Wipro buys VC backed Appirio for $500M


Appirio Inc. is a leader in information technology with a focus on consultation and providing services for companies interested in moving to public cloud applications. If you’ve used Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Concur, Workday or Salesforece.com, you’ve already been exposed to their handiwork. They provide Platform as a service along with software as a service technologies for their partners which are numerous.

History of Appirio

The company was founded in 2006 by Chris Barbin. He was formerly the CIO of Borland Software. Co-founders include Glenn Weinstein, Mike O’Brien and Narinder Singh. They began the operation in San Mateo, California in 2007 sharing space at the Salesforce.com startup pen. Fundraising began and this new startup company was on their way. They established headquarters in San Francisco in 2012 and by later 2015, relocated the company headquarters to the office in Indianapolis. By this time their operation had spread to multiple cities in the U.S.


Appirio was hard at work fundraising since their inception in 2006 as a new startup and in 2008 had secured a 1.1 million dollar Series A investment from angel investors and Salesforce.com. Their Series B funding came a few months later in the amount of 5.6 million dollars from Sequoia Capital. Keeping a fair pace, the next round of Series C funding came through in early 2009 in the amount of 10 million from Sequoia Capital along with GGV Capital. More funding came in the form of a Series D funding round in the amount of 60 million dollars in 2012 from General Atlantic which is a private equity firm.

Activities of key staff and awards

The Chief architect for Appirio, Jason Ouellette released a book in 2009 discussing the platform that Appirio is famous for and an in depth look at how business applications are built in the Cloud. This was a significant contribution to companies and individuals who had an interest in knowing more about Cloud based technology and the potential for its use. Appirio went on to win numerous awards and recognition for their significant contributions to improving the way that digital marketing serves business and clients. Their work has inspired some fairly impressive innovations throughout the internet marketing industry and each recognition has been earned. Here are a few of the distinctions granted.

In the Spring of 2010 Appirio was in the crosshairs of AlwaysOn for the OnDemand Company of the Year award followed by the San Francisco Business Times “Best Place to Work in the Bay Area” award and they were also added to Gartener’s famous “Who’s Who in Cloud Computing/SaaS Integration” list.


Another Salsesforce consultancy company out of Louisville, Kentucky is Infowelders. Appirio Acquired this company in the early spring of 2011. They went on to include Saaspoint cloud consulting services from Europe in late 2011 and within less than a year, acquired Knowledge Infusion which is a talent management and HR consulting and advisory services firm. They had expanded into the European market and were making firm connections on a global level.

The next acquisition would come in September of 2013. TopCoder, featuring 500,000 top designers, developers and engineers was added to the impressive record for Appirio. The new addition focused on finding new assignments for collaborative efforts on software applications, back end corporate systems and websites. This was a notable acquisition that added to the versatility of Appirio’s ever expanding portfolio of professional technology service capabilities. The CloudSpokes company which was earlier a competitor for platform service consultation was merged with TopCoder in January of 2014 bringing an additional seventy five thousand users into the arena.

Scope of established offices

Appirio has gone international with offices established throughout the world. In addition to their current headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, their empire now includes offices in San Francisco, California, Dublin, Ireland, London, UK, Tokyo, Japan, Minato, Japan and Jaipur, India.

Most recent activity for Appirio

Appirio recently announced that they are being acquired by the Wipro company of India in a five hundred million dollar acquisition deal. Once this transaction is completed, the merging of the two superforces in cloud transformation practices will be a real game changer for the current market and mode of operation. This dynamic pairing is expected to deliver high on the as a service and the entire economy of the digital world.

What the future for Appirio looks like

We’re seeing the combining of two mega forces in the digital economy, each with an amazing track record for growth, innovations and success in the digital technology realm. The bottom line is that each in their own individual focus has improved the digital services scene in a remarkable fashion that has been transformative to say the least. Together, they are embarking on a new venture that amounts to the formation of the world’s biggest and best surge of resources that will bring yet more advances in innovative technologies and practices to the fore. Their winning combination of more than a million data scientists, developers and designers will soon be available to connect with customers around the world. The changes that we will see are definitely exciting.

The current world that we live in and conduct our business in is moving towards a dependence on the digital world and this is quickly becoming the way that we do business. The next few decades are expected to bring about yet increased migrations to this way of doing business. We’re expecting to see the acquisitions continue as the digital world continues to evolve. Where will Appirio be in the configuration? We expect that they will remain firmly entrenched at the heart of new developments and continue to enhance the way business is done in the digital world.

Final thoughts

Changes in consumer behaviors is a given and is a trend that is monitored closely in order to stay on top of new practices to meet ever changing demands for upgraded services and technologies. From what we’ve seen from Appirio to date, we believe that they will be a leading contributor as time goes on. We’re anxiously awaiting more news about the positive impacts that are about to hit the digital world because of the joint efforts of Wipro and Appirio. We expect the upcoming year to be exciting for companies and customers who deal in this arena.

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