20 Things You Didn’t Know about Tyra Biosciences


When it comes to great strides in health, that progress is often made as part of extensive research that takes place over the course of several years. That is certainly the case where cancer research is concerned. As a matter of fact, there are many forms of cancer which can be successfully treated today that were practically a death sentence just 20 or 30 years ago. One of the truly groundbreaking companies on the front lines of this research is Tyra Biosciences. They tend to look at cancer research in new and innovative ways, with the goal of transforming the way the disease is treated. That’s enough to get the attention of most people, in and of itself. The thing is, there is a lot to like about Tyra Biosciences. If you want to know more, you can read through the 20 things listed below.

1. They target cancer by helping the body fight smarter

The company uses an approach that isn’t used by anyone else in the world. As such, they target cancer in a way that no one else ever has. By creating treatments that help make the body stronger and better able to fight, they are creating groundbreaking methods to help people live longer. The goal is to help the body fight cancer more effectively on its own while simultaneously providing new forms of alternative treatment that possess the ability to help the body do exactly that. In addition, they are working tirelessly to better understand why targeted therapies sometimes stop working and then create additional therapies that can help reverse course and allow those same therapies to begin working again.

2. They have a proprietary in-house approach to fighting cancer

One of the things that makes this company stand out from practically everything else out there is that they don’t do business the same way as everybody else. As a matter of fact, they have developed an entirely proprietary in-house approach to fighting cancer, something that they have worked closely with their own team of scientists over the course of the last two years to create. They believe that they have unlocked the building blocks that will allow medical professionals and scientists alike an opportunity to better understand what happens when cancer cells begin to take over the body. More importantly, they believe that it is possible to stop those cells from reproducing through gaining this better understanding.

3. Their goal is help people who can’t be helped with traditional treatments

When a person is receiving targeted therapy for cancer, it’s usually because more traditional forms of therapy haven’t been effective. Unfortunately, when the targeted therapies themselves stop working it often means that the individuals in question have virtually nowhere else to turn in order to continue treating their disease. Tyra Biosciences is working to change this so that patients have a chance to re-engage with targeted therapies or even begin new types of therapy that don’t exist yet in order to rid their body of cancer and live a longer, healthier life.

4. They hope to one day cure cancer

Obviously, their main goal is to help patients respond better to treatment. In addition to that, they hope to one day unlock all of the keys to this disease so that scientists understand exactly why it happens. Through that method, they believe that it’s possible to then understand how to prevent it from happening in the first place. If it does happen, it provides medical professionals with a better avenue for creating a treatment plan that is effective. As a result, the end goal is to one day cure cancer so that people don’t have to continue dying from it.

5. They work to build up the affected person’s immune system

One way this company is working to improve patient outcomes is to figure out how a person’s DNA is directly connected to the development of cancer cells and how that affects a person’s immune system. The thought process is that by building up the immune system, it may be possible to help patients fight the disease more effectively with their own body. At the very least, the idea is to strengthen the person’s immune system so that the treatments they are undergoing are more effective for a longer period of time.

6. They customize medications to work most efficiently for each patient

The company is working toward customizing medication so that they work most efficiently for each individual who needs treatment. This is certainly no small feat, as it is something that requires a great deal of understanding about how the human body works, not to mention about the disease process. However, they believe that their goal is a worthy one. It is also a goal that they are moving toward with remarkable speed.

7. Their treatments work directly with patient DNA

As such, the treatments that the company is working to create are designed to work directly with a patient’s DNA. The goal is to figure out where in a particular patient’s DNA the problem has occurred and then utilize the addition of special proteins in new forms of treatment to target that particular area. The end result is to remove the cancer from the affected area without harming any of the healthy DNA. Although this form of treatment hasn’t cleared clinical trials and is in fact far from it, the science behind it is solid and the treatment prospects are quite promising.

