What are Sponsored Tweets and How Can You Make Money?

Sponsored Tweets, or Promoted Tweets as they are formally called by Twitter, are ordinary Tweets that are purchased by advertisers. The goal is for advertisers to reach a wider group of users or create engagement with their existing followers. The Sponsored Tweets are clearly labeled so viewers know what they are getting. What is the critical part of Sponsored Tweets for the average Twitter user is the ability to make money from being selected by an advertiser as a way to attract more business.

What are the Possibilities?

The first thing most people want to know is how much money can be made from Sponsored Tweets. The average varies widely, but generally you can make between $100 to $1000 a month depending on your Twitter activity. But in order to get to these levels you need to have a strategy in place. But keep in mind that even if you do get to send Sponsored Tweets, your followers may not like you sending them, so your effort can actually become counterproductive to your goal.

First Things First – Design a Strategy

Your chances of getting to post Sponsored Tweets will depend on the number of followers you have. The greater the number, the more people you will be able to reach in the eyes of the advertiser. So if you don’t have a Twitter account or haven’t used it much, you need to start off by making yourself visible and start building your follower base. There is no specific number you will need, so just get your Twitter engine going.

If you already have a fair number of followers, the next strategy step is twofold: make your account aesthetically pleasing and optimize your keyword choices. The first of these two choices is a matter of personal taste and what your particular group of followers sees as attractive. If you aren’t sure you need to find out since this is likely to play a major role in the advertiser’s decision to use you as a sponsor. The second of these tasks is more technically oriented. The keywords must be relevant both to the followers you are trying to add and to the brand of the advertiser you are seeking sponsorship from.

Following the Followers

Chances are, you are not a social media Thought Leader so it makes sense to follow people who are already established on Twitter. The reason is simple: you already know you and them have the same interests, so it is a natural match and you can use it as a way to learn and add potential followers. You should also follow new people every day with the hope they will reciprocate and add you as someone to follow.

Another part of the strategy is to share what others have posted that is relevant to your own niche. The idea here is to engage others, and they will return the favor in kind. If all you have used in a social media context is Facebook, you missed out on the crucial part of social media, especially as it relates to making money – engagement.

Connect with Influencer Networks

This is a select group of networks that you can open up an account with and view opportunities for Sponsored Tweets. The specific networks that are relevant to you will depend on your specific niche and target audience. There are various types of memberships, some which have a monthly subscription price, but having to spend a few dollars to potentially make a lot of dollars is a measured risk worth taking.


As mentioned earlier, there is not specific number of followers you need to start pursuing advertisers, but the general rule of thumb is you will start getting noticed when you get about 2500 followers. That may seem like a high number, but remember that others are following a similar strategy – that it pays off to follow you because you will reciprocate and follow them. A lot will depend on your specific subject of interest, but if you take the time to do your homework you should be able to come close to hitting the bullseye.

Of course, you and I both know that the reason you are pursuing this strategy of Sponsored Tweets is to make money. What you cannot do is make the money the priority. Most things on the Internet that make money require some patience and an every day effort on your part. If you don’t have a blog or a website, what is it you are offering to people of interest that will want them to follow you? If you cannot answer this question, you have drastically reduced the chances you will be selected to sponsor a company’s Tweet.

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