Top Travel Essentials for 2018

Top Travel Essentials for 2018

It’s a new year, which means it is time for some cool new travel gear- and boy are there a number of awesome options on the market. From airline approved smart bags that will charge your cell phone in flight to an action camera shooting in 4K video, these are our top picks for 2018 travel essential accessories.

1. e-Bags Samonsite Spinner Underseater with USB Port

Our go-to website for backpacks and luggage from name brands like Tumi, Kansport and Samonsite, is also stepping up their game with cool airline friendly smart luggage that boast airline friendly USB chargers to power your devices with batteries that can be removed before checking a bag, which is a new TSA requirement. We love the Samsonite Spinner Underseater with USB Port bag in particular, although we’d never check it since it fits neatly under an economy seat, has smart pockets for easy access to certain essentials and can charge a phone or tablet.


2. BONX Grip ($139.95)
The BONX Grip is revolutionary device that’s definitely on our list for coolest new tech gadget gifts. It is a device that lets you connect with up to 10 friends at once. (who also have the device) regardless of where in the world you are and whether or not you have cell service. So if you’re off to summit a mountain in Nepal, and want to make sure you can reach your loved ones back home, all you have to do is  put the device on your ear and start talking in real time. The quality of reception is also good on the BONX thanks to its use of machine learning technology to adapt to its noise filter to your sound environment.    

3. Flitt Flying Camera ($99.99)

A drone style camera that can fold up and fit in your back pocket when it’s not in use? Yes, please! The Flitt Flying Camera might be the coolest travel gadget of 2018, especially if you do a lot of social media posts and looking for a different angle. The camera shoots video and photos and features one-touch media sharing with the paired iOS and Android apps that can be downloaded to your phone. When you’re done using the camera, you can simply tuck the arms and propeller blades into its body and fold it into a pocket sized shape.

4. REVL Arc

You can say goodbye to shaky video with the revolutionary REVL Arc action camera. It shoots flawless 4K video at 30FPS and 12MP photos that can be shared instantly, but what makes the camera stand out is its true stabilization features. Using real-time electronic image stabilization and built in gyro-stabilization the REVL Arc always remaisn level with the horizon so whether you’re skiing off cliffs or riding some gnarly downhill singletrack on a mountain bike, you can be sure the footage won’t be bumpy no matter how shaken your body feels. The camera also uses facial recognition and has a long lasting battery life.


5. Blue Planet Eyewear

For eco-conscious eyewear that is trendy and designed with eye protection in mind, check out Blue Planet Eyewear. The company sells dozens of fashion forward glasses that are crafted to really protect your eyes with quality lenses at a great price-point. These feature Blue Planet’s signature bamboo and wood temples but add other natural materials from zebra to rose woods. One model we love is the Watson ($35). It is a unisex shape with green mirror polarized lenses and is made from all recycled plastic and metals. Another favorite is the Clarita ($55), which features spring hinges for a super comfy fit and smoke polarized lenses. BluePlanet even makes glasses for kids like the Classic Blackout Jr. ($25).
6. Xero Shoes 
Xero Shoes makes some trendy shoes and boots for men and women that are perfect for travel as they can work both on the hiking trail and at the restaurant. The Xero Shoes Coalton Men’s Leather Boot is one example that we love. It’s a chukka-style low boot that is at once trendy and functional. It’s also a super comfortable shoe thanks to its wide toe boxes and zero-drop, non-elevated sole that helps keep your spine alined.  Another boot from this company that we love, this one for women, is the Xero Shoes Daylight Hiker. It features a minimalist and lightweight design that makes it easy to pack. And it features all the sole perks this company is known for: zero-drop, non-elevated soles for proper back alignment, wide toe boxes for comfort, and flexible soles that let your foot connect and respond to whatever terrain it comes in contact with.

7. Dopp Del Dia

The Dopp Del Dia by Cotopaxi is another travel product we are loving. It is just the right size to keep your toiletries, makeup or other grooming essentials organized and protected. The bag is made from repurposed nylon and webbing and each looks slightly different depending on who was working the sewing machine when it was made. Each bag features a roomy main compartment and two internal side sleeves for extra organization options. You can hang it or carry it into the bathroom on your wrist thanks to a large webbing loop.


8. Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chug

Packing a water bottle is mandatory for us when traveling, we just like to have on hand for hydration at anytime. And the Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chug is a current favorite choice. It has a lightweight design, which makes it easy to just toss in your bag, although it also has a clip-on carry handle. The wide mouth piece makes sipping a breeze and also makes it easy to use the bottle in conjunction with a water purifying pen if traveling in a non-safe drinking water portion of the world. The bottle is leak-proof and BPA free and the spout cover on the mouth piece also works to keep dirt and germs away. 

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