Ulysse Nardin Launches a New Watch Inspired by Mega Yachts in Miami

Ulysse Nardin, famed watch maker is launching a new watch which is created under the inspiration of the high end Mega Yachts company, which makes its home in Miami. As these magnificent and exclusive sailing vessels are crafted with complicated designs and all of the imaginable amenities and accouterments, so has the watchmaker chosen to design their new timepiece with impressive complications. They’ve also seen fit to install within their latest creation a power reserve system exclusive through its patent.

The announcement comes a short time in advance of the grand introduction of the watch at a marine themed event held in Miami. This new limited-edition watch is highly deserving of a closer look. The new watch is the next step in the generation started by its predecessor the Grand Deck Tourbillon which was released by the brand in 2016. The new watch exhibits the DNA of its near kinsman yet takes on an interesting personality that is all its own. This watch is crafted in an interesting way that is intentional in presenting the variety of complications instilled within.

A thorough examination necessary

We begin our examination with an investigation of the dial which offers a striking Grand Feu enamel in a 3-D blue. The platinum bow of the ship is positioned at 12 o’ clock and appear to plow directly through the enamel dial. We sincerely appreciate the treatment of enamel and platinum in details that obviously spare no expense. We see another nod to the inspiration of the watch in the flying tourbillon which moves at a once every sixty seconds rotation with the decor of the propeller of a ship. In keeping with the theme a moving anchor which connects the windlass which is linked with the winding mechanism serves the 80 hour power reserve indications, which we may add is a patented design.

The movement

The heart of the power house for this sailing theme watch is a caliber 504 manually wound type which beats life into the watch at 21,600 vph. If you flip the watch over, you can observe it at work through the revealing back of the case and the UN-631 caliber has been specially created so as to appear as engines in a ship vessel may. The diameter of the movement is 37 mm.

The moon phase

The moon phase complication is represented in a 3-D image of the actual surface of the moon in a sphere that is partly treated in blue PVD indicating the period of the new moon and the other half of rhodium material which closely simulates the illuminating effect that one would see from the sun. The true beauty of this watch is in the fine details which are intense and well done. There is also a tide indicator which has been placed at the 8 o’ clock position and it displays the tides as they come in real time in accordance with specified locations. This is yet another of the many intricate complications in this exquisite piece.

The Case

Now we turn to the case which is made of platinum material and it measures 44 mm in diameter. The ultra-thin bezel encircles this unique creation and it is safely topped with a sapphire crystal, slightly raised. The setting display for the functions is located on the case side and it is a telegraph styling which is used aboard the ship for communications. A Window gives the position of the crown indication with the S which indicates the hours as well as the minutes, the T M position serves as the indication for the moon phase and tide indicators and a W, which stands logically for the winding of the watch.

Final thoughts

The new watch is one highly complicated timepiece and it’s not something that you can easily glance upon without feeling the need to understand its complications and the settings for using each. The watch will be offered on a strictly limited basis for a few fortunate buyers who arrive first in line to claim their treasure for a retail price of $310,000 per example. Only thirty of these brilliant timepieces are scheduled for release and this only heightens the excitement by making them each a rare and highly collectible timepiece from the first day they become available.

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