What is iPaaS and Why Does Your Business Need It?

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Businesses functioning in these digital times rely on technology to maintain in-house productivity and to carry out a variety of processes. One challenge that companies and IT departments deal with is establishing an integrated network that can match the flexibility of both cloud and on premise applications.  If you are unable to share information between multiple cloud applications because they don’t work together, multiple issues can arise. Shifting rapidly between cloud and SaaS vendors, performing on a private cloud, scaling to meet new demands – many scenarios can arise when you aren’t using an optimal integration network. This is where iPaaS comes into play.

What is an iPaaS?

iPaaS – Integration Platforms as a Service – is a cloud platform, or to put it in other words, a cloud-based integration technique that integrates different applications used by your business, permitting the fast sharing of data between them. The cloud-based nature of this solution makes iPaaS a more scalable, versatile and competitive option than any other on-premise integration software tool. Using iPaaS means overcoming common challenges of information fragmentation, considering the fact that it links data, applications and processes more rapidly and effectively than a conventional platform. There are a few strong benefits why companies decide to rely on this solution in the first place, and bellow, you will find a few of them exemplified for you.

Cost advantages

You couldn’t discuss the advantages of iPaaS without first mentioning cost-efficiency. With this solution implemented, your business will no longer need to hunt for high-paid developers, hired to generate code for customized integrations. Because you can access the solution via a monthly or yearly subscription, it’s more affordable for short-term requirements. Your iPaaS vendor will be in charge of maintaining and storing your interconnected data, which means your team can handle more important tasks. Moreover, you won’t need hardware or software for applications integrations either.

Increased productivity and efficiency

An iPaaS solution will provide you with noticeable improvements in terms of productivity as well. As already mentioned, the most important function of an integration platform as a service is seamlessly connecting different software applications and synchronize data. Your IT department won’t longer need to constantly switch from one system to another t find the data they need. All the information will be available to access in a more centralized location. Your employees will be able to focus on their core activities, and not waste time searching for information. Visibility is granted at all times, and reports on business operations are made available. It will not take long until you notice a boost in efficiency. This solution also has an intuitive design, and is user friendly, so you can speed up the process of linking with multiple systems.


Business demands are likely to change at some point. While currently your team might be used to handling things a certain way, over time, new requirements could arise, which will determine you to start using new or different applications. Because it benefits from scalability capability, an iPaaS solution will give you the chance to expand your business while eliminating the need of setting up another custom in-house integration. This type of integration network is scalable on both a commercial and technical level. From now one, the fact that your company is evolving will involve fewer challenges for you and your employees.

Superior customer experience

Seamless customer experience is critical for the success of any business. Each opportunity you get to make beneficial adjustments should be taken on time. Well, this integration solution can have an influence in this department as well. With iPaaS you can ensure instantaneous and effective collaborative communication to both mobile devices and the web because you will be properly integrating applications and back-end data. What this will do is offer a new customer experience, a superior one.

Improved decision-making

Reacting to changes in a timely manner can directly impact the success and productivity of your company. However, decision-making can be stressful at times, considering that there are consequences that need to be acknowledged. Keeping up with decision-making demands within your organization means having access to as many details as possible to conclude which action is more advantageous. iPaaS will majorly reduce the gap between business intelligence and data entry. You will be able to track data on your operations in real-time, and make decisions that are as accurate and informed as possible. Because the solution works on the cloud, your team can also gather data from multiple devices. The reduction in time needed to find out important details will boost your decision making abilities.

Ease of use

With an iPaaS solution implemented, you might worry that your employees will take a lot of time to get used to the new system. In reality, your IT department will rapidly get the hang of the cloud-based service with minimal effort. Integration is made extremely easy thanks to its connectors – prebuilt integrations. With a low-code nature, you have drag & drop and drag & drop capabilities, which simplify the integration process for your developers. Your business can go through this digital change without any complications. The ease of use involved is certain a strong benefit, especially for companies with less technical knowledge.

Better marketing and sales alignment

One last thing that should be mentioned here is that iPaaS can connect CRM or marketing automation. Connecting your CRM through an integration platform as a service means accelerating data flows and eliminating duplicate records. Thus, your marketing and sales can better align, the follow ups being less time-consuming, and more effective at the same time. These are the factors you need to acknowledge when you are trying to assess whether integration platform as a service is really something your business needs on the moment. Because each business-related decision needs to be made after you’ve fully informed yourself, use the insights found here to reach a conclusion. Once you choose the right iPaaS vendor and implement this solution, you will be able to experience each one of the advantages highlighted above.

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