Why Home Weather Stations Are a Common Toy of the Wealthy Upper Class

You may have noticed weather stations at schools or around other public venues. However, they’ve become an increasingly common purchase for personal use, especially among the wealthy. Let’s look at the reasons why home weather stations are a common toy of the wealthy upper class and the practical reasons why people buy them. We’ll also share a few tips on determining which weather station is right for your particular situation. If you want to learn more about what differentiates weather stations and how to pick one you should be sure to do your research.

A Source of Accurate Information

Weather forecasts like those from the NOAA aren’t always accurate. Anyone who sees rain when there was a single digit chance of it can attest to this.

Accurate regional weather forecasts may still be inaccurate when it comes to your location. A home weather station allows you to determine your specific risk of rain, high winds and other issues. Being able to rely on accurate local information when planning events and whether or not to move a party indoors can save you from a horror story about your party being ruined by rain.

If you are generating your own renewable energy, then less commonly available technology such as solar radiation and light sensors are useful in predicting how much power your solar panels will put out. La crosse technology have done a lot for this sector in the last few years. Being able to collect data on the light that your roof or yard receives over the course of a year will give you the information you need to determine if you need to trim your trees to allow solar panels to receive enough light to generate power and be worth the effort.

The Security Home Weather Stations Provides

Any weather station will report wind speeds, air pressure and temperature. Most home weather stations will warn you when they detect any type of severe weather. This is why many volunteers and emergency responders have personal good weather stations. For those living in tornado alley, knowing when to run for the storm shelter can make the difference between life and death as well.

Weather stations sometimes give us the information we need to protect those we care about. Air quality sensors that tell your aging parents not to go outside without a face mask or inhaler can provide peace of mind. Knowing that it is unbearably hot outside and getting feedback from their home automation system that the AC is broken makes it clear they either need an HVAC repair service immediately or need to be moved somewhere cooler before heat stroke sets in.

How Home Weather Stations Can Support Maintenance Staff

Your gardener may want to know when plants freeze so that they can protect them. Weather stations with soil temperature, soil moisture, solar radiation and carbon dioxide sensors will allow your gardener to maximize yield by accessing as much information as they can. Tracking rainfall over time for your yard allows you to determine how much irrigation you’ll need to grow thirsty plants. Understanding the strength and amount of light your particular property receives tells you if sun-loving flowers can be planted in your yard or if they’ll need supplemental grow lights if raised in a flower box.

Weather Stations Can Help Support Hobbies

Many hobbies are impacted by the weather. Whether you fly kites or drones, you simply don’t want to be out if the winds are too strong. Whether you’re playing soccer or baseball, you don’t want to be on the field if the weather is too wet or there is a good chance of lightning or hail.

If you want to help science or support your passion for meteorology, then an advanced home weather station such as the ambient weather ws might be best for your needs. It reports accurate data to various services and nonprofits and may be just what you need. Your weather station then becomes one more data point in their analysis, helping them create more reliable local weather forecasts. And you can use the data to create your own forecast reports, too. Or you could share the data with fellow hobbyists as they try to develop more accurate weather models or analyze weather trends.

STEM Education

There’s been a major focus on STEM education lately. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. A great home weather station is one way to truly bring STEM education home. Your children learn about meteorology. However, that is in turn driven by the sun, local geography, and human factors. You have a lead-in to lessons on geology, astronomy, and history. You can talk to your children about how high wind speeds causes property damage and how we harness it for wind power. You can discuss why solar power output declines when the weather is cloudy and why the cloud cover makes things cooler.

Quality of Life

If you can monitor outdoor temperatures and humidity accurately and in a timely manner, you can adjust your own HVAC system to minimize its energy usage while maximizing your comfort. Not all of the best weather stations can track issues like pollen counts and ozone levels, but if you’re suffering from severe asthma or another respiratory condition, this information could help you know when it is safe to go outside or when you’ll need to carry an inhaler. This is why brands like Davis are so popular now, because they have really focused a lot of their energy in this field of weather data. There are great weather stations with air quality sensors that will give you accurate, real-time and hyperlocal information, not just the generic orange level warning issued for your city.

Tips for Selecting the Right Home Weather Station

You can find home weather stations that range from little better than what you can build yourself to complex systems that rival what the local news station maintains to report the weather. The first step in picking the best home weather station is determining your purpose in buying one.

Are you a novice who simply wants to learn more about local weather or to use it as a teaching tool for your children? In this case, a simple analog weather station or digital one may be sufficient. Do you need accurate, real-time data for planning purposes? If accurate local data available in real-time is essential because you’re afraid of losing expensive plants or your children getting hurt, then a high-end weather station with remote sensors that relay data to your smartphone is worth the money. The same is true if you’re a storm chaser or have been called up to work for the utility company to clean up after a storm has hit.

Weather stations have existed for years. Private weather stations are increasingly popular because they are adding so many features and have many real-world applications.

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