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Why a Walmart Wedding Registry is a Great Idea for Couples

One of the most exciting yet chaotic events of someone’s life is the decision to get married. Exciting because it is expected to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, chaotic because there are a million details to tend to that all need to be completed by the wedding date. Retail stores such as Walmart offer what is known as a Wedding Registry to make part of the planning less stressful. If you know someone who has already used a Wedding Registry you should talk to them about all the advantages it offers. For those who are new to the idea or need a different perspective, keep reading to find out how Walmart’s Wedding Registry can help you.

The Basics

To begin with, a wedding registry is also known as a bridal registry. The registry contains a list of the wedding gifts the engaged couple has decided on they want prior to the actual wedding date. Instead of the old-fashioned approach where the gifts are a surprise and the wedded couple could end up with three toasters, the wedding registry will list all the items desired by the newlyweds so the prospective attendees can select a gift that suits their budget and personal taste. Everyone is notified of the store or stores where the bridal registry is available. Another way to look at the wedding registry is to give people who couldn’t fit on the guest list an opportunity to give a wedding gift to the happy couple nonetheless. Some people prefer giving an engagement gift in lieu of attending the wedding, and the wedding registry makes this simple as well.

The Challenge

Creating a wedding registry seems easy at the beginning, but once you get started you will find things can get really complicated really quickly. This is one reason you will want to choose a store like Walmart as your number one choice of retail store. You will have a wider range of options and will not have to open a second bridal registry at another store. If you remember items you forgot to put on the list when originally assembling the registry, the larger the store the easier it will be to make the changes. Sit down with your significant other and write down the items you both agree are basic necessities to move into your new home or apartment. You are not likely to think of everything the first time around, which is another reason to use the wedding registry. To get this done there are several major categories to consider:


You are going to need to eat, so the kitchen is the obvious place to start. There are all the small appliances that can be easily overlooked, such as a set of cutlery knives or a corkscrew to open wine bottles with. Some of the most used items in the kitchen are the easiest to go unnoticed. Can openers, dish towels, and spice racks are always used and always there, but can be left off of the registry.


Bedrooms are places that many people manage to clutter up over the years. The reason is because there are so many things that are essential for comfortable bedroom living. People end up with two and three of items that have yet come into your mind. Sheets, blankets, and pillows are just the beginning of the list. Many people hate a barren wall, so you might think about pictures and other wall hangings to give the room a cheery but relaxing appearance.


Here the tendency is for the future bride and groom to think of items that entertain them. But it is likely you will have guests over eventually, and to that end you will want to add things like tablecloths, bar glasses, and serverware (platters, trays, etc.)  If your friends or family are comfortable with retro-style entertainment you can considr adding a card table and chairs or even board games to the list.


This is an extension of the Entertainment category, but needs to be separate because unless you plan on using paper plates and plastic sporks you will need two sets. The “good” dinnerware will be used when the in-laws come for a visit or for special occasions such as holidays. The “ordinary” dinnerware will be a couple of levels up from paper and plastic. An important rule to remember is that you need to select a respectable range of prices and selections for your guests to choose from. The trick is to avoid choosing items that are so cheap you would never use them anyway, or they wouldn’t last a month. There are many smaller items that are very affordable such as scented candles that are practical yet low cost. Again, this is another reason to choose Walmart for your wedding registry as they have a wide range of prices and styles that will suit virtually every gift giving budget.

Setting Up the Walmart Wedding Registry

We will help you set up the Wedding Registry at from your desktop or laptop, but there is an app that you can also use that will be covered in another section. At the top of the screen you will see a link marked “Registry.” From there you will choose “Wedding Registry” to start the process. It doubles as a Baby Registry, so instead of the due date you will enter the expected wedding date. Once the information is completed, you will be able to start creating your list of items.

One of the most important things to notice is the “Share” link at the top of the page. Once your basic list is created you will want to share it with your family, friends, and guests. Clicking “Share” allows you to notify everyone either through email or Facebook about the status of the registry. If you update your list later you can share the updated version with others. There is a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. The process is basically the same, and is far more convenient as guests can review the registry and shop for items as long as they are connected to the Internet.

