Why a Google and Ubisoft Partnership Would Make Sense

Google is set to make an announcement at GDC 2019. Judging by Google’s claim that it will change the “future of gaming,” it promises to be a big one, which explains why such a wide range of people are speculating about a new video game console that might support video game streaming. With that said, there are plenty of other individuals who are occupying themselves by dissecting the other pieces of information that have been made available to us so far, with an excellent example being how both Ubisoft and id Software are expected to participate in the event.

Is Google Teaming Up with Ubisoft?

Based on this, it seems safe to say that Google has some kind of significant team-up in mind with Ubisoft. After all, if Google is indeed set to reveal a new video game console, it is going to want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This is because the consumer reaction to the announcement will set the tone for its reception for months and months to come, meaning that a successful announcement will make Google’s chosen path that much smoother while a not so successful announcement will create obstacles that it will have to struggle against the entire way.

As such, there is a good chance that there will be something special happening here because failure to live up to expectations can be very, very painful from a marketing perspective. Something that should be particularly relevant for people who pay close attention to the video game industry because of how Blizzard fans howled after being disappointed by the reveal of a Diablo mobile game after thinking that they were going to get news about Diablo IV. Simply put, Google has set big expectations by making big promises, thus making it hard to imagine that it will undermine itself by doing anything other than its best to live up to them.

With that said, it is important note to overstate the nature of Google’s potential team-up with Ubisoft. After all, Google has stated that both Ubisoft and id Software will be participating in the event, meaning that whatever it is, the team-up might not be limited to a single video game developer. This is further supported by recent reports that Google has engaged in talks with Sega as well as a number of other video game companies, which suggests that it is putting in the groundwork for its console launch.

Does a Google-Ubisoft Team Up Make Sense?

Regardless, some people might be wondering a team-up between Google and Ubisoft makes sense for both companies. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great deal of information about what is going on, meaning that we are limited to offering speculation and not much more than that. Still, there is definitely reason to think that both sides have something to gain from such an arrangement.

For instance, if Google can get Ubisoft to bring its franchises to its new video game console, it should have a much easier time getting people to give it a chance. This is because people who have a strong sense of loyalty to either one or more than one of Ubisoft’s franchises won’t have to choose between indulging their curiosity about Google’s new video game console and going for something more tried and true, thus eliminating a potential barrier. Furthermore, if Google can get Ubisoft to develop some kind of exclusive for its new video game console, that should produce the same effect but on a stronger scale. Something that would be particularly true if the exclusive makes excellent use of the innovative features that Google’s new video game console may or may not possess. On top of this, it should be mentioned that the participation of a player as notable as Ubisoft can serve to instill confidence in Google’s new video game console in both consumers and other video game companies, thus making for further benefits for the tech titan.

As for what Ubisoft could get out of it, that answer is multi-faceted as well. First, it benefits from a potential boost to sales for much the same reason as Google. Second, having more video game console makers should strengthen the bargaining positions of video game developers, which could enable Ubisoft and others to secure more beneficial deals in the future. Third, Google is a very powerful corporation with a lot of resources that it can throw around, which is a kind of support that smaller companies can always find useful for one reason or another.

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