What We Know About BMW’s Electric i4 So Far

BMW has a secret and we know what it is. They’ve almost let the cat out of the bag in their testing of the new Electric i4 model that is set to be released in 2021. It’s a good three years out and we’re excited about what we’ve learned so far. The automaker is doing their best to conceal the prototype of their new i4 electric, but spy cams have caught footage of the vehicle when they’ve taken it out on a few test runs. The vehicle is carefully shrouded in camouflage covering, but it doesn’t stop the news from leaking out. Here’s what we currently know from the information that we were able to obtain as of now.

What BMW was willing to confirm

The chairman of BMW is Harald Kruger and he was at the Paris Auto Show in October. When asked, he confirmed that BMW is in fact working on what they are currently referring to as the i4 model. It’s the fifth in the group’s line of fully electric core models and it will become the fourth to be offered in the EV line between now and 2021. This is the extent of the information that he was willing or able to share, which was sparse at best, but it’s better than nothing at all. BMW likes to play things close to the vest and the new electric i4 is no exception.

Our observations and best guesses

It’s believed that the new i4 will come with performance ratings that give it an electric range of about 373 miles and it will have the capacity to reach a top speed of 125 mph. The acceleration should be decent with a zero to 62 mph in about 4 seconds flat. It’s not expected to come out with a carbon-fiber structure like the i8 and the i3.

The first observations

What was gathered from spy cam footage is that the prototype of the i4 bears an influence from the Vision Dynamics concept. It’s going to be a four door coupe with an angular c-pillar. The spoiler lip offers a slight duck tail on the deck lid and the hood of the front end is sloping with a bluff front. There are kidney grills in a small size from what can be observed. The details that you can discern are sketchy at best because of BMW’s expert use of camo. The door handles, however are visible and they appear to be nearly flush in their placement. The new i4 is comparable to the 4 series Gran Coupe in its lift back design and the hatch back opening appears to be large in size.

One of four

It’s been confirmed that BMW is planing to launch three other new EVs in the new line. One will come out in 2019 in the form of a Mini Electric model. It was offered as a concept in 2018 and BMW has released stats that claim it will have an electric range of about 153 miles.

The iX3 is slated to be released the following year in 2020. It was first shown as a concept car that was nearly production ready at the time. It’s to be an electric crossover vehicle with a claimed range of 249 miles. It’s going to be shipped to China and exported to the US from there.

The iNext is the fourth new electric that is supposed to be released around the same time that the i4 makes its appearance. This vehicle is supposed to offer an electric range of 373 miles on a single charge and its acceleration is claimed to be a little better than the i4, reaching the zero to sixty mph mark in just under 4 seconds.

Stay Tuned

If BMW follows the same habit that it did with the mini-electric then we should be hearing more about this concept in the next year. In the meantime, the spy cams are rolling and inquiring minds are still keeping their ears open for any possible leaks or slips of the tongue from those involved in the planning and production units at the BMW Group. They’re keeping it tightly under wraps for now, but we all know how hard it is to keep a good secret for long.

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