The Top Five Must-See Attractions in Iceland

Iceland is one of the places where individuals get immersed in striking landscapes. It is known as the realm of stark contrasts with fires erupting from ice, and rivers that run through deserts. It also boasts of beautiful nature, waterfalls, how water springs, geysers, caves, volcanoes, and a lot more.

The popularity of the island is growing by the minute with visitors from different parts of the globe streaming in every year thanks to its numerous attractions that blow people’s minds. While in the area, here are the attractions that must feature in your itinerary.

Blue Lagoon

It is a human-made geothermal spa that is among the most popular attractions in Iceland. Many people love it for its crystal clear water. It is the only place on earth where individuals can swim in 40-degree centigrade water any time of the year despite the fact that it is encircled by snow and ice.

The lagoon is rich in minerals that are known to be beneficial in numerous settings. For example, it has been known to heal people who suffer from psoriasis because the water has sulfur and silica. Do not forget to carry your camera as it presents an opportunity for taking remarkable images that you can brag about for life. It is due to the black background set alongside the icy aquamarine waters presenting a stunning contrast offering exceptional photo opportunities.

Asbyrgi Canyon

The horseshoe, significant, and anomalous rock formation is a sight to behold. It stands guard close to the northern entrance of the Jokulsa Canyon. Be ready with your walking shoes because inside the canyon are hiking and walking trails that people cover within 30 minutes or two hours.

Exploring the walking tours allows visitors to marvel at the rock formation, traverse cliffs, and enjoy honeycomb basalt rocks. The most adventurous route here involves relying on a series of ropes to climb up cliff passages. The canyon measure one km across and 3.5 km in length and it also allows guests to enjoy breathtaking views above. Pilgrims below parade through thickets of pine, larch, fir, willow, and birch. Locals to this day believe that it was formed by a horse known as slippy an eight-legged animal was. Other services people enjoy here include playing golf or camping at a site that is close to the canyon.

The Great Geysir

A part of the “Golden Circle Tour,” The Great Geysir was also known as Stori-Geysir is one of the most remarkable attractions in Iceland. It ceased to sprout in 1916 and had been dormant since then. It came to life once in 1935 and went back to its state quickly. No one, however, knows whether its silence is temporary or eternal.

When it is active, it is capable of spurting boiling water up to 70 meters in the air something that is impressive to witness. Studies indicate that the Geysir may have come to be in the 13th century after a devastating eruption of Mt Hekla and a series of powerful earthquakes. One reason for its cessation according to various sources is the accumulation of foreign objects that tourists have been throwing in for many years. Note that even though it is currently not active, the neighboring area is geochemically active with multiple smaller hot springs.

Lake Myvatn

The lake is the fourth largest lake in Iceland. Research shows that it came to be after a catastrophic volcanic eruption because the area is still volcanically active. There are plenty of birdlife around the lake giving people a chance to see some rare species. The surroundings have numerous natural marvels from bubbling mud pools to desolate craters.

Be sure to spare some time to have fun at the lake that features gnarled lush pastures and lava fields on the sides. It is a gorgeous place to relax and also get active exploring a wide range of sites. You can get around in a car, but the experience is made more worthwhile hiking, on a horseback or a bike. During winter, it is possible to take a spin on the lake on a go-kart.

Skaftafell National Park

The National Park belongs to the must-see attractions in Iceland. It is one of the largest parks in Europe that gives visitors the golden opportunity to view exceptional contrasts between endless flat sandy plains, mighty glacier rivers, active volcanoes, and mighty glaciers. Worth mentioning is that it is also the birthplace of Icelandic Mountain Guides where in 1994 people could enjoy extreme nature in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.

Activities people can partake in here include mountain climbing, glacier walks, or driving to the glacier lagoon. There are also plenty of trails that hikers can take advantage of regardless of their skill level. Guests can even go out to Cape Ingolfshofdi to view fantastic birdlife and puffins. There are plenty of accommodation options for people who want to spend a couple of days in the park allowing one to choose the one they feel suits their needs best.

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