The Top Ten Yacht Companies of 2017

Super yachts are very popular among the wealthy and famous and are extraordinarily luxurious and expensive. When you are on a super yacht, you experience the life of luxury with lavish amenities and details all around you. Over the years, yacht companies and builders have strived to design and build the most luxurious yachts on the water. They use the latest innovative technology to create the finest sailing vessels that are uniquely designed and high quality. There are a number of yacht builders around the world that the wealthy turn to when they are in the market for a yacht, and these yacht builders can create a yacht designed off of one of their well-known platforms, or design a unique, custom-built yacht for the buyer. If you follow the yachting world or are just interested in who the top yacht builders are, here is a list of the top ten yacht builders to look for in 2017.

10. Amels, Netherlands

Amels has been constructing yachts since 1981, however, it was the building of Katalina in 1982 that the company turned it’s direction towards super yachts. The company has delivered close to 60 super yachts over the years, with the latest, Here Comes the Sun, being the biggest from Amels, which boasts 83 meters of luxuriousness. Amels is one of the top ship building companies in the world and whether you purchase a yacht that derives off of one of their design platforms, or have a unique design in mind you want to customize, Amles can deliver.

9. Blohm Voss, Germany

Blohm designs both large custom and sailing ships from its Hamburg shipyard. The sleek looks of Blohm vessels are hard to miss. The shipyard is where they build custom yachts, as well as they maintain and refit ships. They can create dream yachts that are fit to the bill of the customer and turn out some of the most beautiful handiwork in the yachting business. The company mostly works for private customers and are one of the most exquisite ship builders in the world.

8. Christensen Shipyard, USA

Christensen yachts are designed in either all fiber glass, or at least part. When the company began about 40 years ago, it was Dave Christensen who started building ships after constructing one for himself when he could find a ship that was both beautiful and rugged. Once he discovered he could build them himself, he began constructing ships that were geared for ocean-going ventures, for customers. All these years later and the company’s still building high quality ships in their 180,000 sq. ft. shipyard that is known to be state-of-the-art. They have cranked out 50 yachts this year and have surpassed some of the biggest names in yachts when it comes to quality and luxury in these luxury liners.

7. Feadship, Netherlands

If custom design is what you want in a super yacht, that is what you can get with Feadship super yacht builders. They will help you plan and design the most customized super yacht just for you, customizing every last detail to your specifications. The Outer shell of the Feadship designs are all uniquely designed with lines and curves that stand out among other ship builders. Feadship is one of the most well-known builders and one of the most popular brands represented at super yacht rendezvous, such as the Kata Rocks super yacht rendezvous held each year in Phuket, Thailand.

6. Fincantieri Yachts, Italy

Fincantieri has been making yachts for over 200 years and is a top super yacht builder. They are known to be able to build just about anything, from any outer design to customized interiors. The shipyard builds vessels in a wide range of sizes, from 70 to 160 meters, with two of their most well-known and largest yachts being the Serene at 134 meters and Ocean Victory at 140 meters. They have constructed and delivered over 7,000 yachts to date.

5. Heseen Yachts, Netherlands

Heseen Yachts is a super yacht production shipyard and popular name in the business. It seems like everyone knows the name Heseen and recognize their yachts on the water. They are an innovative ship building company that is recognized as the first Dutch ship building company to use aluminum for their hulls. Heseen has been building ships for over 35 years, completing 170 vessels in this time and their fleet during these years, is compromised of ships built with aluminum, semi-displacement, steel displacement, and the revolutionary fast displacement. Two of their most notable productions are the 65m Glatica Star and their 70m Galatica Super Nova.

4. Lurssen, Germany

Lurssen shipyard opened its doors in 1875 and has produced over 13,000 yachts since that time. They create some of the most luxurious yachts seen on the water today and their quality is unsurpassed when it comes to luxury and quality. They are known to pay attention to every last, final detail when it comes to interior and exterior design. Although there are a few ship builders that will continue to maintain their ships after they have been sent off and sailing the waters, Lurssen takes great pride in their builds and will continue to repair and maintain their ships, well after they are purchased sent on their way. They are known to build some of the biggest yachts on the waterways today, and their designs are impeccable. To-date, they are known to be the builders of the biggest yacht, called the LOA and is 180m.

3. Oceanco, Netherlands

If you know yachts, then you know Oceanco. This is one of the greatest ship builders of all time. Their unique body designs are sleek, and their and performance is unlike any other. They take pride in catering to their customers’ every wish and whim. They are always on top of the latest technology and use innovative designs to create features that stand out among the rest. The ship builders are fairly new to the yachting world, only opening their doors in 1992, but since this time, they have really made a name for themselves. They have quickly risen to the top of the yacht-building world and have built some of the most impressive yachts known in the world, including the Indian Empress and Nirvana.

2. Perini Navi, Italy

Perini Navi is really four separate companies that function in five different markets. They are a company that builds sailing yachts up to 60 meters in length, large sailing yachts that are over 60 meters, fast cruising sailing yachts, racing sailing yachts, and Picchiotti motor yachts. They are a fairly new company and their boats are designed specifically for fun. It is what their builds are all about and have even created one of the most iconic yachts, an 88m three-masted schooner. It is recognized as being the second largest sailing yacht globally and is one of the most beautiful vessels on the water. Perinin Navi proves to be a hard contender against ship builders that have been around for even hundreds of years, already perfecting their brand and they have won several rewards for their yachts. They are certainly a ship builder that is up and coming in 2017.

1. Sunseeker Yachts, United Kingdom

Sunseeker Yachts is located in the United Kingdom and is a large ship building company that produces around 150 yachts each year. They build boats using carbon fibre and composite and range from 15 to 47 meters. They now have over 100 yachts that are over 30 meters which have now been delivered. The demand for a Sunseeker yacht is growing due to their amazing reputation for building some of the most luxurious yachts sailing the ocean today. They have a very happy customer base and promise to continue to deliver beautiful, high-performing yachts. Continue to watch Sunseeker. They may have just started producing luxury super yachts, but they are an upcoming yacht builder this year.


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