark, this shoe is a comfort to wear more anywhere and can offer the type of support you might find in a cross-trainer but with a small difference. The foamposite design is meant to be quite comfortable and accommodating for any outing that one might need them for, providing superior arch support and a stylish coloring scheme that can enhance most outfits.

3. Nike Little Posite One ‘Black Fruity Pebbles’ – $180

Despite being a bit cheaper than the rest, the “Black Fruity Pebbles” foamposite sneakers are no less popular. Their bright and colorful soles add a dash of brightness to their otherwise dark and stylish design. They are built more as street shoes than for performance, but are still meant to be a highly prized piece of footwear that can elevate your game even off the court. Designed for those who want a bit of color in their getup, these shoes are perfect for flaunting that outgoing and friendly personality in a way that people can easily see. No one will miss you coming in these hip and attention-grabbing sneakers.

2. Nike Air Foamposite One Northern Lights – $250

There’s no denying the cool, fierce look of these sneakers is impressive. Made for on and off the court use, these shoes are a wonder of modern design and present a color combination that is masterful in its application. When the lights go out these shoes will almost glow much like their namesake, presenting a cool and alluring look that can heighten any look. Your friends will no doubt ask where you got these impressive kicks when you flaunt them around town, and will most likely express the desire to get a pair of their own. For the right price most anyone can have these shoes, but only if they know where to look.

1. Nike Air Foamposite One ‘University Blue’ – $230

These sneakers are about as cool as it gets, right down to their ice blue coloring and their overall comfort. The black coloring along the top and along the arches adds a stunning and impressive contrast to the overall look of the shoe, adding further to the fierce and intimidating look that these shoes have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you wear these shoes to elevate your game or just as a status symbol around town, wherever you go these are bound to impress. Good to wear with almost any possible outfit, these shoes are sure to increase your sense of style and offer you maximum comfort all at the same time.


Foamposite shoes are nothing new, but in truth they are still quite popular, enough so that their cost is still in the hundreds. In fact even when sold used these sneakers can be seen to go for as much as a one hundred percent markup. That’s unheard of for most products on the market, but with foamposite sneakers the demand has been so consistently high that they don’t tend to lose their value even if they have been used more than once.

That’s pretty impressive for a shoe that was deemed as unworthy of being replicated early on in its run. The mold for the original foamposite shoes that were created in the late 1990s was estimated to be worth around $750,000 dollars as it was, and still is, an expensive endeavor to create these sneakers. Most stores can’t even keep foamposites in stock once they arrive, as customers are always willing to pay the exorbitant prices for these shoes. While it stands to reason that people will always flock to quality and new, trendy items, foamposites have obviously developed a following that is always faithful and always ready to pay what it takes to be up on one of the hottest trends in the shoe industry.

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