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Vitesse AuDessus

Carbon fiber is an intriguing material that is seeing more and more use in a wide range of applications for excellent reasons. In brief, it lives up to its name by being crystalline strands of carbon atoms, meaning that it should come as no surprise to learn that it is a lightweight material. However, what is interesting is that carbon fiber is also a strong material, so much so that it is considered to be five times as strong as steel.

Of course, carbon fibers have few applications in that state, which is why they are twisted together to create stronger strands and then woven together to create a fabric of sorts in much the same manner as other fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk. Furthermore, this fabric can be provided with a permanent shape by putting it on a mold and then coating it with either plastic or resin, thus resulting in something with interesting implications for automobiles as well as a wide range of other products and services.

For example, there are a number of companies that are capitalizing on the potential of carbon fibers by using them to create carbon fiber components for car owners who want something to make their cars that much more pleasing to the senses. However, the US-based Vitesse AuDessus takes the material one step further by using it to create not just interiors, exteriors, and components, but also entire bodies as well, thus resulting in cars that are lighter, stronger, and better-looking than otherwise possible.

What Does Vitesse AuDessus Do?

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The concept is simple, but the execution of that concept is not. For each car, Vitesse AuDessus starts by examining it, recording the information, and then using that information to create replacements for each of the components. Each piece of carbon fiber fabric is soaked in resin, laid in CNC-milled aluminum molds, and then cured in a high-temperature autoclave until the resulting product can be brought out for inspection and then finished by hand should it prove capable of meeting the standards set out for it. Given the sheer number of components that make up a car’s body, this is a complicated and time-consuming process, particularly since Vitesse AuDessus goes out of its way to involve its client in its decision-making.

After all, Vitesse AuDessus’s services are aimed at a limited clientele, meaning that it needs to provide them with the best service possible in order to maximize its chances of holding onto them. As a result, it uses the best techniques and technologies that it can find so that it can not just match but also surpass the OEM components, thus ensuring that its clients are receiving practical benefits as well as aesthetic benefits. At the same time, it uses a number of means to make sure that its clients know what they can expect, with common examples ranging from samples of their material to photo-realistic renderings of the finished result. By using this and other methods, Vitesse AuDessus strives to maximize its appeal for the members of the minuscule segment of car owners that are both able and willing to consider its services.

However, it is important to note that the result is remarkable. Since carbon fiber is so much superior to the steel and other materials that see common use, the resulting car is not just lighter and stronger but in possession of a lower center of gravity. (2) In turn, these factors mean that the resulting car is capable of reaching its top speed out on the road within a shorter period of time as well as providing a smoother ride for its passengers, thus making for a better driving experience than otherwise possible. Best of all, carbon fiber is a most recognizable material, meaning that other people can tell when an exclusive car has been made even more exclusive by Vitesse AuDessus’s time and attention.


Since this process is custom, it should come as no surprise to learn that Vitesse AuDessus is capable of replacing the bodies of a wide range of cars with carbon fiber counterparts. However, such cars tend to bear some of the most prestigious brands as well as some of the biggest price tags that can be found on the planet, with examples including but not limited to the Bugatti Veyron, the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Lamborghini Aventador, the McLaren P1, and the Porsche 918, which tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is unsurprising because of the price tag attached to the service, which varies from job to job, but tends to come up somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000. (3) Naturally, the more expensive the car that will be worked on, the more expensive the price that will have to be paid for such premium results.

For those who are interested in carbon fiber components but not so much so that they want to replace the entire bodies of their cars, Vitesse AuDessus is also selling other products made out of the material. One example is its line of one-piece wheels for all Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Range Rover cars being sold on the open market at the moment, which provide a remarkable reduction in the unsprung weight of the car that has been installed with them. In turn, this results in a number of important benefits that range from faster acceleration and shorter stopping distance to improved steering and handling as well as increased fuel economy, meaning that the one-piece wheels are well worth considering in their own right.

Further Considerations

Vitesse AuDessus is a fascinating look into the sheer range of ways that interested individuals can customize their cars for a better look as well as better performance out on the road so long as they have the money to spare. Furthermore, it is a fascinating look into the potential of carbon fiber, which is expected to become more and more common as time passes because of its truly remarkable properties in a wide range of applications.



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