What Will the 2018 Ford Mustang Look Like?


For all the Mustang lovers out there that are anxious to know about updates on the new 2018 Mustang, it is set to debut in 2017. There are going to be several changes to the Mustang that will be both in the design and the mechanics of the car. Some of the details have begun to leak out to let us get a glimpse of what we can expect to see when it finally becomes available. For all of you Mustang enthusiasts, let’s see what types of changes we can expect to see from Ford on the upcoming 2018 Stang.

History of the Mustang

The Mustang is an American made car that debuted in 1962 and was created using the platform of the second North American Ford Falcon. After a few releases of newer Mustangs, it was the 1965 that became the most popular car by the automaker since the Model A. Since then, Mustangs have grown in popularity and continue to be a successful automobile for Ford. They have undergone many transformations over the years from generation-to-generation, including this one, its current sixth generation.

The Mustang was the beginning of what is known as the “pony car,” a sporty coupe with a long hood and short trunk. They were affordable and encouraged the design and sale of competitors’ sports cars, such as the Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird and the revamped Plymouth Barracuda. The Mustang is also credited for inspiring other coupes; the Toyota Celica and Ford Capri.

Through the years, popularity and sales have risen and fallen with other makes and models of coupes, but the Mustang is one automobile that has remained consistent in popularity with a great deal to do with keeping up with modernization and making changes that are aesthetically and functionally desirable to Mustang enthusiasts. Older models have also remained popular to car collectors. There are many versions of the Mustang that are still highly sought after, refurbished and sold for good profits.

2017 Ford Mustang

2017 Ford Shelby GT350R in Ruby Red Metallic

To get an idea of what kinds of changes you’ll see in the 2018 Mustang, let’s take a look at the 2017 Mustang and its main features. It is a 2-door coupe with 2+2 configuration with a roomier inside. The 2017 Mustang GT was designed a bit roomier with more usable space inside; more than even the Chevy Camaro offers. The front seats are Recaro seats and are more desirable for those who want something more than the typical sport seats, and the back seats are more spacious as well. As far as the trunk, it is still what you’d expect from a Mustang, small, but generous enough to allow for enough luggage for a weekend getaway.

The 2017 was designed with a powerful V8 engine paired with a fun performance package which suggests stronger cooling, stiffer chassis tuning, 6-piston Brembo front brake calipers and Torsen differential. The styling upgrades the 2017 went through made it an amazing car to look at, and drive.

2018 Ford Mustang


The Ford Mustang will always be one of the hottest and most recognizable cars on the road. When most people see a Mustang, it’s hard not to look and stare. For a lot of guys, it can strike an envious nerve and encourage a sense of wishful thinking. There will always be a place on the road and in garages for the Mustang. The automobile that remains Ford’s most iconic car.

It is anticipated that the 2018 Mustang will bring a lot of updates and changes that predicts that its sales will continue to supersede that of even the Chevy Camaro. The 2018 model is set to undergo a sort of transition, a mid-life facelift. It is said that the base models could take on a look that are geared more towards that of the 350 and 350R. Some of the changes that are expected to be seen include:

  • 10-speed automatic transmission – The Mustang will no longer carry the V-6 engine, but instead, the turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine. This transmission was developed together by Ford and GM and is also expected to be used on the 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1, the Ford F-150 Raptor as well as the F-150 3.5 EcoBoost models. It has also been said that with this new transmission will come fancy shocks.
  • Dampers – The new Mustang has the ability to be equipped with MagneRide magnetorheological dampers, the same dampers found on the Shelby GT350.
  • Performance package – Along with the GT Performance Package, the new Mustang will be designed with the Performance Package 2. Although the details of this package are aloof, there is thought that it may be Ford’s response and replica of the high-performance 1LE package of the Chevy Camaro.
  • Colors – There will be new color options for buyers to choose from that include: Royal Crimson, Orange Fury and Kona Blue. One color that will be discontinued from the Mustang color line-up is Grabber Blue.
  • Headlights – There will be a change to the headlights. A newly designed headlight is only one of the front fascia features the new Mustang will sport. The headlights are expected to be lower and will include LED rings for a sportier, more innovative look.
  • Interior – The 2018 Mustang will have a new interior, however, what this will be has yet to be seen, but it is guaranteed it will keep in-line with the sleek and smooth Mustang interior we are accustomed to.
  • Overall body changes – You can expect to see a new hood, fenders and more assertive bumpers. Just exactly how drastic will the changes to the tail end be? It’s hard to say as the tail has remained covered, but the changes will make the car more efficient and aerodynamic while it is running at top speed.

The Ford Mustang will always be one of the hottest and most recognizable cars on the road. When most people see a Mustang, it’s hard not to look and stare. For a lot of guys, it can strike an envious nerve and encourage a sense of wishful thinking. There will always be a place on the road and in garages for the Mustang. The automobile that remains Ford’s most iconic car.

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