12 Reasons to Stay at the Treehouse, Bel Air in Los Angeles

Bel Air Treehouse

Upon arrival, we had whizzed off stressful chaotic Sunset Boulevard at 6 PM in our old Porsche convertible to an immediate change of pace. The Treehouse in Bel Air on Beverly Glen is one of Los Angeles’s only vegan feng shui-ed bed and breakfast hotels focusing on wellbeing and sustainability. Here are 12 reasons you should visit the Bel Air Treehouse.

1. Hideaway in the city of Los Angeles with a warm welcoming artsy spiritual feel

After parking in the tiny driveway and touring this Shangri-La, the multilevel Bohemian guesthouse reminded me of homes I partied in ten years ago in Laurel Canyon – similar to Jim Morrison’s old home with a woodsy feel surrounded by trees, but this sanctuary was also drenched in healing crystals, filled with colorful rooms decked out in travel pieces from around the world, and culminated with a top floor kitchen and peaceful open back deck common area enveloped with plants.

2. Aide in your Zen with special room accoutrements

Four large rooms with private baths are available to book, complete with sacred geometry, salt lamps, aromatherapy products, essential oil diffusers, burning Frankincense, and Angel tuning forks to help ‘frequence’ the space. Some rooms have a deck with hammock, hugged by trees and stand-alone tubs, while our top floor room named the Amethyst Room came with a welcoming terrace with outdoor couch dripping with foliage and a trickling fountain. The bathroom included all natural and toxin-free beauty products with a gigantic tub.

3. Get a great night sleep

The goal of the night was to achieve the best quality sleep possible. Never one to sleep soundly, let alone through the night, we were here to learn how to sleep well – to practice the art of sleeping better in this spiritual destination, with a little help from Flora + Bast, a wellness company specializing in premium CBD solutions for sleep, pain management, and skincare.

We indulged in a dropper of Age Adapting Sleep Tincture by Flora + Bast under our tongues thirty minutes before bedtime. Since sleep is so crucial to our wellbeing, along with an active healthy lifestyle, this CBD oil rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids is a new product that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles, otherwise known as circadian rhythms. The Sleep Tincture helped us fall asleep fast and stay asleep, awaking refreshed and feeling fully awake. There is actual science behind this method and we can definitively say that it works!

Next to our bed, we were given another new tool to assist with sleep, the Casper Glow light, designed to help you wind down and drift off. This Smart Bedtime Light is app enabled, charges wirelessly, and provides a warm light without harmful blue light that dims down to off after about 45 minutes. You can adjust the brightness and mood by just swiveling the cone or jiggling to glow on the go, if you want to get up at night.

While there is no one solution fits all for quality sleep, there are many proven elements that help. The formula for sleeping well is intensely personal and often incorporates multiple techniques that work in synergy to ensure proper rest and rejuvenation. This night’s journey was an experiment in how well natural solutions can achieve better results than any popular pharmaceutical product or normal ‘do-nothing’ routine. Taken together, they resulted in an epic night’s sleep.

4. Meet new friends

The night began with clinking of bottles among new friends with the latest CBD-infused sparkling hop water from Lagunitas Brewing Company in northern California. After a couple of “IPA-inspired” Lagunitas Hi-FI Hops Sparkling Waters that tasted like a better version of LA Croix, everyone was relaxed, anxiety-free, and slightly giggly. Infused with CBD and THC, this new concoction has zero alcohol, zero calories, and zero carbs and may be the biggest game changer in terms of finding a product to replace beer, cocktails and hangovers.

5. Eat plant-based cuisine

A multi-course CBD-infused vegan dinner followed, where guests bonded over Babaganoush with crudites, slow roasted tomatoes, roasted summer squash with sprouted pumpkin seed hemp pesto, stewed red beans, Egyptian-style okra, Basamati rice, salads, and a chocolate bark dessert infused with nuts, salt, and pumpkin seeds. Guest Chef Lena from New York City led us through a food meditation to help us appreciate the bounty on our plate and remind us to reflect upon where it came from. She stressed the importance of mindful eating and learning how to interpret your own body since many health issues can be changed with diet. A gourmet vegan menu can also be prepared for your stay too. Many of us chose to wear our new soft lightweight Pour Les Femmes pajamas to dinner to help our bodies wind down for bedtime. Having soft, comfortable sleepware is essential too.

6. Take part in a numerology reading

Part of our relaxing evening included meeting with the on-site sacred “genie” numerologist Gina Roda who brings a positive aura to any enlightening reading. Using your birthdate, numbers are used to help better understand oneself, the world, and what is to come. Her suggestions made my husband and I think about what we may need to work on individually, together as a couple, and what the future may hold. Our private session was truly transformational. Book a session with Gina as part of your time here.

At this haven we were introduced to the Oura sleep analysis ring that is paired with an app. You wear this ring to track your sleep patterns, REM sleep, movement, pulse, steps, and sleep and body temperature. The goal is to use this data to change the way you sleep, therefore enhancing your performance the next day. Over time, this could change your slumber game.

7. Drink activated water

Throughout the evening I stayed hydrated by sipping on Kangen Water (ionized alkaline) and local spring water provided throughout the house in containers to refill my glass Gemwater Bottle by VitaJuwel. The water is enhanced by the natural vibration of the gemstones and besides looking cool with the blue and white crystals, I was prepared to try anything to get in a relaxed state of mind. My bottle gems promoted Balance, something I always aspire to have. The water tasted smooth and better than what we drink at home, and I am all for any naturopathic benefit.

8. Request a sound bath or special service on the property

Around 10 PM, a couple delivered a sound bath in the communal couch area using various bowls to shower us with sound which soon lulled me into a deep sleep. Before this powerful induced meditative state from sound waves of various frequencies, it felt like my own ovaries were vibrating. Whoowhee! A bedtime story by author Bradley Steyn was next on the agenda, but I only opened my eyes when clapping ensued at the end of his reading due to being utterly conked out. The Treehouse effect or maybe the CBD dinner combined with the sound wash worked its magic! For someone who’s brain is always on high gear and often can’t unwind or fall asleep, this felt nothing short of a miracle.

9. Wake up with a Kundalini yoga meditation session

Early in the morning the Bel Air Treehouse provided Kundalini yoga with meditation to help with breathing and calm. It was a nice way to start the day feeling at peace with oneself. Any guest can request this morning session, which is a good way to stay balanced, get the blood flowing, and enhance the body’s system and readiness for another restful sleep.

10. Start your morning with a healthy vegan complimentary breakfast

After yoga, pink butterfly print China saucers and plates awaited us on the back sun terrace while a beautiful homemade vegan breakfast (complimentary with stay) was prepared including strong biodynamic coffee, herbal tea, fruit smoothies blended with raw honey, and choices of avocado toast, waffle, or granola with nut milk, nut yogurt and berries.

11. Stay where there is a commitment to sustainability

The hotel believes in achieving Zero Waste. This new style of luxury is making guests mindful to reuse the towels and sheets after more than one stay and appreciate the vegan mentality with produce sourced from local farmer’s markets and sustainable fair trade markets. Smoke-free, The Treehouse uses organic cleaning products and bamboo loo paper.

12. Explore Los Angeles from a central location

Just 3 miles from UCLA and 4 miles from Interstate 405 and the J. Paul Getty Museum, the location feels like a friend’s home with an added spiritual dimension. In close proximity of Beverly Hills, the beach is also about 20 minutes away in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades with Malibu a bit farther of a drive. The Treehouse in Bel Air provided an educational haven for restful sleep and the evening of wellness delivered a sleep like none other.


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