The Top Five Under the Radar Sneaker Brands of 2016


There are many brands of sneakers that are household names. We are so familiar with these brands that when it comes to buying a new pair, we immediately are drawn to these names and never give other brands a second thought. These other brands are often not as exposed in the media or shone in the spotlight to the point that they get left behind when it comes to advertising and sales. But the truth is that these brands have stylish sneakers too and although they have been flying under the radar this year, some of these brands are about to be exposed and are expected to take a bigger piece of the spotlight come 2017. Although you may not recognize some of these brand names now, chances are you will be hearing more about them in the upcoming year.

Check out this list of five sneaker brands that flew under the radar last year that are expected to become bigger names in 2017.

1. Saucony

Saucony is an American manufacturer of athletic shoes that had its beginnings in 1898 in Pennsylvania until during the 1960’s a Russian immigrant purchased Saucony and moved the company to Cambridge, MA. Athletic shoes were the company’s specialty. In 1979, two of their running shoes were in the top 10 list of athletic shoes named in Runner’s World Magazine with their shoe, the Hornet, being chosen as the best value. The Saucony brand logo is a representation of the Saucony Creek; the constant flow of the creek with the boulders that line the creek bed. The company specializes in catering to a wide range of athletics. Saucony makes high performance, high quality, comfortable athletic shoes for the athlete in everyone. Each type of shoe is designed using the latest technology available for the individual type of shoe.

The types of athletic footwear Saucony offers include: running, walking, racing, trail running, as well as a college collection. They focus their efforts on not only the type of walking or running you will be using the shoe for, but also on the athletes’ foot proportions, such as the foot size, arch type, pronation of the foot and also consider the type of terrain.

2. Munich

This is a family-owned Spanish brand of shoes that has been around since 1939 but really only became popular when it launched its “Goal” line, back in the 1980’s, a line of athletic shoes that catered to football players. Munich began incorporating its signature “X” logo into all their athletic sneakers which also appears in their new Autumn Winter collection. This line features shoes that can be customized into colors of your choice.

Munich has several lines of shoes to cater to many different types of athletics, from cross country to Taekwondo fighting. Technical solutions they implemented have improved on their shoes’ comfort and durability. They are a name that has been associated with an athletic line for adults and children for many years and includes an athletic accessory line. They have a solid base name in athletic footwear fashion.


ASICS is a Japanese base, multinational Corp that specializes in athletic equipment but produces a line of athletic sneakers. Their line of sneakers is designed to cater to a wide range of sports, from running to walking, volleyball and every sport in between, however, their running sneakers are what they are most recognized for and they have often been ranked among the best in the “top performance footwear market.”

ASICS may not be a sneaker brand you are familiar with like the mainstream name brands but their line of sneakers is impressive and their designs give you a wide range of options to fit anyone’s style and tastes. ASICS has a motto: “a healthy soul in a healthy body,” and they are a name in sneakers that sometimes flies under the radar but is one that should rise in their popularity and sales as their unique designs continue to grow in production.

4. Spalwart

One Sneaker brand that has been under the radar is Spalwart. Spalwart is a growing Swiss sneaker brand that is so under the radar that they only have a website but do not have any social media accounts because Spalwart knows that people of fashion know what they want and therefore do not need to force their brand on anyone. Despite this fact, in an ever growing social media advertising world, their brand of sneakers is getting noticed and there is a lot to notice about their line.

All of Spalwart’s sneakers are made in Slovakia and all are made on vintage molds and there is a lot of handwork involved in each design and construction. It takes a lot of time for the each shoe in the molding machines followed by removing all the excess rubber pieces by hand. Spalwart’s shoes feature rubber soles in combination with uppers that are made of materials like suede, cotton and material that is also used in automotive companies for their air bags. Spalwart is growing their customer base and know that through the right avenues, their sales and popularity will continue to grow.

5. Athletic Propulsion Labs

Founded in 2009 by identical twins, Ryan and Adam Goldston created a basketball shoe that made history; a sneaker that would instantly make you jump higher due to APL’s revolutionary 8-spring Load ‘N Launch technology added in the forefoot. It was called the Concept 1 basketball shoe and it was the first shoe to be banned in the NBA due to the revolutionary performance of providing a competitive advantage to players.

Today, this is a popular brand among sneaker enthusiasts and athletes alike due to this brand’s forward moving technology in their entire line of athletic footwear. They design and construct sneakers for every type of sport including running, walking, basketball, training and more. Their stylish “Techloom”knits are quickly becoming as popular as they are comfortable and their days of sitting under the radar are numbered.

Although a particular sneaker brand may not be recognized as a mainstream brand, or it sits under the radar with a broad range of consumers, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a well-made and durable sneaker with the potential to make it big in the future. Some sneaker companies are building their brands and are quickly gaining recognition and popularity with athletes and the fashion world alike.

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