Why Buc-ee’s Convenience Store Chain Has a Cult Following

For a business that neither offers discounted prices nor permits commercial trucks to fuel at its gas pumps, you might wonder why Buc-ee’s convenience store chain has a cult following. It has been in business since 1982 when it opened its first convenience store in Lake Jackson, Texas and for it to achieve this much success, there has to be something they are doing right that is attracting consumers’ attention. Still, attention is an understatement considering that when its Fort Worth store opened in May 2016, customers waited in line for the 6 a.m. grand opening; a fact that underpins that this is no ordinary convenience store. So what makes it stand out from the rest?


We always hear that location is the most crucial factor to consider when investing in real estate. Similarly, a strategic location is what determines how soon your new business will be breaking even, or closing down. For the owners of Buc-ee’s, they must have this pearl of wisdom since most of the store’s locations are either the last or first stop on your way out of town. Besides, the stores are also only about an hour from major city centers making them more convenient for the travelers to grab whatever they might need while on their way.


A trip without snacks is a sluggish one given that we all need to boost our energy levels regularly. Buc-ee’s has this covered with its assortment of snacks and the most popular one being the Beaver Nuggets. Beaver Nuggets are a sweet and crunchy corn snack that reminds you of a caramel flavor. You will, therefore, find hundreds of well-packaged nuggets on the shelves, along with other dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and some specialty snacks.

Among the specialty snacks, are the Buc-ee Nug-ees which is a version of the Beaver Nuggets, and the ranch-flavored Corn Nuts. You can indulge your sweet tooth with the over 24 flavors of fudge including a white chocolate-based watermelon fudge or classic chocolate with nuts. Still, when chocolate is not what calms down your sweet tooth, and you instead prefer natural sweetness then the freshly-cut fruits will most probably appeal to you; if not, cinnamon-roasted nuts might do.


One of the products that attract customers is the meats that range from smoked sausages, beef jerky, and other cured meats. It is a beloved product among customers going by the amount of space that stores dedicate to displaying it. Apart from stocking up on beef jerky, Buc-ee’s adheres to changing customers’ tastes and changes the flavors accordingly. Among the many flavors of the beef jerky, customers can choose from Bohemian garlic, peppered jerky, and Hatch green chile flavor.


When the snacks are not what you are looking, and you would prefer food instead, then the quick-service restaurant has you covered. It has over 600 different types of food items with the pastrami Reuben gaining a vast customer base. The store also has breakfast tacos and smoked brisket sandwiches for those who want some wheat in their meal. As for the barbecue, it is hand-chopped and hand-sliced, but cooking usually happens out of the store since the huge demand cannot allow everything to be done in-house.


“When you have to go, you have to go” is a popular phrase and maybe it is what encouraged Buc-ee’s to display in one of its billboards that “Your Throne Awaits. Fabulous Restrooms-32 miles.” The toilets are heavenly and among the factors that have driven the clientele base of Buc-ee’s to a cult following. Aplin, one of the owners of Buc-ee’s designed the toilets himself, and they are not only spacious but private and ever-clean. Their pristine condition is thanks to the 24/7 patrolling by uniformed staff who are charged with keeping it immaculately clean. With these palatial restrooms, Buc-ee’s was able to create its brand.


Sometimes you may want to buy a bottle of wine that you have never tasted, maybe because you heard people sing its praises. Unfortunately, you do not know what to pair it with let alone how it tastes. Buc-ee’s caters to you with its wide range of wine selection to ensure that you do not miss whatever you are looking to buy. Besides, the wine comes with pairing and tasting notes as well, making sure you have an idea of what you are purchasing.

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