A Detailed Look at Wider Yachts Beautiful Fleet

Wider 150 Front

Wider Yachts was founded in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, the founder of Pershing Yachts. Since its inception, the focus of Wider has been building vessels that perfectly meld advanced technology, superb performance, and fuel efficiency with modern style. Not only are these yachts a pleasure to look at, they host a wealth of luxurious amenities and a distinctive aesthetic.

Here’s a closer look at the five incredible models Wider Yachts has to offer.

1. Wider 32 – $381,619

Wider 32

The Wider 32 was first designed as a tender to be used with the company’s larger yachts, but it’s also a great vessel to use as a day cruiser. It contains twin 260 hp engines that allow it to reach a maximum speed of 37 knots, as well as a deep hull that provides greater stability and makes the Wider 32 easier to handle. This speedy boat can be customized inside and out with different furnishings and finishes, along with various color schemes for the superstructure and hull.

The cockpit onboard has plenty of seating and folding tables that can be rearranged into lounging, sunbathing, and dining areas. If the sun gets too hot, the Wider 32’s adjustable awning can be pulled down over the cockpit. Through a sliding door near the cockpit is a lower deck with a galley that contains a minibar, hot plate, and a sink. The lower deck also contains extra storage space and two convertible sofas that fold out into beds.

2. Wider 42 – $931,600

Wider 42

Wider Yachts introduced their renowned expanding cockpit with the Wider 42. Though it measures just 42 feet long, this boat opens up to create a more spacious deck that provides twice the surface area. The Wider 42 is also an attractive, sporty model that’s ideal for exploring the water and cruising in style. This vessel isn’t all looks, however, as it’s also a powerful performer that’s fuel efficient. It contains a stepped hull, surface drive propellers, and two 480 hp engines that give the Wider 42 a top speed of 50 knots. Being comprised of 70 percent carbon also allows this boat to be light, fast, and capable of reaching a range that’s significantly larger than other yachts in its class.

There are a number of smartly designed amenities onboard that make the Wider 42 great for entertaining and relaxing. Its head contains a carbon toilet, modern glass basin, and a crystal shower stall. The Wider 42’s handy dinette set can transform into a chaise or a sundeck, and the outdoor galley is made more functional with the addition of a griddle and icebox. The boat’s stem, which starts out as a sun pad, can be converted into either a 9 foot tender, fighting chair, diving equipment storage area, or storage spot for a jet ski. More sun beds are on the bow, and the deck has a seating area that can be rearranged into a double bed. Near the plush seating is an LED flat screen television.

3. Wider 125 – $19 million

Wider 125

The Wider Yachts brand is known for debuting vessels that are sleek and modern on the outside, luxurious on the inside, and complete with technologically advanced engineering. The Wider 125 is the perfect example of this, and the gorgeous yacht is full of living space and enough entertainment to please any crowd.

This model benefits from having a diesel-electric system, three inline variable speed generators, and a compact engine room. When placed in Zero Emission Mode, the Wider 125 can cruise the water using stored energy from its battery packs. It has a cruising speed of 12 knots and an economical top speed of 14 knots.

Onboard is an 18 foot tender and a gorgeous lounge area that brings the outside in and features a sunbathing deck, swim platform, and large transom. All of the guest suits have optimal placement due to how the Wider 125’s layout was designed, and each has an en suite bathroom. The crew cabins aboard the yacht are also generously sized and well appointed. Depending upon the options chosen, the Wider 125 can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 suites, along with a crew of 7 in 4 cabins.

4. Wider 150 – $29 million

Wider 150

Naval architect Fulvio De Simoni collaborated with the Wider Yachts design team to create the Wider 150, a superyacht with a structure that’s comprised entirely of aluminum. Its diesel-electric system, four variable speed diesel generators, and Azimuthal pod propulsion system allow this yacht a range that’s well beyond other vessels of its size. To provide more room for spacious suites and cabins, the Wider 150 has a technical room and a power generator room as opposed to one large engine room. The vessel can reach a maximum speed of 14 knots and has a cruise speed of 10 knots. When in the energy saving Zero Emission Mode, the Wider 150 sails along at 5 knots.

Inside this yacht is a stunning modern interior that features floor to ceiling windows, a vibrant color scheme, and several decks perfect for leisure, water sports, and entertainment. The interior saloon is split into two spacious living areas, and the owner’s suite also has two living areas with its own sea terrace. A Pullman berth, two VIP suites, and two standard suites provide room for up to 11 passengers and a crew of 9. The Wider 150 also has a large 32 foot tender and a beach club onboard that measures 90 square meters, along with a 7 meter interior swimming pool.

5. Wider 165 – $33.6 million

Wider 165

The Wider 165 is the brand’s largest superyacht, and it’s impressive. This is also Wider Yachts’ newest model, and it’s set to launch in early 2017. It was designed to make taking underwater excursions at sea easier and has a number of lavish amenities onboard. The Wider 165 contains the same innovative diesel-electric system that gives other Wider Yachts excellent fuel efficiency and performance.

Guests onboard the Wider 165 can swim, lounge, dine, and rest surrounded by total comfort. In addition to an interior seawater pool, the Wider 165 sports a beach club, several platforms, a balcony, and a huge multi-use platform. The most outstanding feature is the transom sunbathing and swim deck that’s one of the largest ever designed. Its tender is big enough hold a small submarine, and the yacht can be equipped with one on request.

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