Why The Hoxton is Making Waves in the Hotel Business

Different generations have different preferences. This is because different generations live through different circumstances, which leave lasting influences on their opinions on a wide range of matters. Of course, people can’t be categorized with perfect precision, but generations are nonetheless meaningful enough to provide a wide range of businesses with plenty of usefulness.

Currently, the chief source of fascination for a lot of businesses are the Millennials, meaning people who were born from the 1980s to the mid 1990s. This is because Millennials have become a bigger and bigger percentage of consumers, which in turn, have made them a bigger and bigger percentage of potential customers for a wide range of businesses in a wide range of sectors. Something that has prompted those businesses to make changes to their revenue-earning operations so as to better-suit the changed nature of their potential customer bases.

For proof, look no further than the hotel industry, which has shown enormous interest in Millennial preferences when it comes to travel. In some cases, Millennial preferences in this regard have been pretty blatant. For instance, it should come as no surprise to learn that Millennials respond well to hotels that engage them through online channels, seeing as how they have come of age in a period of unprecedented digitization. Moreover, most Millennials are still very focused on making sure that they can get the most value from their hard-earned money, which is perhaps unsurprising when most Millennials’ financial situations are still much less secure than those of their older and better-established counterparts.

However, it is interesting to note that other Millennial preferences have been much more subtle in nature. One excellent example is how Millennials have a real passion for the concept of authenticity, which explains why it has been such a driving force in the tourism industry of recent times. This is very much related to how Millennials are focused on their experiences when they travel, which encompasses what they see, what they do, and who they meet.

By this point in time, none of these preferences are secrets, seeing as how they have been mulled over by interested parties for years and years. However, it is important to note that some businesses have taken much more drastic steps to appeal to them, as shown by The Hoxton.

Why Is The Hoxton Make Waves in the Hotel Business?

In short, The Hoxton is a chain of boutique hotels that has been set up for maximum appeal for Millennials. Something that has become very important in a world in which a lot of Millennials are eyeing their Airbnb options, meaning that they need to be convinced to check into a hotel rather than resorting to something cheaper and more convenient.

As for how The Hoxton has managed to succeed in this regard, well, suffice to say that it is both very simple and very complicated at the same time. Essentially, each of the boutique hotels that make up the chain have been set up with the intent of creating the most exceptional experience for Millennial guests. This might sound simple, but in practical terms, it requires a huge amount of time, effort, and presumably other resources, seeing as how this means that each boutique hotel has to be unique.

Effectively, this means that each of the boutique hotels that bear The Hoxton name has to be customized for its particular location. This is important because the chain wants its locations to fit into their surroundings while still seeming authentic, residential, comfortable, and timeless. Any one of those things can pose a serious challenge for designers, but when combined, they become an imposing obstacle that cannot be solved without some serious local expertise and experience. After all, while a team of designers from, say, the Northwestern United States are perfectly capable of creating something amazing, chances are good that they are going to struggle when it comes to creating something amazing that is still capable of fitting into a Parisian neighborhood with significant signs of 18th century French architecture because of their relative lack of familiarity with the premises if nothing else. Never mind the other important considerations that must be tossed into the process.

Besides this, The Hoxton has a number of other initiatives that are meant to make its locations more suitable for Millennials. For example, its staff puts considerable effort into designing and decorating its rooms to make them look great while still remaining authentic and comfortable. In significant part, this is a move meant to make them shareable on social media, thus making it a surprisingly important component of The Hoxton’s marketing efforts because of how well consumers tend to respond to word-of-mouth marketing versus its more traditional counterparts. In fact, the staff at The Hoxton will actually look through the kind of images that their target consumers will share on Instagram and other platforms so that they can get what is literally a better picture of what they are aiming for. Likewise, it is interesting to note that The Hoxton puts serious effort into cultivating a reputation for being places where even locals want to hang out. Something that is very useful because locals contribute a strengthened sense of authenticity, which is on top of them being capable of pointing interested individuals to certain sites in the region that can make for a better travel experience for them.

Final Thoughts

Based on this, it is clear that The Hoxton is a business that is very serious about its efforts to appeal to Millennials, which explains the extensive steps that it has taken to enable itself to stand out. With that said, it will be interesting to see how the chain continues to fare in the times to come. Certainly, it has found a measure of success in the present, but it is important to remember that while people have preferences, they are not necessarily bound to those preferences so long as they have convincing reasons to choose otherwise. For that matter, it will be interesting to see how Millennials will change in the decades to come because generations are by no means 100 percent static in nature.

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