What It’s Like to Fly Qantas Business Class

For just under $5,000 you can get a round trip ticket from London to Sydney in their apparently new and improved Business Class section. As with all decisions to upgrade your seating, the question is whether the service and experience are worth the extra dollars. Here is an average sized view of what it is like to fly Qantas Business Class.

Even before taking off, you are offered a glass of a high quality champagne to get your trip off to a great start. You are greeted by a flight attendant who directs you to your seat, which has a privacy divider and a massage function to help you relax even more. That is correct – a massager in your airplane seat. There is plenty of legroom that allows even taller passengers to stretch out and feel comfortable.

Beyond just the comfort factor, the seat has a USB port to charge all your mobile devices, and you look ahead to view a 10.6 inch IFE touch style screen if you want to watch a movie. Not forgetting the importance of a quality audio experience, Qantas provides you with high quality headphones to enhance your listening pleasure. There are about 300 separate entertainment options from the entertainment system, so you should find something that will keep your mind off of the long flight. They also have Wireless Q streaming if you are traveling with a mobile device. Wi-Fi is available, with the best part being it is free. However, not all airplanes have been upgraded but this is expected to be the case by the end of the year.

You will find an amenities kit on your seat which contains the basics needed to be both clean and comfortable during your trip. The kit includes: a toothbrush and toothpaste, ear plugs and an eye cover for when you want to eliminate the surrounding sounds, pajamas and travel socks to make you comfortable when you are ready to take your nap, and other assorted niceties. That seat reclines a full 180 degrees, allowing you to take a nap during the long flight that takes around 15 hours.

Qantas has one of the best reputations for food in the industry. You can count on them rotating their menus every three months, and either add or create new dishes, many created by their famous Rockpool Bar and Grill standard. One example of the menu main course dishes is Polenta chips with wild mushrooms and spinach. If you are a frequent flyer to the land down under, you will find the rotational menu system one of the best features of Qantas Business Class. They also offer a fantastic selection of wines, and you are certain to find one that will please your palette.

After a great meal you are likely to want to take a nap, and here is where you flay lying seat option is very useful. A flight attendant will come by and set up your seat, which includes placing a mattress cover over it and bringing by a pillow and duvet for additional comfort. You can close the privacy screen and don your eye mask and ear plugs to seal off the area for an undisturbed sleep. When you wake up, you will be able to find some snacks to curb your appetite until the second meal.

There is a lounge available, and while smallish it gives you the opportunity to be sociable and get out of your seat to stretch your legs. Qantas Business Class makes the most use of its extra space, and while Business Class is not First Class, they should be commended for adding the little touches to make a long flight a tad more comfortable for its passengers.

A comfortable seat, outstanding food and wines, and the solid entertainment options are all good reasons to opt for Business Class, but it is always the quality of service of the flight attendants that defines a long flight. In the case of Qantas, their service is top rate. You get the sense that their flight attendants are specially selected for these long flights, as they were very amicable and readily available to answer any questions.

To answer the question of whether paying the extra money is worth it, the simple answer is yes. On cross country flights such as in the United States, a 5 hour trip is generally defined as long. But 15 or more hours in the air requires a keen staff and the proper setting to come through on the other side relaxed and ready to continue your day. Qantas Business Class is the way everyone should fly going to or coming from the land down under.

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