The Five Best Pairs of Buscemi Sneakers for Women

Although they’re expensive, Buscemi sneakers can be worn for multiple seasons to come, making them a very worthy investment.

Buscemi 100MM Sneaker in Oxygen

Back in the 1920s, Converse released the world’s very first high top. For the first few decades of its life, the high top was worn by athletes only.

Buscemi Veloce Sneaker in Lila

The trend has been around for several years now but it doesn’t seem to be losing any of its appeal. Considering it’s given us fabulous sneakers like the Veloce, it’s not really a surprise.

Buscemi Basket Sneaker in Pink

Crafted from gorgeously soft Italian calfskin leather, the sneakers boast signature details such as hand-painted edges and a Buscemi logo on the reverse.

Buscemi 40MM Bow Weave Sneaker in White

They’re versatile, they can be worn with absolutely anything, there’s no upper or lower age limit for wearing them, and they can be worn wherever, whenever, without ruffling a single feather.

Buscemi Run2 Sneaker in Red

If you’re in the market for a runner that manages to combine comfort with style to awesome effect, look no further than the Run2 in Red.

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