The Top Five Supercars from 2016

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes from sitting behind the wheel of a technological marvel designed for speed, agility, and overall performance. The experience is unlike many things in this world, offering a thrill that is hard to rival and the prestige of knowing that you can afford the absolute best. Unless you happen to live in a high-dollar neighborhood it’s not too likely that you will find these beauties rolling around just anywhere. The rarity of such fine, precision-oriented vehicles is a large part of the appeal and the reason why they are such a status symbol among buyers.

Supercars do come with a very exorbitant price tag, and they can cost an arm and a leg to keep running considering that they are built for performance and not economy, but the thrill ride is often worth it to those with the means to purchase such fine pieces of equipment. The adrenaline rush that is provided when topping out at 200 mph or even from going 0 to 60 in three seconds or less is more than worth the hefty price that such cars demand. The select number of manufacturers that helped to produce these wondrous machines are always looking to improve on their designs and create even more impressive feats of speed and elegance. To offer a better example of just what kind of cars are produced by the well-known name brands, here are the top five supercars from 2016.

5. Audi R8

It’s a classic and time-honored name that has drawn many an eye to its sleek design and high performance with an air of absolute lust and wanting, and this new look hasn’t changed that at all. What has changed however is the inclusion of new and more improved tech that has made this model a modern marvel of engineering. There is no V8 option with this model, but the power and unrestrained command of a V10 is still an impressive feature that can make this particular supercar the envy of many an onlooker as you roll down the street in this compact and fierce package.

4. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari is another name that draws attention wherever it goes, and its smooth and aerodynamic design is an absolutely classic feature that make this car so distinct among others. This supercar is a step above so many others that it almost exists in its own class, as apart from the normal automobile as a jungle cat is to a house cat. The satisfying growl of its V12 engine is so impressive that it stands to reason why jaws would drop and many begin to drool at the mere sight of this magnificent creation. As if the car wasn’t impressive enough however it has been specifically designed to increase the amount of airflow around the vehicle by carefully positioned scoops and vents that are able to cut down on wind resistance in an effort to coax even more speed out of this already dynamic speedster.

3. Porsche 911 GT3

So many classics, so much money, and so little time to enjoy them all. The Porsche name has been synonymous with luxury for so long that to simply utter the word makes many people gasp aloud, and perhaps even think that the person uttering the word is either hiding away a small fortune or has no clue what they’re talking about. Not only is this model able to handle corners and tear its way down speedways at the merest hint from the driver, but it is also incredibly nimble. It’s six-flat engine is able to knock a driver’s socks back from the moment the pedal is engaged, flooring its way down any road with enough power to outdistance and outstrip nearly any other vehicle on the road. The Porsche is known for its luxury and its power, and thanks its German engineering it is capable of doing both simultaneously.

2. Ferrari 488 GTB

Take note that the Ferrari fits two of the most notable slots on this list. You can’t beat the classics, nor can you dismiss the fact that the Ferrari name is as impressive as it seems. When those with the means to do so go looking they will almost always pay homage to the Ferrari at the very least, much like the Greeks and Romans used to give to their deities. Better to acknowledge the royalty of supercars to avoid bad luck, right? In any case, the GTB is a modern marvel in all its turbo-charged glory when seen on the road. The classic look amazes even the most hardcore car enthusiasts and its handling is absolutely divine as it can corner on a dime without even a hint of trouble. For a luxury ride that is sure to delight as well as impress, you can’t go wrong with a Ferrari.

1. McLaren 650S

Despite the minimalist attitude that inspired the interior, the outer appearance of the McLaren is an impressive sight when rolling, or rather speeding down the road. The powerful growl that issues from the twin turbo V8 when it’s fired up is enough make people stand back in awe as they take note of the sleek design and the ease with which it can be handled. Despite the fierce appearance and obvious wealth of talent that lies beneath the hood, the McLaren is surprisingly user-friendly and can be handled by just about anyone that has the funds and the desire to take such an elegant machine for a spin. It handles perfectly around corners and is despite the simple interior is quite comfortable as well as amenable to long, uninterrupted trips from one point to another. In terms of being one of the most popular supercars around, the McLaren is not shy about flaunting its status.


There’s no doubt about it, supercars are impressive. They cost more than some people pay for a monthly mortgage, and the price of their upkeep would be enough to feed a large family for months at a time, but the fact is that they are the envy of many when it comes to the prestige they offer. They say “Look at me, I can afford the best.” In a world where there are cars and supercars, it’s always better to have a supercar.

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