A Closer Look at the Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Watch

Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Watch

Ulysse Nardin pulled out all stops in 2019 in a project that delivered high for a crowd of high rollers, fond of the sea and gambling at the Casinos of Monte Carlo. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht watch is perhaps their most extravagant timepiece, over the top in its shining opulence and wondrous complications. It’s a glorious work of art that captivates the mind and draws one in further for a second and third glance. We find nothing casual about the Marine Mega Yacht watch. It comes with a learning curve for deciphering the time and figuring out how to use the advanced tech features that make it unique. The piece stands as an example of the difference in tastes of those who have from the have nots. Swiss watch aristocrats Ulysse Nardin, long known for its tributes to the yachting community, has taken it over the top with the Marine Mega Yacht watch, a novel and whimsical piece, which merits a closer look, and a bit of explanation.

Starting with the basics

Ulysse Nardin points out a few of the finer points of the Marine Mega Yacht. Each case is individually numbered. You find a numeric indication of its number on the side. The large case in 18k rose gold is 44 mm wide and 15 mm thick. The dial features a sapphire crystal, resistant to scratching. The dial is grey with chevron-shaped bracings of rose gold, depicting the bow of a mega-yacht as it is seen from the front as it cuts through the waves. To the left, a round-shaped subdial displays the moon phase with a realistic depiction of the moon with craters and the appropriate shadows to show the nightly moon phase as it changes from one day to another in waxing and waning phases. Directly beneath is a rectangular display window showing the height of the tides for a specified location with indications of seasonal coefficients. Advanced technology provides the data in real-time. A tourbillon cage sits in its round display window, with the shape of a ship’s propeller. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht watch is a whimsical and fun watch with many surprises to the fortunate owner, who hopefully has time to discover them. We could understand getting lost in moments of discovery. Add the prospect of having fun playing with this watch. On the side of the case, you’ll find a sapphire crystal window, to the right, with a side orientation near the town. It’s purpose-built as a viewer of the function selector, letting you know the current mode. The options are winding, moon/tide, and time set for three fun modes with which to play. It’s a small yet significant detail that the reviewers at A Blog to Watch were kind enough to point out.

The movement

A thick 15 mm case depth is required to house the ample movement and its many complications. Hodinkee explains that the caliber UN-631 emerged from a collaborative effort with Christophe Claret. The beast that powers the Marine Mega Yacht is 37 mm in diameter. It is a mechanical movement with a power reserve of 80 hours, displayed through an anchor and chain to keep the Mega Yacht theme going. Functions include a tourbillon, tide indicator, and moon phase. The heart of the timepiece beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Other features of the Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Watch

The Marine case holds to form with a water-resistance rating of up to 50 meters. The strap is genuine leather, with a deployant buckle closure crafted in 18k rose gold for the rose gold variant (the 6312-305 reference). The Marine Mega Yacht is available in two limited-edition versions. The first version is a rose gold version discussed here. The second version is a platinum edition denoted as reference 6319-305. It’s a limited edition that comes with a price tag of $310,000 for each example, so why not acquire one of each?

A watch with two personalities

Whether your preference is the rose gold version or the platinum, both watches fit neatly into two categories. We acknowledge the Marine Mega Yacht Watch has a staunch demeanor with impressive complications that lend an air of sophistication. There is no denying its duality. On the other side of the coin is its fun side. There is a lot to explore with this watch. It’s novel, fun, and whimsical. Showing up with this on your wrist is sure to conjure some interesting conversations. The average person would not understand the dial with its impressive outrigging of advanced horologic technologies and complications, but a brief explanation turns on the lightbulb. The learning curve is ever so slight with a rudimentary instruction of how the watch functions, but at first glance, it has the aesthetics to create a deer in the headlights response, at least initially.

Final thoughts

The Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Watch may be the brand’s most brilliant and fun limited edition collectible. It shouldn’t be difficult for most mega-yacht owners to move past the sticker price of this magnificent novelty. Although a bit whimsical and fun, it does offer serious tools for the nautically minded. It’s a functional timepiece for wealthy sailors with extravagant tastes. Ulysse Nardin pulled out all the stops and let their creativity flow with attention to the tiniest details that tie the Marine Mega Yacht into the world of the wealthy yachting community. Watchmakers feeling the bar at an impossibly high mark would be hard-pressed to rival the ingenuity and brilliance of the design. It’s a timepiece that begs further examination and exploration of its capabilities, which bring a smile to your face upon discovery. The Marine Mega Yacht Watch is still available, although in limited numbers, through Ulysse Nardin’s website, suggesting you contact them directly for a price quote.

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