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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Verizon Store Visit


Verizon is one of the largest telecommunication companies, both in the United States and worldwide. It offers wireless products and services, and from its stores, you can get data plans, phones, tablets, and other communication gadgets. According to the about page on its website, Verizon prides itself in having the best technology, suitable in building the future of telecommunications. If in need of services such as getting connected or getting a new electronic, you can visit its stores. The good thing is that its stores are all over the country, and from its website, you can easily get a Verizon store near you. If you are planning to visit one, look at the following tips for you to get the most out of your visit.

Peruse The Website For The Item You Need

Verizon, as a telecommunications company, has spared no effort in coming up with one of the most convenient sites. From its website, you get a hint of all the services and goods that the company offers and which you can get from its stores. Visit the website and sign up by providing your phone number, email, and name. Once signed up, you can shop from the online store. The site is well-organized; hence, it is easy to get what you are looking for, be it laptops, speakers, phones, and many more. Select the category of the item or service you want and peruse the available variety. Make your choice on what you want and decide if you want it delivered to you or if you will go and pick it from the store. This mode of shopping is time-saving as you have enough time to decide before going to the store.

Look For The Nearest Store

One of the reasons that Verizon owns the tag of the largest telecommunications company is due to the extensive reach to its clients. This is evident by the presence of Verizon stores all over the country in all states. When you want to visit a Verizon store, visit its website and look for the store nearest to you.

First, select your state, then narrow down to your town. The action yields results that show you the stores in your locality and also which are open at the moment as well as their opening and closing times. Their contact info is also present should you need to make inquiries.

Book Your Appointments

Purchasing electronics such as speakers, phones, tablets, computers, and much more need proper consultation to help decide on which the best is. It is necessary, more so if you are new to using the gadgets. Verizon has you sorted as you can book an appointment with its many agents who will provide the help you need. Some of the services you can get include billing information, troubleshooting, and many more.

According to an article on its site, there are three ways of booking an appointment before visiting the store. The first is by using the store locator, the same feature you use to get nearby Verizon outlets. Upon locating the nearest store, you will see the Attend a Workshop, Schedule an Appointment, and Manage Existing appointment links. Select the most appropriate link, and you are good to go.

You can also use Verizon’s mobile app to schedule an appointment. Once you launch the app, click on the Workshops and Appointments icon, and you will get similar links to the website. Another way to book your appointment is when you are at the store. You can book for future dates with the agents at the Workshops/Appointment section on the available kiosks at various Verizon stores.

Download The Mobile Application

As earlier indicated, Verizon has a mobile application, which you can download from your preferred site. Using the mobile app, you may view Verizon's catalog, contact customer support, and also book appointments, among other things.

Take Advantage Of Offers And Promotions

In a bid to enhance the shopping experience of its clients, the telecommunications firm will occasionally have offers on its goods. To take advantage of such offers, you need to sign up for an account on its online platform and subscribe to email alerts. Also, download the mobile app, and you will get notifications of promotions if they are available. Verizon is also present on Facebook, and you can get info on any running offers if you follow it on this social media site. Presently, there are free phone deals, accessory deals, upgrade, and plan deals. There is also the pay in installment offer on select phones that you may try out if interested. By taking advantage of its discounts and promos, you get to spend less and have some savings on the side

Give Feedback

One standout thing with Verizon is that it has a friendly and helpful customer support service. In the store, there are help desks that you can visit if you have an issue. Its site also has contacts of various personnel who may offer help when you need it. There is a live chat for urgent matters, and the response is very prompt. Also, each store has its contacts listed, and you may contact the store during its hours of operation. Giving feedback will show that you appreciate the services received as well as highlight the areas this telecom firm needs to look at.

Final Thoughts

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications companies, particularly when you focus on its client-base. According to its Wikipedia page, it serves roughly 118.7 million subscribers, a number that keeps on growing. There is a Verizon store in almost all major towns in the United States of America, and from its website, you can locate the store proximal to your location. Highlighted are some of the ways to get the most out of your Verizon store visit. Sign up to its website and even download the mobile application to keep up with the services Of Verizon Wireless.

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