The 20 Best Drift Cars of All-Time

Whether you just learned about drift cars or you’re an old pro, the ultimate vehicle for drifting is always a hotly debated subject.

Toyota Corolla AE86

The AE86 is so well suited to drifting that it became the darling of the Japanese mountain racing scene.

Lexus IS300

The Lexus IS300 was and remains a great, sturdy, durable car. Since drifting takes a lot of power, you need a solid chassis like the one on this car.

Chevrolet Corvette C6

To physically perform a drift, your car needs enough power to keep the wheels spinning throughout the process. There’s no question the Corvette C6 has the power.

Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper

Dodge vipers are so famous as drift cars they even have an RC version for children. However, the Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper Drift car has a stunning 1400 horsepower engine for high-speed drifting at its finest.

Lexus SC400

Lexus SC400s make outstanding budget drift cars. While they are a little cumbersome, that can be an advantage if you make the appropriate modifications.