How TraxPack is Revolutionizing the Luggage Industry


TraxPack was started by Richard Braddock, a former marine, and his best friend Naisha Jospeh, a ten-year IT veteran. Over the years, Richard had invented a number of things, but none that ever really took off. His friend had always told him to let him know before he did anything with any future inventions, and he would be happy to help him with the launch. So, when Richard was laid off from his job managing R&D and operations for a small manufacturing company, he went to his buddy with an idea. Since they both had an entrepreneurial mindset, they decided to start a new and innovative business.

And, that’s how TraxPack Luggage of Hollywood, Florida was born. Since they needed money for launching their new business, they went to Kickstarter in January 2015 to raise it via crowdfunding. By July 29, 2016, the TraxPack project had successfully raised $70,927 on Kickstarter with 289 backers.

TraxPack’s first product is the TraxPack 360 and it’s a major game-changer, not only for the up-and-coming Florida-based company but also for travelers around the world. Richard’s invention has the ability to make traveling 100% easier than ever before. No more carrying heavy luggage from your car, up long flights of stairs, and into the airport to the baggage check-in. This is definitely a new generation of luggage.

More Convenient Travel Features

  • Making travel more convenient is the name of the game for TraxPack. And to that end, the TraxPack 360 comes complete with the following:
  • A tilting handle for improved maneuverability
  • A built-in scale for eliminating overweight baggage
  • Tracks for making traversing stairs as easy as walking
  • A baggage positioning system (BPS™) for tracking your luggage
  • TSA Locks for additional security
  • A phone charger for never again having to wait in line to charge your phone
  • A mobile device stand for handsfree mobile device use

TraxPack’s Mission

At TraxPack, their main goal is making your travel experience completely smooth, safe, and secure. When the Track System is combined with all of the other amazing features that are included, what you get is the TraxPack 360. TraxPack has really created a product for solving all of the traveling pitfalls that we’ve all had to deal with in the past.

No More Lug in Luggage

With TraxPack 360, you get a whole new type of suitcase that utilizes a state-of-the-art track system for easily rolling up those usually exhausting stairs. You no longer have to struggle, strain or pull a muscle lugging that heavy luggage around. Instead, you can let TraxPack take the lug completely out of the luggage and your overall travel experience. Anybody who has ever traveled knows how difficult it can be. Sure, there are numerous reasons for this, but dragging or carrying your luggage up multiple flights of stairs has to be the worst of all of them. And, unless you’re willing to pay someone else, like a porter, to do that for you, it’s probably been a problem for you for a long time with no viable solution in sight.

A New Solution

Until now, that is. With the recent introduction of the TraxPack 360, you can get your hands on a new and innovative type of suitcase with a track system that resembles that of a tank. With this new piece of luggage, you can effortlessly roll right on up, or down, those stairs with an ease that you could never have imagined before. The TraxPack dual tracks that offer both a low profile and zero drag are built into this amazing new luggage. In addition, they use up practically no additional space inside but add functionality that has never been seen before in the luggage industry.

Built-In Charger & Hands-Free Viewing

And, how about those many other problems that we all deal with every time we travel? One of them is looking for someplace to charge our mobile devices. Have you ever had to wait in a long line at an airport to accomplish this? It’s really exasperating, but without that all-important charge, your mobile device will go dead, so you’re stuck with the line. Well, there’s no more of that either with the TraxPack 360. With the built-in charger, dead batteries are a thing of the past and will never be a problem again. And, the TraxPack 360’s charger is also available in numerous upgradable sizes to suit all of your individual mobile device charging needs. In addition, with the integrated mobile device stand, you have the ability to set up your media and mobile devices securely on top of your TraxPack 360 for convenient and super-easy hands-free viewing.

Built-In Luggage Scale

So, what other travel issues are you sick and tired of dealing with? How about having to pick up your packed bag and stand on your bathroom scale to try and figure out how much it weighs? That can be a real pain and never seems to be quite accurate either. Now, that’s a thing of the past as well with the TraxPack 360’s built-in scale. No more DIY weighing only to get to the airport and get charged for your luggage being overweight. The built-in luggage scale puts an end to all of the weight hassles. And, it’s always accurate and easy to use.

Tilting Control Handle

In addition, the tilting control handle allows you to be in complete control by adjusting it to either traditional handling or tilted to give you additional maneuverability. Most luggage only allows one handle function, but not the TraxPack 360. This is an important feature when it comes to having your own personal choice of handling angles.

Proximity Sensors

Have you ever had an airline lose your bag? It can be very irritating, but not anymore. The proximity sensors on the TraxPack 360 will let you know if your bag is headed to the baggage claim or if a stranger is actually leaving the airport with it. This could just be someone making an innocent mistake or it could be a thief. Either way, you’ll know what’s happening with your bag at all times with the built-in proximity sensors.

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