Top Ten Up and Coming Companies at CES 2017

Las Vegas turned into world tech center on 5th to 8th January 2017 when it hosted the CES 2017. The technological exhibition was attended by nearly 38,000 exhibitors and over 170, 000 people. It was not a walk in and out venue for the members of the general public; only the company representatives and journalist were allowed in the show.

The exhibition gave manufacturers an excellent opportunity to display and market their products that possibly will dominate the market the whole year. The 2017 event was attended by giant companies like LG, Sony, and Google, as well as numerous startups that proved to be very promising. Take a look at the top ten up and coming companies at CES 2017.


Energous has had a good run at the CES for the second year in a row, primarily due to their WattUp wireless charging solution. This time, the company took the WattUp futuristic technology a notch higher. They announced a number of partnerships that saw the launch of several commercially available products to support the first version of their long-range wireless charging solution. Wattup is an award winning, wireless charging technology that is geared towards transforming the way people charge and power their electronic devices. It uses radio frequency (RF) to deliver intelligent, scalable power through radio bands like a wi-fi router.

Osterhout Design Group

Osterhout Design Group was also outstanding at the CES 2017 with their R-8 glasses. Valued at around $1,000, the glasses combine virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to offer 720p resolution for true stereoscopic vision. The company has also developed an R-9 version, which boasts 1080p for an additional $799. The two glasses employ the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip that was announced by Qualcomm at the event. ODG is a developer of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality products and technologies for consumer and enterprise markets. The company is focused on creating the best technology and incorporating it into compact and mobile computing technologies.

Ava women

Technology has simplified several aspects of our lives like never before. Within a blink of an eye, we can share a photo, order dinner, pay our bills, or call up a cab. However, when it comes to issues that affect women in particular, we are almost one century behind. One of these issues is cycle tracking. This is where Ava comes into play. The Ava Women organization is based on the belief that there should be a more modern method for women to track their cycles. Ava has been shown to detect the beginning of the fertile period from the earliest stages – in real time – unlike OPKs that only detect the last day of the fertile period.

Milo Sensor, Inc

Milo Sensor, Inc. is focused on developing futuristic wearable biosensors. Their first product was PROOF, announced at the CES 2017, which is a wearable device worn at the wrist that allows you to continuously monitor your alcohol level. This eliminates the need to take a blood test or blow into a breathalyzer. Bob Landsdorp, the company’s cofounder, revealed that the technology picks up trace amounts of alcohol diffused through your skin that would naturally disappear into the air. Last year, the company was the runner up in the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s competition to build a wearable alcohol biosensor.

Select Comfort

Select Comfort is based in Plymouth, Minnesota, US and is the manufacturer of the Comfortaire and Sleep Number beds, as well as bedding accessories and foundations. The company is mostly famous for its Sleep Number bed, a flexible air mattress that can be adjusted by air pressure up to 100 “sleep numbers”. Both sides of larger and full size beds come with their own chambers to accommodate separate adjustment. The Sleep Number beds come in different models with different features. The company launched its restored smart bed line at the 2017 CES, beginning with the new 360 bed that automatically adjusts to the occupant’s sleep position for maximum comfort, among other feats.

TytoCare inc.

TytoCare is a relatively new company in the telehealth industry. Tyto Care revealed a new partnership with telemedicine giant American Well that combines remote diagnostics with virtual doctor visits. This means that the TytoCare device can be used to take guided exams of the skin, throat, ears, abdomen, lungs, heart, and temperature before or during online visits and then sharing the results with the doctor. This combination will be first introduced to employers and health systems. The TytoCare clinical data and examination platform are being incorporated into American Well’s platform, with TytoCare’s home model valued at $299.


ActiveProtective is a producer of smart garments aimed to limit traumatic injury via wearable airbag technology. The technology employs 3D motion sensors to evaluate the accelerations and stereotypical motions that govern the normal, everyday activities in the body. The company developed a belt that inflates airbags automatically at the sign of a fall. Based on their website, 33 percent of people aged over 65 years old fall every year, and their device has been shown to minimize the impact force by an impressive 90 percent. The algorithm relies on the absence of stereotypical human motion to determine the chances of a fall. Future applications include the military, high risk occupations, equestrian, and sports.

Neonode Inc.

Neonode Inc. is the developer of AirBar, a sleek, lightweight gadget that instantly incorporates touchscreen capabilities into any laptop screen. The company unveiled their new product at the CES 2017 for MacBook Air. The AirBar sensor attaches to the base of a laptop screen magnetically and then plugs in through USB to automatically activate touch capabilities without the need for additional configuration or software installation. Neonode Inc. specializes in developing and licensing optical interactive sensing solutions. The company’s patented technology is designed for a variety of devices such as e-readers, tablets, mobile phones, monitors, PC devices, printers, and automotive systems.


FOVE unveiled (officially) their FOVE 0 eye tracking VR headset at the CES 2017. The company adds a whole new dimension in game control with this eye tracking technology, a feature that is currently unavailable in today’s mainstream VR headsets. FOVE was founded by Tokyo-based Lochlainn Wilson and Yuka Kojima. The technology uses infrared in tracking eye movements to ensure accuracy and low latency. The device also comes with inbuilt sensors that track the user’s pupils. FOVE started with a Kickstarter campaign in May 2015 with an initial goal of $250k. The goal was achieved in less than four days.


ONvocal is a tech company dedicated to transform the art of listening. It designs products and services that allow you to create and control your own personal soundscape, thus bringing clarity and authenticity to your communication. The company was showcasing wireless earphones that connect to Alexa. The main idea behind ONvocal was to harness the power of voice and sound in order to enhance our everyday lives. It consists of a team of serial entrepreneurs, MIT engineers and audio tech experts who work effortlessly to find more convenient ways of integrating cutting edge technology into our daily lives for faster, easier, and more enjoyable experiences.

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