The Top 10 Up and Coming Sneaker Brands in 2017

Buddy Footwear

Recently, the sneaker industry has experienced marginal improvement as far as emerging trends, innovation and technology are concerned. In this day and age, with thousands of brands in the market, footwear is not just footwear and your big brand name or reputation will not empty shelves. To stand out from the crowd, new manufacturers have gone to great lengths to come up with artistic and well-crafted sneakers and thus taken the market by storm. The market giants are no longer exuding the same confidence as before. The underdogs are hitting the shelves by storm and are threatening to take over from the cliché brands that have dominated the industry for decades.

The future is ambiguous, consumer tastes and preferences are not the same as the days of yore, but one thing is for certain, the new players are sharpening their swords. The market has been blown wide open with advancement in research, new design and the search for higher quality, dissimilar and better-designed products.

So, which are these new up-and-coming brands? What fuels their popularity? Why the shift in focus to them and why should the dominant industry players be worried?

Here’s a top 10 list, and in no particular order, of what to watch out for this coming year.

Athletics Propulsion Labs

Athletic Propulsion Labs Concept 3

Identical twins Adam and Ryan Goldston, both college athletes playing football and basketball, saw the need to create sneakers that combined technology with design and performance. The shoes were so revolutionary that the NBA banned them for apparently offering an unfair advantage to the users. However, the shift in target marketing saw them make a comeback and are now expected to hit the 2017 market by storm. They are perfect for extreme sports, and basketball lovers will tell you a pair of these ingenious products will get the job done. Their signature brands include the ‘’Techloom Phantom’’ for women and the Ascend for men.


Munich Sneakers Uomo

With their roots in Spain, little-known sneaker brand Munich became visible with their signature brand Munich ‘’X’’ that appealed to athletes and casual customers alike. They combine creativity, artistry and innovation to create top of the line products that are sure to be game changers. Munich is associated with street soccer, running or even just casual wear. Watch out for this brand in 2017; it is already causing ripples this year with major sales numbers all over the world


Invo8 F-Lite 195

If you cannot compromise on quality training shoes, you must have come across inov-8 sneakers. From its brand name, these sneakers combine technology, innovation, and creativity to come up with overly-satisfactory sneakers. It is designed for off-roaders owing to its durability and resilience. Recently, the manufacturers have expounded the market niche and are now producing shoes for cross-fit athletes. With a popular Instagram page, it is clear that next year this brand will be big. Their signature brand ‘’Trailtalon 275’’ is already doing well across major sport retail stores.

Power Footwear

Power Footwear

Although it has existed in the market for quite a while now, little is known about this Canadian shoemaker. With the company able to come up with genuine multi-purpose sneakers, customers are shifting focus to this product. Their products promise exquisite cushioning, motion control, traction, and moisture management. Their sneakers are super light and durable. Power has recently extended their presence to Europe, and their current success is owed to the fact that their products are mid-priced but of the same, or of even better quality than the bigger industry players


Buddy Footwear

Founded in 2012, Buddy footwear runs under the slogan ‘’make you happy’’. They know that the shoes you wear have the ability to alter your emotions, and their sneakers do that for the better. Made from genuine eminence material such as quality suede, leather interior, and vulcanized rubber soles, these handcrafted sneakers are a sure hit next year. Watch out for the BT Low Chubby brands that are currently doing impressively well in the market. This brand is living up to its motto

Peak Sport

Peak Sport Sneakers

Peak sport built is reputation around improving the sports culture by encouraging more outdoor living. To do this, facilitating comfortable, stylish and durable footwear was necessitated. They did just that. This Asian sportswear manufacturer, inspired by the Olympic motto ‘’Higher, Faster, Stronger’’ promised to change the game from the conventional footwear apparel to tailor made products befitting each and every individual sporting activity. Currently, Peak is endorsed by 10 NBA teams and more than 12 NBA players. It is not hard to see why. Its featured products to watch out for in 2017 include the Hurricane III, DH1 Thunder and Lightning Red sneakers.

Topo Athletic

Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte

When Tony Post came up with Topo Athletic, the former Vibram CEO wanted to specialize in split toe shoes. In 2013 when this product hit the market, it caught industry leaders and customers alike by surprise. Emphasis is on the product’s unique design, shape and weight. The sneakers are made to complement the body’s amazing ability. Already being used by top athletes and sportsmen abroad, it is just a matter of time before this brand offsets competition and stands out from the crowd come next year.


Etiko Sneakers

Etiko came up in 2010 to solve the problem of sprained ankles among athletes. The technology that goes into the design and craftsmanship is what makes this sneaker brand famous. If you like hiking, playing basketball or any other outdoor activity and you are not sure of what footwear to invest in, try Etiko sneakers. They are trendy and sure to take care of your ankles. With various signature brands, the most popular are the Hiking Boots and are currently available for pre-order at their online stores. Because a doctor develops them, what you see is what you get.

Marcus Hanuy

Marcus Hanuy Sneakers

You cannot talk about luxury sneakers without mentioning Marcus-Hanuy. Owing to the growing demand for high-end luxury sneakers, this Italian shoemaker brand has emerged as a surprise darling for sneaker lovers. The sneakers are handmade, combining trendy styling with a unique material to come up with all purpose, meticulous sneakers. All of its products are signature; Boasting of smooth calf leather interior, nice rubber sole and a range of accessories, the brand will emerge as a surprise entry into the market giving the already existing market leaders in high-end shoes a run for their money.

People Footwear

People Footwear All White

Based in Vancouver, People Footwear commits itself to producing classic casual footwear. The manufacturers are always researching on the next generation trends in the highly dynamic sneakers industry. They take pride in making all-terrain, all-purpose sneakers doubling up as leisure and professional footwear. Built with the very best in innovative material, People Footwear products promise futuristic lighter and brighter products. People Footwear made its market breakthrough with their revolutionary ‘’The Phillips’’ range of sneakers appealing to the next generation youth who prefer trendy and comfortable leisure footwear. Next year will be a huge year for People Footwear.

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