What It’s Like to Fly Iberia Business Class

Flying Business class about Iberia in the A350 has its pros and cons. Is this a carrier I’d frequently choose over the others? Possibly, but there were some drawbacks that may not be dealbreakers, but they’re not incentives either. In case you’re wondering what it’s like to fly business class on Iberia, here is what you can expect.


The flight can either be booked online, over the phone or in person. If you have any rewards miles coming from a credit card frequent flyers plan then this is a good time to use them to help defray a $2,400 charge for a round-trip ticket from JFK in New York to Madrid, Spain. The booking process is smooth if you book with time to spare. This helps you to increase the chances of getting the seat that you want. There’s no hassle using your air miles.

Check in at the airport

Security goes smoothly if you’re prepared and have shoes that slip on and off easily. JFK offers a priority line which is nice if you have these benefits (I can’t say enough about securing a card that will grant you this privilege). When you arrive a little early, the line is small to non-existent so you can move through it quickly and check your bag if you have one, have your carry-on checked out, and get your boarding pass. In many instances, you’ll have some time left on your hands before departure.

Boarding the A350

The gate isn’t far from the lounge and it’s just a short walk. Boarding was a few minutes late but it went smoothly as the priority line goes fast. There isn’t really any confusion as the lines are distinct and there is no guesswork involved which is a definite plus. The attendants greet you as you enter the cabin.

Cabin and passenger seats

The cabin of the A350 in business class contains 32 seats in a 1-2-1 pattern. The cabin looks clean and new with nice seats and a pastel gray color scheme. There is a semi-private feeling and the seats afford decent leg room and wiggle space. They lie flat which is ideal if you want to take a nap or go to sleep on a long flight. There is room on the floor for your carry on bag. The seats are ideal for petite to medium sized persons but they may be a bit tight for larger people. Controls are located on the side of the seat that allows you to adjust them in a variety of different ways to achieve maximum comfort. A pillow and blanket are offered after the meal has been served and they’re comfortable enough to make a decent bad and catch some uninterrupted sleep.


Noice canceling headphones are already at the seat when you arrive. The tray is semi-adjustable so you can swivel it to make more room if needed. The amenity kit contains premium items and it’s more substantial than some of the other airlines provide. It includes lip balm, facial spray from prominent European brands, toothbrush and paste, socks, an eye mask, a hair ti and, earplugs.


There was a small selection of tv shows and movies but the touch screens are huge. You can also watch the map as you travel, which can be entertaining. You can either use the remote control or touch feature to operate the screen. There are 2 USB ports on the seat along with a US and EU outlet. There is also WiFi available on the flight if you want to watch your own entertainment.

Meal service and beverages

The staff offers either water or juice as a preflight drink. Once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude the menus are passed out. You’re given an appetizer to begin followed by your choice of a fish, chicken or pasta entree. The food was fresh and tasty, and it was served fairly quickly after ordering. It’s not even close to gourmet and the presentation on the plate isn’t great but it’s highly edible. Iberia does offer an amazing selection of wines. There are two dessert options but they’re nothing really special. They also offer a decent menu of teas. Although there are snacks available, they don’t come around and ask so you have to initiate the request if you want to have a snack. During serving of beverages and foods, the staff tends to be a bit abrupt and the service isn’t as friendly in flight as many other carriers. The breakfast is very light and you’re offered yogurt and bread along with seasonal fresh fruit, which doesn’t really taste very fresh at all.


The flight in business class is comfortable and you’re given plenty to eat during meals, but the attendants are not overly friendly. There are not any deal-breaking complaints, but they could do a little better on their people skills. All in all, it’s a decent ride on a comfortable airliner.

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