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What is TwitchStocks and Should You Join?


If you are a millennial, then there is a high chance that you have come across Twitch. If you have not used it, then you have heard people talk about it. If you are in neither category above, then Twitch is an online social streaming video platform that also functions as a community of gamers, according to Investopedia. As a member of Twitch, you can view and participate in the forum meeting up other members as you live stream tournaments and other sporting activities. Amazon acquired the platform sometime around 2014 and has revolutionized it. Enter the Twitch stock concept that you can look to as a member of this platform.

What Are Twitch Stocks?

The new concept that Twitch features, functions in an almost similar way to the financial markets. It takes on the model of buying and selling stocks and presents you with an opportunity to invest in this social streaming platform. The commodity in this market situation is the Twitch streamer. You might view the arrangement as a sort of simulation that can help you understand the financial trading concept if you have an interest in such a venture.

Signing Up For The Twitch Account

According to the frequently asked questions section on Twitchstocks official website, there are two account types you can sign up to when you want to try out this concept. The accounts are the Twitch account and the anonymous account. The anonymous account is independent and does not contain your personal information.

The Twitch account, on the other hand, is linked to your official Twitch streaming account and reflects your personal information. You can log in to this account via Twitch. For new accounts, you get furnished with virtual funds worth $100000 that you can use to buy into the market as your initial base investment.

How To Trade In Twitch Stocks

If you have an idea of the financial trading concept, then your venture into this simulated market will be a walk in the park. Its market operates in the same way as the stock markets where you buy in at a lower price, wait for price appreciation then sell your shares for a profit. You need to know that the streamers are the commodities, and many factors come into play to determine the value of the stocks you have with you.

Determining The Value Of The Shares/Streamers

Still, borrowing another facet from the financial markets, some factors determine the prices of the streamers you have. The key factors look at the numbers in terms of viewership, with a focus on the number of streams as well as its average count. The channel also has a role to play depending on which shows it features that have the potential of drawing large numbers in terms of views. It borrows a book from the speculative trading notion. There is also the real trading situation from buyers and sellers who you are part of. Depending on the demand and supply pull, the price can go up or depreciate. When getting into this market, you need to be aware of such factors for a worthwhile trading session.

Should You Get Into The Twitch Stocks Market?

It is a new concept with many pros etched to it. If you are into the fintech sector or you want to keep up with technology, the right move is to join this trading and gaming concept. One thing you need to take note of when looking at its official site is that it is a lossless account; hence you have nothing to lose by getting into it.

If you want to try your hand in forex trading, then you can use this account as a simulation guide. It works as a demo account where you train on how to be proficient in executing various trades. It is an excellent orientation tool to let you into what to expect should you decide to make extra income when in the financial markets. You can also try out various trading strategies and approaches to see how potent they are, the same to coming up with new ones. Aside from trading, it is also an excellent way to have fun while gaming in the online social platform.

How To Have A Worthy Stint In Twitch Stocks

To make your moments count while on this social platform, you can bank on the following tips for a fun session.

  • • Learn about the trade and equip yourself with proper knowledge as you get into the game. Several online forums talk about this concept with Reddit leading in the number of dedicated topics. Sneak into such discussions and get the proper know how to guide you on your venture.
  • The frequently asked questions section on Twitchstock’s official website is also another hub to make your companion.
  • • Know the value of your shares at all times. It helps you know your asset worth, and you are in a position to make wise decisions on which move to make during investments. Pay keen attention to the number of viewers and also the demand-supply pull to have an idea of a suitable pricing model.
  • • Keep practicing to make you proficient. It helps you learn the market easily and efficiently with previous mistakes acting as lessons of the path not to follow.


Twitch stocks is a fascinating concept that allows you to buy and sell Twitch streams in a simulated market environment. It is easy to sign up to the trading platform it presenting you with a great environment to learn more about the financial trading markets. It is an excellent tool if you want to get into share trading.

The commodity, as earlier indicated, is the streams, and there are several determinants to their value, key among the viewership of associated channels. It is an excellent concept from Twitch that promises a fantastic time aside from video streaming and interacting with other members of the social platform on the forum. Sign up to any of the two account types and have fun playing with the numbers in the simulated environment.

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