Top Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re looking for a cool gift for the outdoor lover in your life, we have a few favorite products. These are the perfect good value gifts for someone you’ve maybe just started dating or just for a special friend. And from an ultra cool splurge with the Trillium Hammock to a collapsable water bottle to a silicone stackable ring, they are also products you’ll likely not just randomly buy for yourself.

1.  Trillium Hammock ($250)

Our pick for a splurge gift for a hardcore outdoor adventurer is the Trillium Hammock from Tentsile. By Tentsile, it is part of the company’s Tree Tent concept, which lets you sleep anywhere in the great outdoors without worry about rocks or bugs by hooking the hammocks or tents between trees. It’s a pretty awesome concept and very safety forward. The set up is reinforced with more than 60 feet of seat belt and secured by webbing and heavy duty ratchets. The hammock is also stable and comfortable and comes with the fittings to accommodate a Vista Roof (sold separately). Or you can just set it up in the yard for some sunbathing and reading time.

2. DrinkTanks 128oz Vacuum Insulated “Juggernaut” Growler (from $114)
Another awesome gift if your significant other is a craft beer lover is the world’s biggest growler: The DrinkTanks 128oz Vacuum Insulated Growler. It’s able to keep an entire gallon of beer cold and fresh wherever you take it. Known as The Juggernaut, it is made from premium stainless steel with double wall insulation that keeps your beer cold for more than 24 hours (or should you fill it with hot liquid 12 hours). It also has an easy to pour handle. You can turn the Juggernaut from a growler into a mini-keg by purchasing one of the company’s Keg Cap accessories that allow for an easy, pressurized pour. If you’re planning to use the Juggernaut during outdoor adventures, you’ll want to pair it with the 16 oz Vacuum Insulated Cup in one of the product bundle deals DrinkTanks offers on its website. Like the growler, the cups keep your beverage hot or cold and the lid stops spills. 

3. Sanuk Shoes (from $38)

We love Sanuk shoes for travel. The company makes products for the whole family in a variety of casual styles from flip flops to loafers. A few favorites for 2018 include the Donna Distressed Sidewalk Surfers for women, which are super comfortable and even washable. For travels to warmer climates, we can’t get enough of the Yoga Sling Ella sandal. It offers the casual ease of a flip flop but with more support and style thanks to the stretch knit “sling” holding your heel in place. For men we like the casual but trendy TKO sneaker that can be dressed up or down. Also take a look at the Land Shark flip flop for men, which features foam footbeds for comfort and tire rubber style soles for grip on multiple surfaces.  

4. Corkcicle Products (from $22.95)
The Classic Canteen comes in a variety of sizes (from 9oz to 60oz) and colors (including a lovely turquoise) and keeps drinks hot or cold for no less than 12 hours at once whether you’re traveling or at home. The bottle is made from stainless steel and a proprietary triple insulation that will actually keep beverages icy cold for up to 25 hours without freezing. The bottle is also slip-proof, has a silicone bottom, easy grip sides and a screw on top. Corkcicle also makes two other hot and cold drink containers that we can’t live without. The Classic Tumbler, which comes in three sizes: 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz. And the Metallic Tumbler, which is another cool take on the company’s classic tumbler and also comes in three sizes and a number of color combinations.

5. QALO Rings (from $24.95)

For unique his-and-her gifts QALO makes fashion-forward rings and apparel and comes with a mission to begin a movement that embraces commitment in every aspect of life: from spouse to family to jobs and health. The Scallop ring has a “Q” stamped on its outside and was inspired by wedding dress lace and is designed as a wedding band with options for him and her, although it can be worn on any finger if you want to individualize it. Other QALO rings we love include the Brooke’s Stackable Silicone Rings for women that are meant to be purchased in groups for stacking in a style and texture that matches your recipients personality. Also check out the Crosshatch Deep Blue Q2X for men. It has a unique tire tread look with the signature “Q” displayed.

6. STABILicers Hike Macro ($69.95)

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to say summit mountains in the dead of winter, and is looking for some sort of foot traction device to do so, then you’ll want to check out  STABILicers Hike Macro. The Macro features an interchangeable cleat system, which means you can get the type of traction you need for the conditions you are hiking in by transitioning between different sized cleats.

7. RunLites Gloves ($17.95-$39.95)

For the after dark winter runner that also digs tech, we love RunLites Gloves. They are not only practical, they’re also a cool concept featuring LED lights built to slide into the stylishly designed gloves for hands-free wearable lighting — it projects a 135-degree radial light arc up to 40 feet ahead. They also have reflective strips and accents to help make you visible to vehicles. There are a number of different styles including the RunLites Full-Length Fleece II. One of the most popular styles the company produces, these gloves feature longer cuffs to keep you warmer and text and tech-friendly fingers. They do run a bit small, so order a size up. We also like the Runlites Splash Half Length gloves for something more lightweight. Also check out the RunLites Sling II Glove. Note that the lights are always sold separately.

8. Hydaway Water Bottles ($20)

Folding down to just over 1-inch, and sliding easily into a back pocket, it’s hard to believe the Hydaway water bottle can expand to hold 21-ounces of water. This alone makes it a fun gift. But it’s also really useful as it is super adaptable, collapsible and of course re-usable. It also has a carabiner-friendly carry handle and a flip-up straw for stealing sips on the trail. The bottles come in eight different colors, and should you want to purchase them for the entire family, the Hydaway Kids bottles hold 12-ounces of water and come in three colors.

9. Pressure Washers

Believe it or not, but pressure washers can be an awesome gift for anyone passionate about being outdoors. Chances are, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast then you also spend a lot of time outside. Whether it’s playing in the yard, pool or on the deck. A pressure washer is a great way to keep your patio and poolside clean from dirt, moss and other pests.

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