Why You Should Consider Flying Royal Air Maroc

People who travel via air regularly naturally want to get the best deal possible. While the overall price of the fare is a factor in making the decision to use a certain airline carrier, it’s not the only consideration. Service, food, and amenities are also things that matter when making the choice of a preferred airline. We’ve researched the top commercial airlines to find the best out there and come across Royal Air Maroc in our browsing. Here are some reasons why you should consider flying Royal Air Maroc.


Booking with Royal Air Maroc is fairly straightforward. A Roundtrip ticket from New York to Marrakesh is around $831 if you fly economy but this depends on the dates of your flight. It’s reasonable enough when compared to some of the other carriers. If you have a credit card that has bonus mile rewards accrued, these can be used to defray the costs of your trip significantly. You might even be able to keep the economy seat and get an upgrade, so it’s important to check all your rewards cards to find out what great services you’re eligible for when booking. If you have Etihad Guest points then you’re in luck. The aircraft is a Boing 787-8 which is one of the famous Dreamliners. When booking online, try to get a window seat because getting stuck n the middle part can be less comfortable, but this is true on any passenger aircraft in economy.

Check-in and boarding without a hassle

Arriving early is key to a hassle-free check-in. The agent at the desk will weigh your carry on bag so make surer that it’s within the size and weight limits. After this is completed and your bags are checked, you’re given a boarding pass. Check-in is usually fast unless you’re late, then it can be chaotic. During the boarding process, you’re assigned a group and this is the order that you’ll be allowed to board the plane. This is the part that can be confusing because it’s not clearly marked, but it’s a problem with most airlines, so it’s not a strike against them. There is a line to go through for economy boarding.

The cabin is nice

The economy cabin for Royal Air Maroc is clean and well-kept. There are a total of 256 seats and they are configured in a 3-3-3 arrangement. With 17 inches in width, they’re not recommended for people who are large, but if you have a small to medium sized frame they’re comfortable enough. There’s an average of 30 to 32 inches of pitch for each economy seat. If the flight is not fully booked, the economy is a lot nicer and in some cases, you have a lot of room on either side of you, which can be a bonus. It happens on some of the less popular flight days/routes. There’s nothing particularly fancy about the cabin. It’s fairly plain but it’s clean and comfortable enough.

The food service is fast

The attendants begin preparing the meals as soon as the craft is in the air. If you’re on an evening flight, the dinner service starts directly after the airplane stabilizes at cruising altitude. In economy class, you get your choice of entrees, usually chicken or beef. There are also two side dishes to go with it and they include a starch and a vegetable. The flavor and texture of the food are really good. It isn’t gourmet quality but it’s not bad at all. They also serve a glass of wine after dinner and the quality is good. The breakfasts are also tasty. They offer a high carb breakfast including a muffin, pastry or roll along with tea and yogurt. if you’re on a low carb diet this could be bad news, but if you’re not it’s tasty and filling.

In-flight entertainment and amenities

The economy seats are each equipped with an in-flight entertainment screen that gives you options for listening to music, watching television shows, movies or viewing maps. There isn’t a huge selection, but they do offer a selection. there are more than sixty movies and over thirty television shows. Headphones are also provided by the flight attendants and there is also a USB charger and a headphone jack but this is the only type of charging outlet provided. Everyone gets an amenities skit which includes the standard pair of socks and eye mask for your comfort.

Disembarking is smooth

After landing, the line takes you straight through the security line again before you board your next connecting flight. After landing on the final leg, you’ll go through immigration and if everything is in order, it’s hassle-free.

Flying aboard Royal Air Maroc, even in their economy class is an affordable and pleasant experience. The attendants are friendly and helpful, the food is good and it’s generally a smooth and seamless process. These are a few of the reasons why you should consider using this commercial air service.

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