What Differentiates McLaren’s Tires from Other Cars

Pirelli Tires have a long and rich history when it comes to providing the some of the best tires on the market. Established in 1872, Italy, Pirelli’s main drive was and is innovation, not imitation. The tires they make are designed to be the ultimate in tire technology. Indeed, Pirelli Tires are as much home on the relaxed Sunday drive, as they are on the racetrack. McLaren Automotive hails from Woking, England and specializes in robust, stylish and fast super cars. Founded in 1985, they let their first car out of the stable, the McLaren F1 in 1992. Today, McLaren devotes its assets toward the production of super cars. Each car they develop fits into either the Sports, Super Series or Ultimate Series. Together, McLaren Automotive and Pirelli Tires developed a winning relationship, which still stands today, making McLaren tires among the best in the industry.

The McLaren and Pirelli Partnership

Pirelli designs and crafts custom made tires for McLaren cars. In fact, Pirelli has created an entire catalog just for the tires they develop for McLaren cars, with the initials “MC” signifying tires developed explicitly for McLaren. What initially brought these two industrial giants together was their love of racing, which began with the high performance McLaren MP4-12C. In the end, it was the performance exhibited on the racetrack that sealed the deal between McLaren and Pirelli. To give you greater insight, Stefano Bizzi speaks of the dynamic relationship between Pirelli Tires and McLaren Automotive.

Pirelli’s McLaren Tire Catalog

In order to give you a basic idea of the partnership between these two automotive giants, let’s take a look at Pirelli’s McLaren Tire Catalog (https://www.pirelli.com/tires/en-us/car/catalog/car-brand/mclaren/570gt). When the designers at Pirelli develop tires for McLaren cars they first study the car itself, to see just what that model will require in a high performance tire. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Model of car
  • Size and weight
  • Purpose
  • Type of roadways used most often
  • Seasonal or all-weather

McLaren 570GT

One of the cars you’ll find in the catalog is the McLaren 570GT. So, let’s take a closer look at the tires designed for this car. If you’re not familiar, the McLaren 570GT is considered by some as McLaren’s “entry level” car. In other words, it’s reasonably affordable for a super car, can handle a spin at the track, as well as a perfect choice for daily drives. Taking a look at the specs, the tires for the 570GT we can see they have an asymmetrical design. This means both the outer and inner tire shoulders are different heights. Pirelli also added aramid to the tire which keeps it stable during high performance drives. Aramid is a synthetic group of fibers which are resistant to heat and can take a great deal of punishment. To give you an idea of how tough aramid is, think of a Kevlar vest.

Tread Compound and Design

These tires are composed of a high silica inner tread, which gives the driver a secure as well as a comfortable ride. This tread design provides drivers with the ultimate grip. In other words, whether you’re on a long straightaway or beaming into a sharp turn, the grip’s got you covered. Other benefits provided by this tire include decreasing hydroplaning, increasing mileage and assisting with braking. The tread design incorporates three additional, wide longitudinal grooves. These grooves serve to ensure water is evacuated quickly and efficiently. Pirelli’s own outside treads are designed to grab onto the dry pavement. Finally, taking a look at the tire, you’ll notice an S-shaped tread design. This gives the driver the control they need when braking. The Run Flat option is also available for these tires. Pirelli’s own Run Flat feature allows the driver to drive without pressure. As such, they provide drivers with a secure ride by giving them more control in times of tire deflation. So, say that you encountered a puncture. The Run Flat feature keeps the tire well formed and stable even when air escapes.

Pirelli Noise Cancelling System

In order to provide both driver and passengers with the utmost in acoustic comfort, each tire designed for specific McLaren models uses Pirelli’s own Noise Cancelling System, or PNCS. By lowering road noise from around two or three decibels, auditory comfort is achieved. These tires are designed to absorb the vibrations from the road surface before they disturb you. Each tire has a polyurethane sound absorbing sponge, not found in competitor brands. When you consider the addition of aramid, the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, tread compound and design, it’s easy to see why McLaren tires are heralded as among the absolute best.

The McLaren Artura: Pirelli’s Cyber Tire

The most recent example of Pirelli’s design team coming up with a custom tire for McLaren is the Cyber Tire. The Cyber Tire is made specifically for McLaren’s latest masterpiece, the Artura. This hybrid has many exciting features, but we’re here to talk about tires, and these are some particularly interesting ones. It seems that the Artura’s tires come complete with computer chips installed. Designed and developed by Pirelli, the chips serve to alert the driver of various road conditions. In effect, they relay information to the driver via state-of-the-art sensors. Since the sensors are right there where the rubber meets the road, the driver gets a first hand look into factors such as tire pressure, speed rating temperature and so on. You’d think that this type of technology would be kept for the track, but both Pirelli and McLaren have issued it as standard equipment on the Artura.

Final Thoughts

When most people go car shopping, they’re into the cosmetic effects, engine, fuel economy, and so on. However, one element that’s usually left off the list is the tire. This is unfortunate as it’s the tire that affects everything from fuel economy to driver and passenger comfort. McLaren knows this, and has partnered with tire giant Pirelli to give their customers the best ride possible. You can trust McLaren tires to provide you with a secure and comfortable ride no matter the conditions. In fact, one can say it’s the efforts of the tire designers and automotive engineers which have helped make the name McLaren, a legendary one.

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