What’s it Like to go on a Disney VIP Tour?

Everyone’s welcome at Disney, but not everyone gets to skip the lines. If you want to do that, and do away with all the other minor niggles a trip to Disney World sometimes comes with, there’s a way.

What Is a Disney VIP tour?

You’ll be allocated a personal guide who will work with you to draw up a custom touring plan.

What’s it Like To Go On a Disney VIP Tour?

Your day starts when your guide picks you at your hotel in something big, luxurious, and four-wheeled.

As the tour price includes access to exclusive VIP tour parking areas, you’ll find moving from one location to another much easier and much less time-consuming than it would be otherwise.

No lines, no waiting, a personal service… sounds great, right? And it is. But it comes with a catch… or more specifically, a stonking big price tag.

If you want the VIP treatment, you can expect to pay anything between $425 to $750 per hour, depending on the season