What Is it Like to Use the Gravity Blanket?

Stress is a killer. It isn’t a fast killer, but with sufficient passage of time, constant stress can cause a whole host of serious problems by suppressing the immune system, meaning that it is good for neither health nor happiness. Due to this, it is no wonder that there is such a wide range of products meant to help interested individuals get rid of their stress, with an excellent example being the Gravity Blanket.

For those who are curious, the Gravity Blanket is a weighted blanket that is meant to simulate the feeling of being held by someone. This can sound a bit ridiculous on initial consideration, but there is much more merit to it than it seems. Simply put, humans are social animals, meaning that positive human interactions tend to be good for both our health and our happiness. Something that extends to hugs and other forms of human contact, which is why weighted blankets have already been seeing use at healthcare facilities for some time. What makes the Gravity Blanket stand out is that it is meant to be accessible to interested consumers in a way that its predecessors are not, thus enabling them to take advantage of its purported benefits.

What Can People Expect from the Gravity Blanket?

For starters, interested individuals should know that the Gravity Blanket is supposed to be around 10 percent of its user’s weight. This is important because a blanket that is too heavy will result in discomfort, thus hindering the user from getting the rest and relaxation that they deserve. In contrast, a blanket that is too light will just fail to produce the desired effect, thus making it a decent blanket but not nearly what it is supposed to be. Due to this, interested individuals should make sure to take their personal weight into consideration when choosing a Gravity Blanket, seeing as how the product comes in a wide range of weights for a wide range of consumers.

Moving on, the Gravity Blanket comes at a cost of more than $200. In other words, it is not a cheap product, meaning that interested individuals need to make sure that they are actually interested in how it is supposed to help them. Otherwise, it would be a real shame to make such a purchase, seeing as how that will be more than $200 that could’ve been put to some better use elsewhere. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the price of the Gravity Blanket makes it even more important that interested individuals choose the right weight to suit them.

As for the results, they have been somewhat mixed, which is perhaps unsurprising under the circumstances. There are some people who haven’t noticed a huge effect from the use of the weighted blanket, whereas others have reported at length about how it made them feel cozy and comfort, thus making it very easy for them to fall asleep within a matter of moments instead of having to spend long moments lying awake in their beds. Amusingly, there are some people who have reported that the Gravity Blanket causes them to fall asleep with such ease that they have had serious problems recording their thoughts on their experiences using the blanket because they are out like a light before their minds can even register such information.

Regarding the feel of the blanket, that depends a great deal on whether interested individuals have chosen the right weight for them or not. As stated earlier, someone who chooses the wrong size is going to feel some discomfort, as shown by how some people have described it like having a big animal lie on top of them, which is not a particularly fun sensation for prolonged periods of time to say the least. However, there are plenty of other people who have reported feeling comforted by the Gravity Blanket, which suggests that it is working as it was meant to.

Summed up, the Gravity Blanket is based on a reasonable premise. It is possible that the reports of its users are nothing but the placebo effect in action, but there are enough of said reports that interested individuals might want to give it a shot anyways. Something that is particularly true for those who are struggling to manage their stress well.

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