Five Gorgeous Winter Train Routes in North America

Trains are not the most popular means of travel in modern times. However, it is important to note that train rides can make for scenic experiences, meaning that people who are curious about new travel possibilities should make sure to look into them. This is particularly in winter because the fallen snow can turn otherwise unremarkable landscapes into something to remember for a lifetime.

Amtrak Yellowstone

In recent times, fire and ice trips have become something of a trend. Essentially, the idea is to head somewhere that features both something hot and something cold, thus resulting in an interesting contrast without breaking the budget in the process. For an option that can be found in the United States, there is Amtrak Yellowstone, which operates in the state of Utah from the month of November to the month of March on an annual basis. This is because while the train route moves through snow-covered expanses, those expanses are intervaled with geysers, steam vents, and hot springs that are characteristic of the region. In a very real sense, the contrast between these disparate elements serve to make each one stand out that much more.

Aurora Winter Train

Alaska is a state with a well-earned reputation for its beautiful, pristine landscapes. For those who want to experience them without having to put up with freezing temperatures, there is an excellent option in the form of the Aurora Winter Train, which connects Anchorage with Fairbanks. Some examples of the sights range from clear lakes and snow-topped mountains to fascinating wildlife such as bears and caribou, meaning that there is much for interested individuals to take in at their leisure. Something that is particularly true because the Aurora Winter Train includes regular stops that will provide them with a chance to rest and relax before resuming their wintertime train route experience.

Colorado Ski Train

Sometimes, the best train route is something short and simple. One excellent example can be seen in the Colorado Ski Train, which will take interested individuals into the Colorado Rockies. There, people will have the chance to ski as well as participate in a wide range of other wintertime activities until their hearts are fully satisfied. Once interested individuals have had their fill of wintertime fun ensconced in one of the best wintertime destinations in the United States and beyond, they can take the Colorado Ski Train back down from the Rockies to see the sights a second time. Please note that the Colorado Ski Train has a fairly limited schedule, seeing as how it is available on the weekends as well as the first two Fridays in each month. As such, interested individuals might want to reserve their tickets sooner rather than later because there is no sense in risking missing out on their desired ride.

Seattle and Canadian Rockies Winter Discovery

For those who are curious, the Seattle and Canadian Rockies Winter Discovery is a nine-day trip that connects Seattle with Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Calgary, meaning that it can be considered an international experience without exaggeration. Regardless, the name of the train route says exactly what interested individuals can expect, which is to say, an exploration of the cold, austere beauty of the Canadian Rockies. In fact, it should be mentioned that the trip even includes a ride on a ski gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain, which will provide those who take it the chance to look upon the world unfurled before them as though the most magnificent map that has ever existed.

Trans Canada

The Canada that exists in modern times wouldn’t be possible without the railway that connected Eastern Canada with the regions to the west. After all, said railway is what is possible for huge numbers of move westwards, thus enabling the settlement of everything from Manitoba to British Columbia. Nowadays, the transcontinental railway has lost much of its importance because of new transportation possibilities. However, it still connects the East with the West, meaning that for people who want to see the vastness of Canada in wintertime, there are few options that can rival Trans Canada.

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