A nice feature of the registry is that it will give you recommendations on what to add to the list. Instead of spending oodles of time browsing web pages full of items, the suggestions are aimed at what gifts are the most commonly given and fit into your guests’ price range. If you have a smartphone you can actually browse through the physical store and scan the barcode of the item you want to add to the list. You may want to do this for items that are of particular importance to you so you can be reasonably guaranteed to have what you need to get your new life started on the right foot.

A criticism of the Walmart Wedding Registry is that it only allows gifts that can be bought at Walmart onto the registry. As noted earlier, you might need to have multiple bridal registries if the situation requires it. The Walmart registry is free to create and use, and has no attached or hidden fees to worry about.

Why a Wedding Registry is a Great Idea for Couples

Until you have gone through the process of planning and preparing for a wedding, you only have a small idea of the amount of time it will consume and the 1 million details that can be easily forgotten. Most people get help from family and friends as the process moves forward, which in many cases is necessary to avoid needing an entire week just to recover. There is enough stress of going through the daily routine of work and the regular chores, and the closer you get to the wedding day the more stressful things will become.

If you think that just because you are having a smallish wedding there is no need for a wedding registry, you may want to reconsider. You will face the same stresses of getting married as other couples, and you will still have the same basic starter needs as most couples. A wedding registry lets you put everything gift-related in one place and helps you not to forget something important. By the way, much of the discussion has been focused on all the advantages a Walmart Wedding Registry offers to the future bride and groom, but it is also important for the guests, friends, and family. It allows them to go about their daily business and have one place to go to choose what to get you. Since the app lets them shop online and on the go, they can live their lives as normally as possible, knowing that you have done your part to keep the wedding plans running smoothly.

Depending on where you live, you may find Walmart the best available choice for your wedding registry. The reason? Walmart is the country’s largest retailer and can be found in most locations around the country. This makes it both practical and convenient for everyone. Whether your guests are flying cross country or driving form down the road, accessibility to a Walmart near their location is virtually guaranteed.

Many couples choose to open multiple registries to give everyone the opportunity to select the store and gift they feel is most appropriate for the event. This is a good strategy and prevents guests from feeling they didn’t have the opportunity to get the couple the gift they wanted. But limit the number of stores to two, or three, at the most. If you are going to use this approach, you will likely want to just duplicate the lists from one store to the next.

A nice perk when it comes to having multiple registries is that the Walmart Wedding Registry can be used in connection with the web site It is a one-stop shopping place for all your registries, and where guests can browse and choose their personal preference on where they want to buy a gift.

Why Choosing Walmart’s Wedding Registry is a Great IDea

Most of the reasons for signing up for a wedding registry, especially Walmart, have already been covered. For many people it is the little things that make all the difference and impact the final decision. Walmart is the largest retailer in the country, combining brick and mortar stores with the convenience of online shopping. Many of Walmart’s stores are open 18 hours a day, while some are open 24 hours. This level of convenience is something few retailers can match. Many night owls find the 24 hour shopping experience far more relaxing and enjoyable.

Browsing the online reviews of the Walmart Wedding Registry, it is discovered that the majority of criticisms are not directed at the registry itself but are political in nature. People who are looking for a registry that offers a reasonable range of prices for guests to choose from, a nice selection of gifts, and the convenience of online shopping often recommend Walmart. This is especially true of customers who regularly shop at Walmart.

Finally, choosing Walmart will avoid a lot of potential arguments between the future bride and groom. Unless you are a millionaire celebrity (who has probably never set foot in a Walmart anyway) there are definitely other wedding registries to choose from. Most guests will look into Walmart as their first choice because of their low, everyday prices. Instead of trying to decide on a single store, start with Walmart and then decide what other stores registries, if any, you can add to Walmart. The more options your guests have, the easier it will be for them – and you.

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