8. They can create a customized DNA profile in as little as one week

In addition, the company is capable of creating a customized DNA profile for each patient in as little as one week. By working with a patient and essentially mapping out their DNA, they are able to figure out exactly where the problem lies. From there, they can start certain forms of treatment and then map out how those treatments affect the area that is causing problems for the patient. Of course, all of this is currently in theory but it is believed that doing so will allow them to tweak each treatment in order to get the best results on an individual basis.

9. They create breakthroughs for patients who have developed drug resistance

Years ago, targeted therapy became the standard in oncology. The idea was to create a comprehensive treatment plan that targeted the specific cancer cells, thereby leaving the unaffected cells untouched. Unfortunately, some patients eventually develop resistance to these forms of treatment, dramatically reducing their chances of successfully treating the disease. The research done by Tyra Biosciences is designed to help these specific patients. Without the research done by the company, it is highly unlikely that many of these patients would survive. Thanks to the tireless effort put forth by the company, they have a chance.

10. The company works around the clock to create cancer therapies that work

This particular company doesn’t have a lot of employees but the ones who are there have worked it out so that someone is always working around the clock. Regardless of the time of day or the day of the week, someone is working so that the research never stops. That is how much they believe in the cause that they are championing.

11. They work just as hard to secure the funding they need to do this type of research

In addition to working around the clock in order to find effective treatments from a scientific standpoint, they also have to work equally hard to secure funding so that they can continue doing their very important research. To that note, they have managed to balance both sides of the equation very well, even to the point of recently procuring $106 million in additional funding. That is on top of the $50 million that they secured in their initial round.

12. They largely outpace the other companies who do similar work

Largely because of their dedication, they have managed to outpace other companies who are trying to do something similar. It’s important to note that there aren’t a lot of companies doing similar things out there. In fact, Tyra Biosciences is essentially the only company of its type in operation, as previously mentioned. Other companies that might come close are doing something similar, but not on the level that this particular company is operating.

13. They use specific proteins in DNA to achieve their high level of success

The company has only been in existence for two years, but they have made great progress during that time. They have discovered that when targeted therapies stop working, it is usually because an amino acid in that person’s DNA shifts, making it virtually impossible for the targeted therapy to bind to the cancer. If the treatment is successful, it could potentially change the way that cancers of all forms are treated in the future. That is definitely good news for anyone who is affected by the disease or has a loved one who is battling it.

14. They simply change the protein to make therapies work well again

It might be hard to believe that something as simple as a protein can make all the difference between a targeted therapy working or failing, but that does indeed seem to be the case. Tyra Biosciences is working to change those proteins so that therapy can continue effectively.

15. They record data from each piece of research they conduct multiple times a week

When they are working with empirical data, they record that data several times a week in order to get a clear view of what is happening in real time during the course of each treatment. They also record how the patient is affected immediately after each treatment so they can truly hone in on the types of treatments that will be most effective. This is done at the cellular level, working directly with proteins, cells and patient DNA in order to accomplish their desired goals.

16. Their first piece of clinical research targets patients with a certain cancer

In their first round of clinical research, they will be working with patients who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer who were previously receiving targeted therapy for the disease. These patients have all stopped responding to the targeted therapy for one reason or another. It is the job of Tyra Bioresearch to find out exactly why and then create customized medications that allow the targeted treatment to become effective once again.

17. They are working to provide alternative treatments when nothing else works

The goal is to provide effective treatments for patients when they have tried everything else and nothing else is working. Unfortunately, there are a lot of patients that fall into this category. If Tyra Biosciences is successful with their research, this could be a thing of the past.

18. Their hope is that cancer will eventually be no more serious than the common cold

The company hopes that eventually, cancer will be so treatable that it isn’t any more of an issue than the common cold. Granted, that is probably several years into the future, but they are making real strides toward that reality.

19. They are getting the attention of Fortune 500 companies and hospitals alike

As a result of their efforts, hospitals and oncology doctors are paying very close attention to their research. By the same token, many Fortune 500 companies are also paying attention and donating to the cause.

20. They work with a small team of scientists

As previously mentioned, they only have a small team of individuals but their team is passionate in the extreme. That is precisely what has allowed them to achieve such feats in such a short amount of time. It’s exciting to see what they will do next.

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