The Top Five Sportbikes of 2017

In 2016 a number of great looking and innovative sportbikes hit the market, along with the return of some well-missed models and classics from years past. Those looking for a new ride had plenty to choose from, and the bar was set higher for 2017. By the looks of things, the top motorcycle manufacturers are aiming to impress because the models available next year won’t disappoint. While some of the hottest bikes for 2017 have been hyped up and in development for quite some time, others are going to drop onto the scene as feature filled surprises aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts.

Here are five of the top sportbikes of 2017.

2017 Honda CBR500R – $6,500

The 2017 Honda CBR500R is going to have wide appeal. Not only is it a middleweight option, this sportbike is well suited for experienced riders with years under their belts as well as those who are just starting out or riding for the first time. It handles beautifully, which is a plus for novices, and is nimble and able to really go.

Some of the changes to the CBR500R from its previous iteration include sharp new styling, improved exhaust and intake systems, and an updated suspension. The suspension is noteworthy as enables the bike to go just about anywhere, from jaunts around the city to a weekend adventure exploring the rugged outdoors. Its 471cc parallel twin engine runs smoothly and anyone who owns the bike will get a kick out of revving it. One of the most attractive features of the 2017 Honda CBR500R is its base price, which comes in at $6,500.

2017 Yamaha SCR950 – $8,700

This is one great looking model coming out for 2017, and its style is definitely one of the highlights of owning it. Yamaha’s SCR950 is the ideal model for someone who wants a bike with up to date tech and a classic appearance. It has great elements from vintage models such as number plates with an old school flair and lace wheels, and that’s just the beginning. This sportbike flaunts the profile of a scrambler and contains the best of modern engineering, plus it’s a great performer.

The SCR950 was based on Yamaha’s Bolt cruiser, but it has a suspension that’s taller along with handlebars that were designed to encourage sitting in a more comfortable riding position. This model would make an awesome ride to pull out on the weekend, but it’s also built for daily use as it gets 51 miles per gallon. You can go off or stay on road with this bike and it will remain a consistent, fun ride. Other standout features of the Yamaha SCR950 include a 942cc air cooled twin engine with a high degree of potency and a high rear fender.

2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro – $2,995

Every year sportbikes come out geared towards those looking for a top value. That’s where the 2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro comes in. It’s poised to become the most popular 125cc single cylinder bike since the debut of Honda’s Grom. In fact, the Z125 Pro not only looks good and is a smooth ride, it’s super affordable at less than $3,000.

This is a good bike for those that are new to riding as the low seat provides more stability regardless the rider’s stature. That said, the 2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro doesn’t look like a beginner’s sportbike and it has an aggressive profile with a suspension that will easily take you around town. Looking for a bike to go on errands? This is the one to consider. It gets close to 100 mpg and is inexpensive enough to keep in the garage alongside a standard size motorcycle.

2017 Suzuki Vanvan 200 – $4,600

Suzuki premiered its first Vanvan bike in the 1970s, and the brand has been selling a revamped version abroad for many years now. However, 2017 will see the return of the model in the States, and it will be a favorite among those who prefer retro styled bikes. It’s not the most powerful sportbike on the market, but there’s plenty that the 199cc single cylinder engine can do combined with its five speed transmission. The Suzuki Vanvan 200 is a light 282 pounds and is great for those who want a bike with easy controls or a moderately priced option that will allow them to ride at their leisure.

The Suzuki Vanvan 200 has a super comfortable and wide seat as well as easy to access upright controls. This won’t be the bike to choose if you want to take frequent weekend road trips as it only holds about 1.7 gallons of gas and you’d need to make lots of stops. However, having a smaller fuel tank helps keep the bike’s weight down and ensures its proportions are in order. The price of this model isn’t bad at all considering its quality build and excellent styling.

2017 Ducati SuperSport – $13,000

Though many love sportbikes because they’re packed with power, sharp responsive handling, and awesome tech, they’re not usually big on comfort. The 2017 Ducati SuperSport aims to address that problem with its stunning looks and innovative design. The key to making this model a more comfortable ride was designing the seat so that the rider’s body weight is focused down on the wrists. When you sit on it you’ll be sitting fairly upright, and that’s also advantageous when it comes to keeping control while riding. If you’re looking for a bike that will be easy to maneuver and comfortable enough to ride daily, the Ducati SuperSport should be on your radar.

The 463 pound ride has a 937cc L-twin engine that’s liquid cooled and a true beast. Go on twisting and winding roads if you want to, this bike will have no problems handling it. Along with ABS and traction, this model features a system that allows you to choose your preferred power and riding modes. In terms of aesthetics, the 2017 Ducati SuperSport is also a winner and there’s no arguing that it’s good looking. The base price is $13,000, but you can add on clutchless shifting and high performance suspension for $1,795 more.

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