The Top Five Vizio Smart TVs on the Market Today

People who are thinking about getting a smart TV, which is a popular term for a TV that can connect to the Internet for the purpose of providing its user with even more functions than otherwise possible, might find this information useful.. Fortunately, Vizio and other TV manufacturer are now making such a wide range of smart TVs that interested individuals have plenty of options that are available to them. As a result, interested individuals should have a much better chance of finding something that is perfect for them instead of being forced to settle for something that is good enough by pure necessity.

Here are five of the best Vizio smart TVs that can be found on the market:

Vizio D70-73

The D70-73 is a new release that boasts a number of characteristics that are very popular in the present market. For example, it has ultra high-definition resolution, which combines with a 120Hz effective refresh rate to provide the watcher with smooth-flowing footage of exceptional quality. Better still, it comes with a very minimalistic design, thus enabling interested individuals to focus on what is on the screen rather than what is around the screen. Summed up, the D70-73 provides excellent value, particularly if people choose to make use of its Internet connectivity.

Vizio D-Series 24″ Class Full HD 1080p LED Smart TV

Like the D70-73, this particular LED smart TV is another member of the D-Series. In its case, it is excellent for people who are operating on a somewhat more limited budget but are nonetheless reluctant to sacrifice quality because of that. Its smaller screen might make it less satisfying to some, but it nonetheless boasts excellent resolution as well as a connection to the Internet that can make it even more convenient.

Vizio P-Series 65″ Ultra HD TV

For someone planning to set up a home theater, there is this TV from the P-Series, which boasts XLED Pro technology for up to 128 zones of local dimming that can contribute a surprising amount to a viewing experience. On top of that, this TV boasts a screen of great size as well as outstanding resolution, thus making it an excellent choice for people who want something for a dark room as well as people who want something for a brighter room. Combined with the fact that it comes with access to Vizio’s SmartCast platform, this means that it is the full package of features, though interested individuals should note that it is naturally priced accordingly.

Vizio M-Series 50″ Class Ultra HD TV

This TV from the M-series boasts a combination of features that come at a reasonable cost, thus making it a fine choice for people who want something affordable but will nonetheless provide them with hours and hours of viewing pleasure for a long time to come. Size isn’t the sole upside to its 50″ screen, seeing as how it comes with a fast refresh rate for smoother motion, Ultra Color Spectrum for the display of more colors than most people knew existed, and XLED Plus technology for better contrast. Moreover, this TV from the M-series is built to be compatible with Google Home, which is one of a number of connectivity features that makes it even more useful to interested individuals.

Vizio E-Series 60″ 4K HDR Smart TV

Once again, this E-Series TV┬ácomes with superior picture compared to its predecessors. Granted, it is not as good as some of the other counterparts that have been mentioned here, but its capabilities are nonetheless more than enough to provide interested individuals with finely-detailed images that are shown with exceptional smoothness. However, what might interest people looking into smart TVs the most might be the fact that it was built for use with Vizio’s SmartCast platform, which should provide said individuals with a simple and straightforward way to benefit from the connectivity of modern TVs. Better still, this E-Series TV is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, thus enabling interested individuals to extract even more usefulness out of it when they own either one of those devices. Something that can be surprisingly convenient and thus surprisingly useful.

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