Watch the Ferrari 812 Superfast Speed Down a Famous Track

If you’re a serious speedster with a keen interest in feats of automotive engineering – the word Nurburgring might just make the hairs on your arm stand up. Pair it with the word Ferrari and you’ve got a recipe for all over body tingles. Now, imagine you could watch the Ferrari 812 Superfast speed down a famous track – THE famous track – in Germany. Are you excited yet? In February, Sport Auto magazine released footage of the Ferrari 812 Superfast tearing around the Nurburgring all the way back in June 2018. The actual driving happened last summer but the clip itself is new. And it’s definitely worth a look, particularly if you’re interested in Ferrari’s latest supercar (and who isn’t?)

Let’s take a closer look at what happened, why Sport Auto took the 812 on such a fast and furious ride and how well it performed under pressure.

Taking 812 to the World’s Most Iconic Track

If you’re wondering about the lucky guy behind the wheel, it’s German driver Christian Gebhard. The 37-year old is one of the most experienced Nurburgring drivers certainly in Germany and possibly Europe as well. He has ten years of track experience and, as you can see from the footage, he needs it all to tame the heart of Ferrari’s 812 Superfast. Gebhard can be seen bouncing between curbs, careering right to the very edge of the track and throwing out lateral g pulls of 1.2 like it’s a walk in the park. He throws the 812 into some of the carousels with such force you can hear those P Zero Pz4 tires screeching. It’s music to the ears for motoring fans, even if it’s also mildly terrifying.

When Gebhard goes for the back straight, keep an eye on the car’s secondary dash on the passenger side. It jumps to 315 kp/h which is around 196 miles per hour. Gebhard’s final lap time is 7:27:48. This is about forty three seconds slower than the current fastest track record for the Nurburgring. Don’t forget though, the Ferrari 812 Superfast isn’t really built for technically challenging track feats, even if it was built for speed. You can tell it’s bucking and fighting the tight turns because the lap is evidently physical for Gebhard. He’s clearly wrestling to maintain control and we think his stab at the Nurburgring in this particular car is a thrilling, electrifying feat. If you haven’t watched it, find our link to the video further up the page.

What We Know about the Ferrari 812 Superfast

In 2017, Ferrari reminded the world of its brilliance by revealing plans to release the 812 Superfast, a spiritual successor to the critically lauded Ferrari F12. While it came as a surprise to some, coming fast and hot on the heels of one boundary pushing car, fans know the car maker isn’t one to rest on its laurels. It rarely stands still and is constantly pushing for change, innovation and technological perfection.

Many believe the 812 Superfast was built to remind rivals like the Lamborghini Aventador S and the McLaren 720S who’s boss. On the face of it, the 812 is a carefully supercharged F12. However, it embodies many of the lessons taught by ferocious roadster F12tdf. There’s no denying this spunky little car has a lot to give, with a remarkable 789 bhp (yes, you did read that correctly). It’s also got a progressive chassis, four wheel steering and some of the finest aerodynamics in the world.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast may have lagged behind the fastest track record at the Nurburgring but it’s not because this car doesn’t have the speed for it. It’s prodigiously, overwhelmingly fast in the right conditions. And the sounds it makes while out on the road – crikey, they’re akin to a religious experience for Ferrari fans. With a new, shorter set of gear rations and that impeccable chassis, the 812 is a deeply capable vehicle.

There are, of course, some complaints that the 812 doesn’t look as pretty as the F12. Those ‘out this world’ dynamics, particularly the components lining its back and flanks, do change the classic Ferrari curves. We guess it comes down to preference. Would you rather have speed and performance or faultless beauty? Even then, it’s not much of a sacrifice – settling for the F12 isn’t really settling at all. And therein lies the enduring quality of Ferrari, the seemingly timeless ability to create cars with totally unique personalities, quirks and delights.

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